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Tagged > Milky way facts
THREAD Religion & HumanityThe True Religion?
96 Posts • 23523 Views
Religion Forum
Cturtle - Decius's three points are facts 1. Our God is correct, all other Gods are incorrect. Yes, I have heard that statement before but can you tell me where it is written in the Bible? No...
THREAD GovernmentCan you believe this guy?
7 Posts • 2980 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
:( You people talk like you actually believe what you hear and read...Do you think for one minute that you are being told the truth.....How do you as common folk know what really goes on behind closed...
THREAD Society & SociologyArgument VS Debate
0 Posts • 7930 Views
Psychology Forum
"What difference does it really make How we get to the truth?" Well unless the "truth" is attained through the statement of facts and use of logic, then you'll never be able...
THREAD ElectionsObama is not fit!
20 Posts • 4912 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Facts about the Bush administration The Bush Administration has spent more than $140 billion on a war of choice in Iraq. The Bush Administration sent troops into battle without adequate body arm...
THREAD God in ReligionCan someone disprove this logic?
101 Posts • 15428 Views
Religion Forum
ethereal - considering your strong strong faith, i am just wondering why suicide was even the least bit acceptable for you? as for 'faith in claims as facts'... not one aspect of religion is...
THREAD God in ReligionGod's Behavior
32 Posts • 6829 Views
Religion Forum
To learn art you must practice it. An open mind is always something that has perplexed me. Minds use logic. However, an open imagination is the key...not an open mind. I remember reading a scientist...
THREAD Science vs ReligionIntellagentdesign
82 Posts • 15444 Views
Religion Forum
Life itself has not been on earth, at least has not been proven to be, the entire 4.8 billion years. The only problem I see with intelligent design is that it so far cannot be proven. Therefore really...
THREAD GovernmentIs There Really Such A Thing As A Conservative?
53 Posts • 10084 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
LOL!...The more I read your words the more I realize how irrational you are...And your corrections were not about pointing out my complete errors but simply attempts to smother what was right in my st...
THREAD Life & DeathVoluntary Human Extinction Movement
233 Posts • 115832 Views
Philosophy Forum
im sorry wooly bully but i dont care about your "facts" and what not i have to agree with glowstick and if that means im part of the "problem" then deal with it. also "Are...
THREAD AstronomyAstronomy Picture Of The Day
216 Posts • 69762 Views
Science & Technology Forum
30 October 2012 Planetary Nebula PK 164 +31.1 Image Credit & Copyright: Descubre Foundation, CAHA, OAUV, DSA, Vicent Peris (OAUV), Jack Harvey (SSRO), PixInsight Is this what will become of...
THREAD God in Religionwhy do you believe in god?
253 Posts • 109651 Views
Religion Forum
"Although, I don't really think showing why God must necessarily exist makes much difference until you show that he does exist first." For Elemental's logic to work he must first...
THREAD War & TerrorismTo The SwiftBoat Vets For Truth
97 Posts • 18167 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Like I said - I gave you all the facts - if you doubt them then research them yourself. Im not your research assistant. Furthermore - I dont care if you believe me so I have no incentive to take the t...
THREAD PedophiliaPaedophilia
189 Posts • 58106 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
quote: ---------------------------- ------------------------------ ---------------------- First of all you can't spell pedophile ------------------- ------------------------------ ---------------...
THREAD God in Religionwhy do you believe in god?
253 Posts • 109651 Views
Religion Forum
1. Jesus died by crucifiction. 2. Jesus' disiples believed that he rose and appeared to them. 3. The church persecutor Paul was suddenly changed. 4. The skeptic James, the brother of Jesus, wa...
THREAD ChristianityMisrepresentation
81 Posts • 17676 Views
Religion Forum
"generality. If someone says something that doesn't match up to the well established facts" WELL ESTABLISHED FACTS. According to Strongclad. "I gave five principles or guidlin...
THREAD GovernmentIs There Really Such A Thing As A Conservative?
53 Posts • 10084 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Wiz - I could really care less about winning or losing. Thanks for the concession but it wasn't warranted. The data I imparted really has nothing to with my point of view, either. Its about c...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsWhy do we exist?
83 Posts • 54857 Views
Philosophy Forum
TO: zakary6 Last Login: 12:50 am April 6, 2005 DATE OF POST (Topic Thread - Post #1): Why Do We Exist? 12:43: am - April 6, 2005 http://www.captaincynic. com/thread/39227/why-do-we-exi st.htm...
THREAD ChristianityScientific Proof of the Bible vs Theories
44 Posts • 18535 Views
Religion Forum
ok - the original poster claims that science proves the bible to be true. I don't believe science can prove the bible to be true but that does not make the bible false. The bible is poetry,...
THREAD Religion & Humanitywhat religion are you and why
25 Posts • 5991 Views
Religion Forum
Becouse of my grandfather am christian, but I dont believe in god. I dont believe in any religion. Why? Science. Its the only thing that has facts and today it stands strong even stronger then religio...
THREAD BooksDa Vinci Code
26 Posts • 10270 Views
Talk Talk
I've read half of it....I tried and tried......and...tried.....yaw n! Loved the detail......liked to speculate on its "truth" -- but I just couldn't get past the I a...
THREAD Relationships & LoveConfused about almost everything...
8 Posts • 2720 Views
Psychology Forum
I believe its better to just let things happen just wait for a girl to show interest in you Agreed, so many fish in the sea. Just find one who appreciates you and your ambition. You two may get bac...
THREAD what is the truth?
15 Posts • 2095 Views
Talk Talk
there is no truth only facts and opinions and trying to find truth in an opinion is like trying to find a niddle in a hey stack I guess the only way to truly find truth is to find it with in your self...
THREAD Society & SociologyDeath Penalty?
16 Posts • 6666 Views
Psychology Forum
lol, i've said about everything i have to argue, so i'll just leave you to consider that canada and most(all?) of europe has abolished the death penalty, and as i've said before, has a...
THREAD ConspiracyTom Coburn and The Franklin Cover Up
12 Posts • 22725 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
That's a good path to follow, another is in the form of frustratingly underspoken facts, such as how many well known and reported major terrorists, despots, etc. were all CIA FBI MI6 or MI5 agent...
THREAD Governmentbut I fear that he sleeps soundly
0 Posts • 1873 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I don't know if you people care about the "mass graves" being uncovered everyday in Iraq! Saddam is not a nice guy. I think dubya & the prime minister could have made better argumen...
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