Existence does not exist - Bram Van Santvoort (Oblivionbram)
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Tagged > Thoughts
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsThe Matrix Is Real
123 Posts • 31821 Views
Philosophy Forum
what if i told you everything you are saying is true, what if there are more answers then questions in this world, what if i told you that over the last 48 hours i have spent making more sense of this...
THREAD SocietyIs America playing with fire ?
141 Posts • 28071 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
"Bush embraces the belief that American values, that is, rule of law, democracy and freedom are greater then all others. Is that fascism?" But why are these exclusively American value...
THREAD Is there anything you shouldn't educate children?
28 Posts • 4877 Views
Philosophy Forum
Iron do you know what over development is. You know those video's on the T.V. talking about Little Einstein what ever and what not. Well some people did some research and found that these video&#...
THREAD GovernmentThank you Republicans
21 Posts • 4902 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
DumbKid, Your handle, grammar and questions to me raises red flags. But here is a generalization of why I stated my opinion in this thread. In short.... I have a tendency of explaining too much a...
THREAD Conscious and Sub-ConsciousFighting for the Weak man
0 Posts • 686 Views
Psychology Forum
These are NOT well organized thoughts. I apologize in advance. I edited this like 10 times... Everything thats been said is very interesting. This is helping me clear some stuff up in my head. Abuse...
THREAD The dilemma of Choice
9 Posts • 2435 Views
Philosophy Forum
This a thought process leading to the negation of choice, please do not say you're wrong or right. Share arguments/counter arguments. What if the nature of our mind functions in a single logic...
THREAD God in ReligionProve the existence of god
52 Posts • 10252 Views
Religion Forum
Alot of religious people may find this post upsetting. It isn't anti religious. Nor does it propose one religion over another. But it challenges their deep-seated beliefs, not by looking for contradic...
THREAD Sentience vs. Sapience
7 Posts • 28483 Views
Philosophy Forum
MugenNoKarayami Often this site is more social than educational ~ I think that may be out of necessity... but check my quote... subjectivity is good for meditation - (or prayer) - but stayi...
THREAD About You / IntroductionsSomething Missing
5 Posts • 2507 Views
Talk Talk
I think on this again tonight, but there is much less restlessness and burn. I am once again lacking in exercise, wish I didn't have that extra variable clouding my judgment. I got a new idea....
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsMy Current Understanding/GTF off of your computer (My Theory)
1 Posts • 2266 Views
Philosophy Forum
First off i would like to add that I am a very unorganized free-typer...what you read may be awkward or uncomfortable to read because it's not in a format. Just read it with a "Free Mind&quo...
THREAD ElectionsObama Deception
17 Posts • 5198 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
F.E.M.A is a contingency plan for 304 million Americans you should feel privileged that your government is organised and responsible for its citizens welfare, that this has been created for you Ka...
THREAD DreamsThe Mind Portal...An Un-Researched New Discovery
37 Posts • 19160 Views
Psychology Forum
ok i understand now, thank you! i didnt realize that it required such detail as to how your hand vibrates when your scribing the code. im going to get to work on one right away. you said you used a bi...
THREAD Relationships & LoveA logical case for the loss of consent.
1 Posts • 5273 Views
Psychology Forum
Please discuss this, I would like to see the opinions of those both with and with out a "dog in this fight" Case for the Possible Loss of Functional Consent. by Anon7 The D/s co...
THREAD ChristianityCellphone VS Bible
41 Posts • 11224 Views
Religion Forum
First I wrote so little and to me it seemed you pulled it out of context and misunderstood everything I wrote. As I explained I commented beyond your statements, as they were, as I stated, ambiguou...
THREAD God in ReligionThe God Thread
158 Posts • 35988 Views
Religion Forum
I'd hear people say it all the time, it's a huge cliche and everybody uses it: "thank god" or "oh god" or "god damn-it" I believe these term's were first i...
THREAD Gender PsychologyChances are high when it comes to rape
22 Posts • 5726 Views
Psychology Forum
these are just thoughts on the subject. 1 in 4 women are at the risk of rape or attempted rape in her lifetime. what the hell does at risk mean? isnt every person in the world at risk of gettin...
THREAD scraps of stories i couldn't finish
1 Posts • 2353 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
all this shit's been taking up space on my computer, so before deleting it i figured i'd do something constructive: The first thing he remembers is his mouth. There is a feeling of detach...
THREAD Conscious and Sub-ConsciousThe Art of Self-Discovery
0 Posts • 3056 Views
Psychology Forum
Im Chained Wings gnome. This is quite a taxing task for me to write about him because Chained Wings is a very confused person. He really doesn't know who he is. And though I have more intimate...
THREAD SpiritualityRandom quotes from a friend (long)
10 Posts • 3865 Views
Religion Forum
"The physical form is like an extension of the soul. Think about waves, there are big ones and small ones. Some go on only for a couple feet, some go on for miles, but they all crash eventually....
THREAD StoriesShort story on vampires: Part 1
25 Posts • 5886 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Anton looked at his Rolex for the third time and sighed. 12.01 They were late. It wasn't enough his boss, Darwin, took on people who were totally unsatisfactory for this line of work but t...
THREAD Scorpion
15 Posts • 4180 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Pentagon News Conference 8:00 p.m. The lights indeed are boiling, thought the Agent Emeritus as he sat on the seat next to the podium. The room was filled beyond imagining, with reporters from ever...
THREAD GovernmentSenatorial Candidate Warns Of World Government
16 Posts • 4299 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
"One sign that this is our future is the plans for the future highways..." Do you understand what belligerence is? I don't think you do. bel·lig·er·ence noun hostility or aggress...
THREAD People hate vegetarians
104 Posts • 27717 Views
Talk Talk
Dear Awakeningmystic, "The only power a woman has to turn the act of rape into an act of "love making" would be her consent." CLANG!! Nail on the head! That's correct, h...
THREAD ConsciousnessThe prince
7 Posts • 4527 Views
Philosophy Forum
*yuck*The Journal of Forth Horseman by Zach Taking claim and giving acclaim. The soul will need universal claim to kingship to receive due honor and reputation that is relative of sense implications...
THREAD Ethics & MoralityIdea for a Normative Theory
1 Posts • 2192 Views
Philosophy Forum
DISCLAIMER: This starts off by sounding kinda ridiculous, but I think it becomes much more reasonable as you read on, and I have put a lot of thought into it, so please don't dismiss it immediate...
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