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Tagged > Stressed
11 Posts • 4645 Views
Talk Talk
Good stress, bad stress....stress is stress to me and it terribly sucks. I totally agree with I R Me about the deep breathing. When i'm stressed the FIRST thing I do is take a DEEP breath.*sl...
11 Posts • 4645 Views
Talk Talk
Stress, Good or Bad? Most people View stress as a Bad thing, which it can be if you let yourself get overly stressed, Stress though does help us reach are goals in life. It motivates us. So when y...
 30yrs • F
" live life to the fullest"
THREAD DreamsWhat do you dream about?
29 Posts • 8614 Views
Psychology Forum
Dreams- they are so weird they seem to me to be a mishmash of what was on my mind that day- such things as what i may have recalled what i did and if I was upset or not. If I remember or thing about s...
THREAD Society & SociologyOver population and the effects it has on the human psyche.
8 Posts • 11500 Views
Psychology Forum
I think overpopulation does have a drastic effect on our minds and bodies. Living in cities and being constantly overwhelmed with human contact we tend to be more stressed and more on edge. And that s...
THREAD GovernmentBush on the Constitution: 'It's just a goddamned paper'
8 Posts • 3834 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
The Navy participated in a study to determine what causes stress and it was discovered that the inability to control your surroundings caused stressed. So while it may appear that the person in charge...
 37yrs • F
Happy days
THREAD JokesFunny School Excuses
10 Posts • 25004 Views
Jokes & Games
parents can be so stressed! :)
THREAD BooksHarry Potter #6
23 Posts • 9041 Views
Talk Talk
Attolia, we know why Malfoy talkd to Moaning Meartle, don't we? They kind of did explain it... it was when he was feeling really stressed and overwhelmed about....his task.
THREAD DepressionMental Cusp
13 Posts • 2945 Views
Psychology Forum
Hey Wyote, maybe you should check out this site: /index.shtml I think you might find it interesting. If you're stressed out or depressed this might be just the me...
THREAD Does rap music insight violence amongst young peop
38 Posts • 32203 Views
Talk Talk
rap music is just another in the long line of scapegoats we choose to explain why we live in a violent culture. its rap, or its marilyn manson, or its quentin tarantino and oliver stone. kids today ar...
THREAD About You / IntroductionsTell a random fact about yourself.
663 Posts • 126223 Views
Talk Talk
If I am stressed and talking to a stranger while standing up I fell this urge to spit on them......... it is weird I know Why? god damn I have no clue- probably because i am crazed- there is no ratio...
THREAD Mental Illnessmy mind can't rest
12 Posts • 6586 Views
Psychology Forum
Two words: Smoke. Weed. In all seriousness, i have just entered my second to final year in school and the work is piling up and yet i can cope. I cannot imagine how many more crazy stressed out peopl...
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionCan you choose to be happy?
12 Posts • 14871 Views
Philosophy Forum
I'm a massive stress head. But I don't stress excessively about things that are of little importance. Things I stress about are more serious big issues, perhaps issues that I don't have...
11 Posts • 4645 Views
Talk Talk
I agree, stress can be either good or bad depending on how you let it effect you. My fiance for example, it's a BAD thing. Every little thing stresses him out and it's been known to cause pr...
THREAD Natural Cures & Alternative MedicineHomemade Toothpaste
8 Posts • 8074 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
Home nees are the first thing we must buy for our family. Most of us would think about toothpaste a regular necessity. But in these stressed times, grabbing pennies has become a requirement. Here are...
THREAD Gender PsychologyWhy men really will never understand women
26 Posts • 6845 Views
Psychology Forum
Her wanting time out of socialising is nothing unusual during the exam period, but she needs dragging out of her room every now and then otherwise she will just sit there all by herself and get more a...
THREAD About You / Introductionspaying for college
6 Posts • 1865 Views
Talk Talk
So I am graduating this year and the thought of going to college is really scaring me. It's not actually going to college but, rather more the cost of college. I have been really stressed lately tryin...
THREAD Rehab & AddictionMarijuana,weed,pot,mary-jane...etc
35 Posts • 17155 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
Man forget that smokin sh*t bad for your lungs. I've did it alot when i was 16-24 but whats the use when it doesn't even affect you anymore not just weed schwag, laced marijuana, all it...
THREAD Relationships & LoveAdvice would be nice
19 Posts • 3549 Views
Psychology Forum
I understand what you feel even though I'm a male and everything but in a way its best that you don't see each other that often as it can get very tiresome and ruin a good relationship, you...
11 Posts • 4645 Views
Talk Talk
there is eustress and distress and the first one is the good kind and the second one is the bad kind. uh i kind of wish my life wasn't stressful at all i wouldn't have a problem with just...
THREAD Politics: How They Corrupt Education
14 Posts • 6503 Views
Talk Talk
I can see how this would work due to the kids not getting as stressed out about there grades. I think it was a good test but some kids zone in class so it wouldnt work for everyone. I think the teach...
THREAD Mind in overdrive
3 Posts • 1601 Views
Talk Talk
Recently ive been very stressed out, mentally dealing with cancer and having the fact that im not immortal thrown in my face, my minds been in over drive. Ive realised im a very anxious person, the ti...
THREAD Relationships & Lovefutility of romantic 'love'
76 Posts • 16113 Views
Psychology Forum
i think what you said makes quite a lot of sense. I can agree totally with your position, if you are lusting after someone else, either you lack self control, or there is something wrong in your relat...
THREAD WE owe it to ourselves
9 Posts • 2633 Views
Talk Talk
even when i believe whole heartedly that things are unjust, i believe im not one to judge. im not against society, just against the way we have built it, without first building ouirselves, life would...
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