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My Current Understanding/GTF off of your computer (My Theory)

User Thread
 31yrs • M •
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My Current Understanding/GTF off of your computer (My Theory)
First off i would like to add that I am a very unorganized free-typer...what you read may be awkward or uncomfortable to read because it's not in a format. Just read it with a "Free Mind"

Everything is created. How? through negative and positive polarities. magnets are the key to the beginning of the understanding of life. No one person can fully understand it for it is infinite. you can simply say that life is infinite. To know everything is to lie to yourself. to be the best is to lie to yourself. To understand life, you have to understand yourself. Once you understand your own body you can begin to venture off. like earth. once we know earth to the fullest we may then begin to venture off and create more life on other planets. of course we may gaze in to the sky and wonder. but that time is limited due to sunlight. so during the time of sunlight we must use the light to uncover the truths in our world.

To dream is to create. but here is where my current understanding of our "world" or "my" world comes in to play based on my experiences...

In the past few years I have become increasingly paranoid. About 1 year ago I saw a bright flash of white light at around 12:30am. it was a perfectly abnormal flash. vehicle lights, no noise, just a strobe of light...and to clarify this, there was a shadow from the window blinds on the wall which where the light came from...outside. and more recently...i have seen a blue one coming from the side of the valley not less than 1 mile from where i was at. and the road i was traveling on was blocked of by police...by the way this was not a light from a police car...this was not a lightbulb burning out...this was very real. due to the fact that the cops were there blocking off a section of the road so no one could enter. ok...that was the experience...here is what i think:

I believe that there is something our government is truly hiding. i believe that there is something we are not being told. i believe that this thing not being told is their unwilling cooperation and "silence"...silence is what drives people like me crazy. silence is what motivates us to make noise.

i myself am pretty silent. if i open my mouth to people, a lot of them dont understand what i mean or what im talking about.

Life is the same. Silence kills. it is the negativity in this world. to speak is to be positive...or productive (create). where does the energy come from? ourselves. we are our own problem. you hear people like me talk about crazy random shit about life and what it means. but simply put...it means go do what you want. laws are meant to be broken. who can seriously keep you in one place? YOU. the clues are everywhere...especially in the movies. a lot of people dont understand it. because they haven't lived it...to think about something is to be afraid of something. if you think...you are afraid. that is what games are for...games are here for fun and enjoyment and for people to find themselves in their own bodies. by this i mean more than just board games...im talking physics...physics really isn't hard...you just have to observe a little and take chances, make mistakes, and get messy and by messy i also mean sex too. reproduction is a part of continuation. our population is declining. and rapidly. people are too dumbed down by their own fears that they forget that life goes on...and not in minutes or days or weeks...it just goes. and to love life you have to go with the flow of it. if you see a clock dont look at the exact time...generalize it. because you will never know the exact specific moment in time for you can not pause it. you can think about it and look in to the past instead of looking in to what is happening and not at moments...but what is happening. time exists to keep everyone on the same page...or give "restrictions" just know that time is irrelevant...i want whoever reads time to stop and look around the room...if nothing is moving...go move something...better yet. make a paper airplane and watch it fly. if you can't make one...heres your chance to learn something new...here's a chance to experience life first hand. now go leave your computer because you reading this just means you aren't watching something move without frames per second. go watch something moving without a frame. to frame something is to capture it. go now...why are you still reading this? is it because you didn't finish the paragraph? who cares? go make a paper airplane...if you don't know how then figure it out on your own. FEEL it. feel the airplane cut trough the air. feel the airplane glide through the air. feel gravity pulling it down on to the air. then go take a bath, bring some toys in the tub with you, dont have any? look for something that floats. something that the water can hold up. or go to a pool or a lake or a river and play in it. go play. you may not be a kid but if ur not having fun then why live? go play with fire. don't be stupid though...think about what could happen before you do it...if your not sure about something...then find a way to be safe about it...then question if your safely precautions are safe enough and do it until you do what you wanted to do. go build. go dream. go create. now im rambling...srsly ur still reading? you shouldn't care about my thoughts. just step away from the computer now. im going to count to three...




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My Current Understanding/GTF off of your computer (My Theory)
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