The beauty of the struggle is the will to overcome. - Unknown
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Tagged > Reality tv discussion
THREAD Is Anything Possible?
13 Posts • 3497 Views
Philosophy Forum
What does everyone think about this? I have debated for years on this single topic with all kinds of people. The conclusion I came to is that before you ask whether something is impossible or not y...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsEmotional Spreading
98 Posts • 15307 Views
Psychology Forum
all i've done is given my opinion, just like you have and everyone else. :) as i said- there is no one truth. individual truth exists in the mind. Try and think outside the box... there may b...
THREAD Christianitychurch
4 Posts • 3014 Views
Religion Forum
The problem with the churches I've attended is that there is little interaction. I'm not talking about kneeling and singing and putting your money in the plate. I'd like a more round ta...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsThought and Reality
26 Posts • 5869 Views
Philosophy Forum
i believe that... we can brainwash ourselves about a certain subject.. to a point that we aren't living the way we were destined to. which would lead to questions of reality. are we real? or were...
THREAD Biotechnology Activists: ias in activism and forum
15 Posts • 4262 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Most people just don't know enough about it to see the inherient dangers involved. As with most research in science the leading people are seking funding so they promote advances they may make, n...
THREAD GovernmentJesus for President?
45 Posts • 7316 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Yes, but it does quite simply & directly come to the point, poor Einstein, in fear he worked for the nazi german war programme. Only to fall into the hands of those who made the bomb into a realit...
THREAD Science vs ReligionScience is prooving the Bible
142 Posts • 28124 Views
Religion Forum
It's all vague metaphor (conveniently so) so that people like you can create your own reality through it. Yes & it can be very miss leading as incorrect conceptions exist within the fabric of...
THREAD My Big T.O.E (Theory of Everything)
1 Posts • 1506 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Nasa scientist, physicist, and consciousness researcher, Thomas Campbell, Discusses the nature of reality in terms of consciousness -- this video logically and scientifically explains the normal and t...
THREAD Life & DeathWhat is the soul?
194 Posts • 31597 Views
Philosophy Forum
I don't know what to say DT. Only if you are likely to extend yourself beyond your idea of logical reasoning will you ever be able to relate to a lot of what I say and live for. I think it is...
4 Posts • 1425 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum chive_police_state.html#concen tration Oh, it has come up, for some of us. This harkens back at least as early as Reagan and the Iran Contra scandal with the famous, to...
THREAD Alternate Universe Theory
22 Posts • 13241 Views
Philosophy Forum
One question you might wonder is (presuming there is a God) why he would create this world rather than an alternative? If he has the would think he could create a world without pain and su...
THREAD The Curse of Superman
4 Posts • 1426 Views
Philosophy Forum
I was talking to Chiron recently and we somehow go onto the subject of Christopher Reeve and the irony of the fact that such an accident should cripple "Superman", when I remembered reading...
THREAD ConspiracyExcerpt: Mainline U.S. Church Publishes Book That Claims U.S. Government Was Behind 9/11
9 Posts • 2070 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Ironwood, the problems have been highlighted. One problem, however, is still in the nature of the problem finder. The nature of a problem finder is irrelevant if a problem is legitimate. If you...
THREAD Life & DeathWhat is the soul?
194 Posts • 31597 Views
Philosophy Forum
I mean, does anyone in reasonable authority, reasonably credible know about this "electrical vision" (meaningless words IMHO). Of course I don't deny energy. I object (and Einstein w...
THREAD Society & Sociologyreality!!
22 Posts • 5417 Views
Psychology Forum
In order for you to know the city you must know its back streets also. However, going down the backstreets alone is insuffficent. You must go down the main roads also. What reality tv does in my opini...
THREAD Relativity:The miracle of movement
24 Posts • 4364 Views
Philosophy Forum
Now that the smoke is gone, the question of movement has become quite clear! We pass by time in reality, our perception of time moving in a line is the illusion. Time has no movement, thus we are abl...
THREAD Having Kids
49 Posts • 17350 Views
Philosophy Forum
Gee sounds familar some how , did we do this one before? many women comijng up on the change find the thought of not being or having the choice, seem to want to do so before it is to late. Kind of a...
THREAD Lets learn a little #1
12 Posts • 3401 Views
Talk Talk
1. What is your biggest pet peeve? People who chew and don't clean up after themselves... 2. Is there something that you like to do that people find absolutely disgusting or hideous? If yo...
THREAD What is Traditional Thinking?
1 Posts • 1386 Views
Philosophy Forum
What is Traditional Thinking? If we added to traditional thinking the abstract idea of change our world becomes tremendously complex. The way we manage the complexity is that we create; we create b...
THREAD Life & DeathSoul: Born or Grown
0 Posts • 2018 Views
Philosophy Forum
I have not been able to read through all the replys, but i read some and was impressed at the thought put in to some of the replys. I believe that the soul does exist, but only because we percieve it....
THREAD What is God to you?
2 Posts • 1499 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
I was gonna make this a kind of discussion thread where everybody would talk about what God was to them but when I started writing my own response to it, this all just flowed out naturally with no eff...
THREAD Religion & HumanityThe True Religion?
96 Posts • 22454 Views
Religion Forum
Decius--"Again, this is not advocated in the religion itself, but the religion provides the first ten steps. Religions such as Budhism or Hinduism do not provide those ten steps." Just be...
THREAD DrugsTry Marijuana - you shouldn't like it.
0 Posts • 2571 Views
Psychology Forum
You know, i thought of that .. (religious moivation) and decided to let my answer stand. I'm glad you pointed it out. Because (call me crazy if you like) I am one who believes religions were also...
THREAD Constituion poorly enforced
7 Posts • 2480 Views
Talk Talk
know that thing is how many people out there think this is a waste of a post or that this guy is actually talking about something that is smart, cause in reality it is, every year millions of familly...
THREAD God in ReligionA Few Questions about God...
30 Posts • 5349 Views
Religion Forum
Atheists I think have a handle on the reality of life. It is to be enjoyed and lived for today..because tomorrow you may die. And that's not's also being good and helping...
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