Life is a poem written in time what is your story so far? - zerokool
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Tagged > Problems
 38yrs • M
If you havin girl problems i feel bad for you son//// i got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one
 27yrs • F
In the future there will be better solutions to our problems than just figthing with one another
 50yrs • M
Anything with tits or wheels is expensive and will give you problems
THREAD Riddles & PuzzlesProblem, Puzzle, and Paradox: What's Missing?
2 Posts • 3135 Views
Philosophy Forum
Let's examine some problems that are neither a puzzle nor a paradox. I suspect most, if not all, of the problems that face President Obama everyday are such problems. Such problems as Iraq, Afghani...
THREAD Somebody Else's Problem
3 Posts • 2000 Views
Psychology Forum
This really in essence is the problem about humanity. By not viewing the group's problem and only caring about your own problems, problems don't get attended too properly? Or Is it th...
 35yrs • M
Do what you want done to you and you wouldn't have problems
THREAD What is Important to you?
8 Posts • 2570 Views
Talk Talk
I think you're probably a lot better off than someone in a third world country. Your problems seem minimal to theirs. The most ironic part is their struggling to stay alive from their problems. Y...
 37yrs • F
\\\\\\\"What is the point in living...If I don\\\\\\\'t have anyone to talk to?\\\\\\\"
 49yrs • M
...stone by stone, the human castle rises... - Pablo Neruda
THREAD Random QuestionsWhy I come to this site?
8 Posts • 3248 Views
Talk Talk
I cant figure it out. I get mad sometimes when Im on here and then at times I laugh my ass off. Its like the black hole of the internet. Please just block me from this site so I dont get bored and com...
THREAD so where's the girl stuff?
66 Posts • 9869 Views
Talk Talk
well i didnt mean you liked football lol and i see what you said... i guess this could go on but id probably just repeat myself....and i guess.. i just talk to who i feel closest too if a guy talks to...
 42yrs • M
read the hierarachy of emotion
THREAD Death Penalty
54 Posts • 10331 Views
Talk Talk
the fact that the rest of you cant see it shows, why our countries are the ones with the problems. our societies are prudish to the extreme, which causes the problems.
THREAD ConsciousnessI Got A New Theory on the Human Mind
31 Posts • 8201 Views
Philosophy Forum
Yes... but even if both of us dont believe in problems what do you think of the idea posted by aw? It's not about questioning the existence of problems, just think romantically.
THREAD SocietyThe Capitalism Debate!!!!
95 Posts • 24863 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
When the majority of society has to endure with a lot of personal economic problems. For example, Pensions and to be able to buy a simple affordable house, and inflation due to oil prices rising. In a...
THREAD Tickets
6 Posts • 2695 Views
Talk Talk
oh i know i'm not saying that this is the best plan ever .... i'm sure it's gonna cause a shitload of problems too , because if it would already be in use if it didn't cause any...
THREAD Governmenteconomic and social system in the USA?
9 Posts • 8080 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I meant some problems like: public school system, gun control problems, gang culture in "ghettos and so on and thanx ;)
THREAD PoetryEchoes
258 Posts • 55526 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
you're "mall" post seems all too familiar to me. I dated a girl once who was insufferably self-centered. I spent nearly a year trying to make her happy, and trying to help her through a...
THREAD ElectionsIgnorant Voting the Death of Democracy
60 Posts • 13511 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
They already have lawyers lined up around the block, with an anticipation of another court decided presidency, and with problems with new systems combined with the already existing problems of the old...
THREAD ConsciousnessI Got A New Theory on the Human Mind
31 Posts • 8201 Views
Philosophy Forum
A problem only exists if you percieve it to actually be a problem. I'm an optimist, so I tend to accept most things and try to gain something good from them. I think we're now in a world whe...
 71yrs • M
Rewriting Complex Mathematics
THREAD SocietyWhat one quality would make the world better?
51 Posts • 17728 Views
Philosophy Forum
If you are wise then you understand everything. If you understand everything then you know the solution to every problem. If you know the solution to every problem then there are no problems. Eh? mayb...
THREAD PedophiliaPaedophilia
189 Posts • 59991 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
ok thats no way to forget your problems, if any, it only adds problems. U even stated that the more taboo the more it dragged u in. Tisk tisk strangler. *confused*
THREAD PerceptionI Find Myself Here
20 Posts • 6181 Views
Psychology Forum
Sometimes it bothers me when my friends consider things like what they should wear, their hair, not getting enough attention and other feeble excuses for problems annoying. I know we all grow up, and...
57 Posts • 8080 Views
Talk Talk
call me a stupid teen or what but i personly know the f*** media down grades us i suffer from acne problems and i just can not achive the clear i whant if u know any good ways to do so let me know...
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