Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. - Albert Einstein
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Tagged > Dating
 48yrs • M - Online Dating Auction
THREAD Rant OnMy letter to YOU.....(my little vent/rant)
9 Posts • 2359 Views
Talk Talk
I don't think guys make sense either, hahahaha. I believe DATING means dating around. Are you dating? Im not. You could be dating in "I am dating him/her." that is a...
 38yrs • F
Just Dating
 37yrs • M
< no additional information provided >
THREAD confussed girl
2 Posts • 1212 Views
Talk Talk
these guys i like for a long time i was dating one and the other one was just a friend but the one i was dating broke up with me this morning so i dont know what to do now can somone help me....:(*rol...
THREAD Moving on
5 Posts • 3294 Views
Talk Talk
well first of all it's never safe to start dating again because you'll probably get hurt again ..... and i wouldn't call it cheating as long as you don't feel guilty, so say if i...
THREAD Gender PsychologyGirls Suck
16 Posts • 32974 Views
Psychology Forum
The thought just occurred to me that maybe the reason women sometimes become back-stabbing bitches when men are involved is because to a woman, finding the right man can mean a free ride. It's no...
THREAD Internet Dating: Yes or No?
3 Posts • 3897 Views
Philosophy Forum
Do you belive in internet dating or would you pursue a relationship over the internet? Could it really work out? I mean, sure it sometimes work for some people, but in truth, you never really know h...
THREAD i have boy problems
5 Posts • 2252 Views
Talk Talk
theres these to boys one i have been dating off and on this year and one i dated 2 years ago well timmy likes me and so does chris me and timmy are not dating yet and chris asked me out this morning a...
THREAD Personal Thoughts
22 Posts • 6002 Views
Talk Talk
If you were to ask me this question 22 years ago, my response would be 'age is just a number'. My views have changed dramatically. I remember being 20 and being head over heels for a man that was 3...
THREAD PoetryDust in the Wind
41 Posts • 10852 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Sad Face Shes' the most talented girl in the world... To me. Sometimes i wonder Why I just cant see... That im in love with a girl i cant have. Her friends joke, trying to get her in tr...
THREAD Rant OnMy letter to YOU.....(my little vent/rant)
9 Posts • 2359 Views
Talk Talk
Ok but you clearly contradict yourself. First you are like claim me, meaning to bring the relationship into a further stage and then you say the relationship is only seeing and not dating meaning you...
THREAD Inter-racial dating
9 Posts • 2560 Views
Talk Talk
I am 19 and my family is somewhat racist. . .I have been dating a black guy for a while and the have never met him (by their choice) and now I am pregnant. . .This is what we both wanted. I am only 6...
THREAD i love him...i think
7 Posts • 2060 Views
Talk Talk
k so my bf and i have been dating on and off for the past year, all together its about 6 months together. now this is our third time dating and well i just cant stand him anymore. the first time we da...
THREAD Rant OnMy letter to YOU.....(my little vent/rant)
9 Posts • 2359 Views
Talk Talk
I don't know if this has been done here....but I want to write a letter to someone and NOT send it......So, feel free to write anything on this post to anyone you want saying anything you want......
THREAD Relationships & LoveBetrayal
4 Posts • 1762 Views
Psychology Forum
It can't possibly be betrayal because he's explicitly stated he wouldn't mind this and you have to reason to believe it would harm his interests in any way other than possibly making hi...
THREAD God in ReligionWake up and discover that God never existed
48 Posts • 10212 Views
Religion Forum
as to the rest of your argument, i agree the data on both sides is insufficient. i would be wary of basing too much on geological dating because it really is very scratchy. it can obviously not be sci...
THREAD guy trouble....
14 Posts • 5351 Views
Talk Talk
I know this may sound a bit strange to a youngin, but here's what I think you should do. Keep in touch wih him, be his friend. When you leave school, don't let distance water down your fr...
THREAD Letting Go
6 Posts • 2940 Views
Talk Talk
Our oldest son turned 15 today, and now he can drive. Although that didn't seem to be the worst thing to happen in any parents life, right? Well he has been dating this girl for about a month now...
THREAD Did I pick the right girl?
6 Posts • 4169 Views
Talk Talk
I have liked these two girls about equally for about 3 months. When I realized the first girl I liked didnt like me, I went for the second girl and she did like me. So we started going on dates but...
THREAD a moral dilemma
11 Posts • 3605 Views
Talk Talk
I have been dating her for about 2 months, and i've wanted to end it for about 2 or 3 weeks.
THREAD interesting viewpoint about dating
3 Posts • 2494 Views
Talk Talk
I can tell he's put a lot of effort into convincing himself that dating someone 20 years younger is ok.
THREAD Word GamesA fun game to play
584 Posts • 77524 Views
Jokes & Games
writes too much in this topic :P sounds nice guy anyway, seems to be dating lol
51 Posts • 68283 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
I have been dating the same person for 7 years and the sex has only become better for the both of us. neither of us would want to do without it. We do it at least twice a day in varying forms
THREAD Marital Cheating
10 Posts • 6926 Views
Talk Talk
As I have recently become divorced after 12 years of marriage, I am curious about few things. For us guys how would you feel or react if you found out that your wife or girlfriend had been cheating on...
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