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Tagged > Transplanting stem cells
THREAD evolutıon????
83 Posts • 15744 Views
Philosophy Forum
But isn't the human reproductive cycle a form of speciation? Cells becoming Human. This take only nine months.
THREAD Life & DeathSoul: Born or Grown
0 Posts • 2018 Views
Philosophy Forum
Well here we are. The cells in are bodies have instructions. We react to circumstance. If we didn't react to our environment we wouldn't have any preinstructions from our brain.
THREAD Mind Within or Mind Without
4 Posts • 1733 Views
Philosophy Forum
Of course in some philosophies, the heart and spinal chord are just as important as the mind. Could this be becuase we have neural networks vital to our existence in these areas of our body? I'm...
THREAD Keeping Up - My Cell to Your Cell
5 Posts • 1594 Views
Philosophy Forum
Thats intresting, but the real question is, sharing cells and the heart transplant memory sharing, will this go on into astral existance? Considering all that is, is materialism.
9 Posts • 3196 Views
Philosophy Forum
it seems to me like more ordered systems have a tendency to emerge out of less ordered systems. this is probably because there are fewer chances for something chaotic to get int the way the more order...
THREAD God in ReligionGod?
88 Posts • 15929 Views
Religion Forum
A basic philosophical question that doubts the existence of God is if god is benevolent and perfect then why is the world so cruel and imperfect? Also so many religious doctrines are against science...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsFear IS the problem
10 Posts • 2935 Views
Psychology Forum
sorry to sound like im picking on you here, but not all hate is fear. sometimes hate can also stem from something someone has done to you, you hate them for it, but you dont fear them.
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & BrainThe Train of Thought…
8 Posts • 2465 Views
Psychology Forum
all I know is that the ion channels are a bunch of proteins that regulate the voltage gradient along the cells in your body. in this case, transmitting across synapses. in essence, it could be the...
THREAD 7 x 7 = 49
4 Posts • 2068 Views
Science & Technology Forum
The number seven is significant in religion, and I'm sorry, I don't know why. I posted this in religion because life is religion according to Confucius . My interpretation of religion is...
THREAD BiologyCloning
93 Posts • 20005 Views
Science & Technology Forum
I seem to remember a few years back when some scientists were working with fertile chicken's eggs. They were able to pierce the shell and take some cells from the developing embryo at the point w...
THREAD Epistemology: Truth & KnowledgeWisdom, Reason, Human nature
4 Posts • 3303 Views
Philosophy Forum
lol hows it goin dude. any ways, wisdom and reason seam to stem from each other but lets say you were a teacher and i were a student. We were sitting in class one day and tou decided to hit me. Well r...
3 Posts • 3695 Views
Philosophy Forum
I got his from the website This pretty much explains the sense of smell. "We think that we smell with our noses, [but] this is a little like saying that we hear with our e...
THREAD SocietyThe Capitalism Debate!!!!
95 Posts • 23886 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Democracy - free will. You have an apple with a stem and you have an apple without one. Its still an apple and it still tastes the same. I think what we having here is a problem in communications....
THREAD two questions
21 Posts • 6753 Views
Philosophy Forum
To answer the question: who are you? It is a basic answer to me that you, are simply you. Thats it. good point. but that's like saying an apple is an apple. it's also a fruit, red (...
THREAD InventionWhat happened to solar powered cars?
8 Posts • 2951 Views
Science & Technology Forum
We may not be able to get all power needs from surface solar cells, but we could capture a significant amount... We may not be able to get all power needs from surface solar cells, but we could captur...
THREAD LawAbortion
17 Posts • 5085 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I look at abortion in a religious point of view. It said in the Bible: 'Your eyes saw even the embryo of me, and in your book all its parts were down in writing, as regards the days when they were for...
THREAD General HealthWhy Sugar is Bad for you
0 Posts • 1019 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
In lay terms, sugar is a form of energy that digests quickly. If energy input does not match energy output, those calories in excess will be stored within the fat cells...period. Good and in-depth...
THREAD The "Void"
66 Posts • 14948 Views
Philosophy Forum
I would say any void you have comes from a natural human instinct to want more. Human beings have an inherant dissatisfaction with the world around them because the world (and humans themselves) are,...
THREAD Stem cell research, favor or opposed,
8 Posts • 2828 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Embryos have no feeling, no thought, they are plants not conscious beings. They are grown, they are not yet born (neither literally nor figuratively). I have no qualms about killing a plant in exch...
THREAD Is attachment weakness?
0 Posts • 6864 Views
Philosophy Forum
no but we are getting way off of course though. I'll say it like this if you don't get touched and loved by another being you will be come depressed and ultimatley either end your life by yo...
THREAD War & TerrorismEnergy
2 Posts • 2168 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
hydrogen car - that is the future. All of our electrical needs can be provided from wind turbines. Yep, that's our future, when do we get started? From what I understand, the hydrogen ce...
THREAD AliensWhy do people assume Alien lifeforms are smarter than us?
24 Posts • 14901 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Right just of flight of fantasy. Looking for life within our own solar system is generally seeking for evidents of previous cultural existence or seeking the evolutionary beginnings of life, cells. Su...
THREAD Society & Sociologywhy is suicide frowned on???
85 Posts • 20771 Views
Psychology Forum
that is a very good point. life is the one reason why suicide isnt committed. aside from those with obvious mental disorders, when a person is contemplating suicide, the main and if not only reason fo...
THREAD LawAbortion
17 Posts • 5085 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
A human being is not a bunch of cells. A human being is *conscious* it must be a conscious or at least feeling entity. Until the baby starts having nerves and brains you are allowed to kill it b...
THREAD Law & GovernmentCan law and justice be maintained without religion
21 Posts • 6073 Views
Philosophy Forum ocial_contract Most religions stem from this theory and then they add in their agenda. The social contract alone is enough to promote law and order. Come on, mos...
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