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Internet Dating: Yes or No?

User Thread
 32yrs • F •
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Internet Dating: Yes or No?
Do you belive in internet dating or would you pursue a relationship over the internet? Could it really work out?
I mean, sure it sometimes work for some people, but in truth, you never really know how's on the other line and if that person is who they really say they are. Would you risk it?
I would really want to know what other peoples view points on the matter.

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 28yrs • F •
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i just read an article like this earlier...

I believe that internet dating IS possible..but you shouldnt totally rely on it at first, it is deffinately tricky what with all those sick pedos and such..

but i've known some ppl to actually commit themselves to such an act, and in a different light to not be so judgement at first...it is a beautiful thing seeing two ppl who havent met eachother irl before have such commitment to one another (as long as you have found another way of communication like phone/picture/webcame/ect).

its not to say that things cant turn sour, i've seen and had my experiances of an internet friendship gone bad and im sure plenty of others have too. but you cant say that this cant happen in real life either, not everyone you meet is going to turn out exactly how they seem just because you've seen them in real life. you come across the good and the bad always everywhere you go. without it, you gain no experiance i believe.

I think an internet relationship can be one of the most challenging things, and I also think that the 3 main key things to have in mind...is to remember it is possible, you WILL need alot of patience and ALOT of trust

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 36yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that allimar is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.

Internet dated my wife for 4 years. Were both very happy nerds for a year now.

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Internet Dating: Yes or No?
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