Just like the Rainbow between the Mist and Sun, it feels like I'm trapped between two worlds. - Hammerfall-Between Two Worlds
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Tagged > Human skin color
THREAD GodWhy Question God's Existence
45 Posts • 12199 Views
Philosophy Forum
gotta agree with leftwood there. gods existence is brought into question because of the weight that some people put on it. for a lot of people it would not affect their behaviour, because they are goo...
THREAD JokesNo Guts, No Heart, No Spine!
1 Posts • 3587 Views
Jokes & Games
Five surgeons are discussing who makes the best patients to operate on. The first surgeon says, "I like to see accountants on my operating table, because when you open them up, everything in...
THREAD BiologyEvolving
6 Posts • 3441 Views
Science & Technology Forum
"this really isn't intended to be a real big debate about evolution, but more along the lines of wouldn't it be sweet if sometime in the near future (on the bigger scale of time) if hum...
THREAD Random PicturesCastles In Europe
5 Posts • 17514 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
From childhood, I've had a fantasy and slight obsession with castles - all those fairytales with grandiose castles being in the backdrop. Even adult literature like Shakespear and Dracula. My par...
THREAD What's wrong with the world? How do we change
93 Posts • 43445 Views
Philosophy Forum
Let's be realistic for a moment, the only truth we have as human being is ourself as individual.Praying and believing is good, dont get me wrong but it will not change a planet that is in self de...
THREAD GovernmentJesus for President?
45 Posts • 9361 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
"Peace is not a force, and that is why it will lose, you cannot keep peace in the face of adversity without violating peace or just dying as you are invaded." I believe it is a force, jus...
THREAD Life & DeathWhat is the soul?
194 Posts • 41131 Views
Philosophy Forum
Enlightnment doesn't mean leaving your bodies or something. The Buddha very much still needed to eat and drink and sleep, and died at a normal age of 70-80. He just trascended human insecurities,...
THREAD this is about the hidden compassions of the human soul which i've got to experience
3 Posts • 2354 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
i am stranded amidst a balderash of emotions , swayed by my thoughts so puerile, penchant upon self destruction , still managing a spurious smile. but inside me theres a raging storm , not just...
THREAD Conscious and Sub-Consciousconsciousness - define it! Explain it! Any comments?
17 Posts • 11251 Views
Psychology Forum
I like this post. What is consciousness? Heck, I dunno, but I think it has very little to do with biochemical processes in the brain. I think consciousness lies at the highest level of the human essen...
THREAD God in ReligionIf there's a god, why is there evil?
222 Posts • 56280 Views
Religion Forum
But yes you can believe in God and Evolution. But why would you. Evolution is about the dummest theory I every heard. They are constently disproving it. But it is just a theory. that's why they d...
THREAD Life & DeathHuman Life Force
7 Posts • 5485 Views
Philosophy Forum
What is Human Life force?
THREAD God in ReligionQuestioning his Behaviour
284 Posts • 48484 Views
Religion Forum
You underestimate the human mind
THREAD Why do we search when no answers are given?
16 Posts • 5229 Views
Philosophy Forum
It's human nature to progress.
THREAD Word GamesAnother Word Association Game?
38 Posts • 9024 Views
Jokes & Games
living organism being human ape
THREAD War & TerrorismDecius B against the War?
55 Posts • 14642 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
actually the Human Shields are protesters from the US and UK
THREAD Aesthetics & BeautyThe Art of Zen
18 Posts • 7601 Views
Philosophy Forum
In my japanese class we've been discussing the art of zen and its origins in japan. This way of thinking got me very intrested and made me realize several things about myself and what Zen is all...
THREAD Song LyricsMad World
22 Posts • 9386 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
No Poetry "There's no poetry between us" Said the paper to the pen Something's burning in the attic That her tongue will not defend Through the arc of conversation Past the...
THREAD Life & DeathAre We Ever Free
20 Posts • 8607 Views
Philosophy Forum
I was walking home today and it was around ten PM, and i felt free because nobody was around, and all i felt was the wind on my skin and i watched the sky above me as the clouds swam by, and everyone...
THREAD Religion & Humanitywhat religion are you and why
25 Posts • 7367 Views
Religion Forum
He has to give Satan time to reveal his true color so that all can see the difference between God's ways and Satan's way. This is why God does not intervene. He is not a God of force therefo...
THREAD Habits & BehaviorDefine Yourself
4 Posts • 15555 Views
Psychology Forum
I will add to this as I go. Some of it seems accurate but other stuff I'm not so sure about. I didn't understand the natal chart or what to put here. Did you guys know your time of birth...
THREAD Nature & GeographyAre natural disasters more frequently nowadays?
28 Posts • 13392 Views
Science & Technology Forum
People, please don't consider that 'oh the economy will sought it out'. It can't solve the entire problem. The reality is, it won't. Re-read my earlier posts. The planet is...
THREAD GodWhy human beings?
25 Posts • 6896 Views
Philosophy Forum
I think...its human beings for this reason alone... "Why...human beings?" The fact that we do not know enough to determine. So we sit and ponder...going in circles through our brains....
THREAD Sexual PsychologyAsexuality
26 Posts • 7958 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
hmmm it is not a quest for my sexual identity, maybe at the bottom line it is but i never thought of it that way. two years ago i reached the culminative point of chaos and boum i lived it as a comple...
THREAD Alternative BeliefsWhat Gods or Goddesses do you believe in
31 Posts • 9663 Views
Religion Forum
If we look at the scriptures as a way to describe human behavior and the human relationship between man and God. I would call it pretty accurate. If the scriptures where to be used as history, scie...
THREAD Religion & HumanityMorals for sale
14 Posts • 4868 Views
Religion Forum
Well, if I were to try and look at it from a non human point of view then I would probably say morals make no sense, and are not good. From that view point, it makes no sense to limit what you do and...
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