As long as people believe in absurdities they will continue to commit atrocities - Voltaite
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Tagged > Belief judgement truth lies alskjdf
 29yrs • F
"..history hides the lies about civil war..."
 41yrs • M
Realize, Real Eyes, Real Lies
THREAD Is There are real right and wrong?
61 Posts • 11814 Views
Philosophy Forum
Existence is all thats true- but the standards we choose to follow(existing or not)-existing clearly because we can choose to follow them. Can be those which are in the best interest of oursel...
 34yrs • F
Real Eyes Realize Real Lies
 39yrs • M
Realize - Real Eyes - Real Lies™
THREAD Religion & HumanityReligion?
21 Posts • 5024 Views
Religion Forum
I agree with jimbooby, yes if people wanted to fight then they would have fought even if it was about the colour of spongebobs; s underwear. I guess religion has brought alot of bad with it, well not...
THREAD ChristianityChristian Crimes against Humanity
0 Posts • 51326 Views
Religion Forum
quote: ---------------------------- ------------------------------ ---------------------- " But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them befo...
THREAD what is the truth?
15 Posts • 1930 Views
Talk Talk
so by your definition there is no one truth because it is based on the individual's point of view and belief system.
 28yrs • M
Without a stable belief in God ( as a Christian), man is lost and will perish for eternity... In HELL.
THREAD God in ReligionOkay...Why should I Fear God?
53 Posts • 7945 Views
Religion Forum
If you believe in the traditional God of judeo-christian tradition, then you should not fear him. If you should fear anything, it is simply judgement. God has no reason to condemn you, in fact the opp...
THREAD GovernmentIs There Really Such A Thing As A Conservative?
53 Posts • 9411 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Then answer is obvious to anyone that hates tyranny and islamo-fascism. Those that are apathetic about terrorist attacks, numerous American and other innocent civilian deaths and the rapid spread of r...
THREAD SocietySo, just what would you do...
2 Posts • 1464 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
what do you think is what do they do? Do they promote lies & deciet or so they promote knowledge of the truth? Say I wonder, the recent changes in Soc. Security? they say they came about because...
THREAD Epistemology: Truth & KnowledgeConstant Truth
7 Posts • 2629 Views
Philosophy Forum
I think I understand what you're trying to express... the futility of trying to "figure it all out" while still in the midst of the chaos. But I believe there is a constant truth tha...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyUniversal consiousness
22 Posts • 4620 Views
Science & Technology Forum
But you say that all reality is relative. And since you do not believe in universal truth you must accpet that not all reality is relative no no no. you don't get it! Whatever beliefs we hold...
THREAD Atheism & AgnosticismWhat is the root cause of atheist's disbelief and are they qualified to debate theism?
54 Posts • 11501 Views
Religion Forum
"Princeton dictionary definition of disbelief incredulity: doubt about the truth of something Atheists do not believe in something specific and that is God, I was eluding to disbelief in God.&q...
THREAD Religion & HumanityA Just Religion
65 Posts • 12322 Views
Religion Forum
" No force in the universe is capable of judement because judgement is a degenerative or dark entity." What a load of pseudo-philosophical new-age ****. The universe is not capable of ju...
THREAD God in ReligionCan someone disprove this logic?
101 Posts • 14401 Views
Religion Forum
I find it interesting that you would assume that a person must be mentally unhealthy in order to maintain a belief that you do not. I find it rediculous how bad you are at avoiding perfectly goo...
THREAD Religion & HumanityThe True Religion?
96 Posts • 22239 Views
Religion Forum
but - Dreamer - i like you - i consider you to be my friend. no matter what, you will never completly agree with me, neither will I you. But you don't insult me and I hope I don't insult you...
THREAD Cliqueless
0 Posts • 5643 Views
Philosophy Forum
I will be honest - I am not a scholarly person. I read very slow, I did very poorly in school and I doubt I could survive college. So when people start talking about stupid people, I do tend to become...
51 Posts • 16254 Views
Philosophy Forum
Loner, I know what you mean. Thats what we call Convenient Thinking. Just because they think they are sincere, doesn't mean it's true. There's truth, then there's belief. They take...
THREAD IslamContradictions in the Quran
62 Posts • 13132 Views
Religion Forum
and okcitykid, what do you mean there are some christians who believe in the day of judgement and some who don't? If a christian doesn't believe in the day of judgement, he's not a chri...
 59yrs • M
the answer to the question lies in the question
THREAD War & TerrorismThis Nation is behind its leaders!
10 Posts • 2151 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
When I joined this forum I thought it looked like a bunch of people who were speaking out against the US government and its exploits. There's the anti Bush thread, and others that criticize US gove...
THREAD God in ReligionIf there's a god, why is there evil?
222 Posts • 44369 Views
Religion Forum
"I will not debate any more for the reasons I have stated." " It is because of the total denial in front of me..." Denial? Denial of what? Of the subjective proof? You have plent...
THREAD Christianitychristians?
110 Posts • 17528 Views
Religion Forum
if there is a judgement day i dont want to be looked at as a someone who just abused life. every day should be a judgement day. one of the big problems i have with christianity is that it doesnt in...
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