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Tagged > Muslim
THREAD Society & SociologyRacism on SNL
0 Posts • 14665 Views
Psychology Forum
I'm not reading deeply. The joke clearly implies muslim/arab kids are morons who think they can harm tanks with rocks. If jews are not something to laugh at, neither is this, the joke is incredib...
THREAD Alternative BeliefsWhatever needs to be discussed
43 Posts • 8639 Views
Religion Forum
If we are Christian and are wrong, nothing happens. What about living a life of illusion? Of bothering others with your morality when they think there's nothing wrong with their life? Can't...
THREAD Science vs ReligionEVOLUTION
226 Posts • 59513 Views
Religion Forum
I guess also it should be asked if you consider yourself a prophet? Would you accept the Vatican's disagreement? What would you have said if god's spirit told you all scritpure was wrong?...
THREAD Society & SociologyNot all Muslims are terrorists,so end your hatred!
68 Posts • 34083 Views
Psychology Forum
yea, but like sumone said b4..muslims are all about promotin peace, why would they want to go out n kill innocent ppl for no apparent reason. muslims cant b terrorists ppl mite think im sidin them an...
THREAD IslamDefending Muhammed
62 Posts • 14716 Views
Religion Forum
I've asked one Muslim friend about this. She said that Islam wants to prevent what happened to Jesus, drawn, idolized as God instead of a prophet of God. Also, right next to the love of God in Is...
THREAD Religion & HumanityImagine a world without religion.
25 Posts • 8522 Views
Religion Forum
Oblivion: So do you mean that any non-Muslim person should be killed? That is WRONG. I would appreciate it if you didn't put words in my mouth. I never said that. I was explaining Jihad as i...
THREAD War & TerrorismThe Iraq War
34 Posts • 11262 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
i cant say i neccessarily believe all of this, there does seem to be an incredible willingness on the side of the muslim extremists to commit these attacks. also large numbers of attacks occured befor...
THREAD SpiritualityWe didn't exist before we got here
48 Posts • 12682 Views
Religion Forum
summit, 'experiance of the divine' doesn't have to mean religion or a christian, muslim or jewish God. If you have pre conceived notions about God, then replace divine with experiancing...
THREAD ChristianityJesus's death was faked
82 Posts • 22842 Views
Religion Forum
Now your contradicting yourself. Jesus's body apparently physically disappeared. In the bible, it says that Jesus was resurrected. When did it disappear? It was no longer in the tomb but then...
THREAD Religion & HumanityPoints on Religion
75 Posts • 14633 Views
Religion Forum
The main thing of religion is a support to hold the human race up. however when people known as extremists take it too far, i tend to hate religion... i do no like this. so let me know if you disagree...
THREAD Alternative BeliefsWhatever needs to be discussed
43 Posts • 8639 Views
Religion Forum
exactly Attolia. It would be interesting to here others opinions as well. I've also got a few questions for religious fanatics: How can you determine that one's belief system is more cor...
THREAD IslamThe Qur'an
110 Posts • 25575 Views
Religion Forum
i am a female muslim, thsi is for all those who feel that we don't have the same rights as men. islam is is a sexist religion. womn have rights that men don't and vice versa. but so what...
THREAD IslamWhat's Wrong With Islams Leaders?
85 Posts • 21338 Views
Religion Forum
Just to give a little update: I've been reading several articles, especially in the New Yorker, about this cleric Al Sadr. Apparently, he is not followed by the majority of mainstream Muslims, an...
THREAD ChristianityIs anyone here...
60 Posts • 12484 Views
Religion Forum
I am christian, muslim bhudist athiest etc. bla bla bla blaaa it is nearly impossible to tell wich religion is the best way to ascension into heaven or enlightenment or whatever. in our cultur...
THREAD Religion & Humanitywhat religion are you and why
25 Posts • 6927 Views
Religion Forum read/76936/religion.htm#76936 This has already been discussed, so you may find that thread useful, However as you asked, i believe that there is no devine religion...
THREAD God in ReligionDoes it add up??
46 Posts • 12312 Views
Religion Forum
The only proof of the nonexistence of God is personal opinion. I may not believe that 1 + 1 = 2 but that doesn't change it's truth, just as not believing in God doesn't change the fact...
THREAD GovernmentLiberal columnist admits Bush may be right...
8 Posts • 3188 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
No, McTex, the boogeyman's got a comprehensive historial past so I've read some of an autobiography of his life. History repeats itself when dumbasses don't read. Have all the hop...
THREAD ChristianityThe fraud of Christianity
102 Posts • 22304 Views
Religion Forum
OK I'm gonna be forced to dissagree with the cults part. Budhisim is deffinately not a cult that destroys the mind and body. Neither are most denominations of Christianity, nor Muslim, nor Judais...
THREAD Government16 Reasons Why Bush MAY Win in November
7 Posts • 3018 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
8. Americans are delighted by Bush administration catering to their urges to drive large, more powerful SUVs and trucks, and they are happy that, on behalf of the United States The greatest fear of th...
THREAD Religion & HumanityApostasy
4 Posts • 2282 Views
Religion Forum
Judaism and Islam both punish apostates via the death penalty, how the hell is this just? Dont we have the damn right to choose, is it a bloody gang that we're bound to. I didnt choose to be born...
THREAD Religion & HumanityAll Religions are paths to god
99 Posts • 19798 Views
Religion Forum
It is different. A Muslim for example will be willing to die for his belief because it is the only way he can be certain he will get to heaven. It is self serving and is based on fear. The Christia...
THREAD SocietyA New Discovery
27 Posts • 9502 Views
Philosophy Forum
Are we talking on the level of nations or people? If its people, then we should punish them or all hell will break loose. If its nations, well its debateable. Personally, I'm making peace with o...
THREAD God in ReligionWhy Do You NOT Believe In God?
192 Posts • 37621 Views
Religion Forum
"You said your beliefs were based on divine experience and gut feelings. That is how you said you know they are valid." Nonono. I didnt say that.Or if I did I meant the exact opposite. &...
THREAD GovernmentIraqi Statue honoring President Bush
63 Posts • 13692 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Oh, McTex not of particular interest would be how other Arab / Muslim nations might precieve such honor? "Privatization of important necessities like insurance and social security profits the ri...
THREAD Ignorance: acceptable?
17 Posts • 5182 Views
Philosophy Forum
My mom had read every book there was about Edgar Cayce, and she would always tell me what Edgar Cayce said, anyways. Edgar Cayce said that we will reach a point where there is just too much knowled...
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