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Tagged > Mundane objects
THREAD GamesOrdinary Things Extraordinary Names
12 Posts • 8940 Views
Jokes & Games
This might be an old meme but let's blow this baby up. Post a picture of any ordinary mundane thing and give it a super extraordinary name. Here's some examples I stole to get the ball rolling...
 67yrs • M
objects in mirror are closer than they appear
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsDo you believe in the power of objects?
6 Posts • 2121 Views
Philosophy Forum
I think it's our mind and intellect attach power to the objects. They make them work... and work even wonders like masterpieces of music, words, pictures, etc. Our energy inserts into the inanima...
THREAD ConsciousnessWhat do you think of this?
4 Posts • 1882 Views
Philosophy Forum
Shibus four step hypothesis of the fundamental relation between objects. I created this elaborate system that I believe stands true not just for the human mind based on Carl Jung, but also for an...
THREAD ChristianityChristian Q&A
0 Posts • 3762 Views
Religion Forum
It seems to me that by your definition no thing can be said to be identiac to any other thing but its self. For 2 objects to be distict (2 objects as oposed to 1) they must have sepreat propertys of s...
THREAD Human relationship with the 'Higher Power'
19 Posts • 4474 Views
Philosophy Forum
I can't say I ever really feel isolated from the world but I know in brief periods of wondering or thinking I can sort of disconnect things. Like the objects revolve around you not you revolving...
THREAD SocietyPay Attention
14 Posts • 3148 Views
Philosophy Forum
Squarepants, I think I understand your frustration when it comes to the modern lifestyle. I often had these same feelings when I was working a job that I absolutely hated, because then not only do...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyDimensions
14 Posts • 3789 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Ok I know some of the dementions here it goes from the beginning: 1st Dimension: A Simple Line 2nd Dimension: Flat Objects 3rd Dimension: Objects with height weight and volume 4th Dimensio...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyOrigin of light
15 Posts • 6313 Views
Science & Technology Forum
why do curtians etc fade in the sunlight, i can understand that the light energy is abosorbed, but how does that make the colour change? The color objects appear depends upon their chemical makeup. O...
THREAD Alternative BeliefsWhat do you believe?
67 Posts • 12729 Views
Religion Forum
Both are pieces of paper with printing on them. As to their percieved value, people will lie, cheat, steal & murder others for them . . . they are not worthy the perceived value given them. Obj...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsThe Earth - food for thought
6 Posts • 1735 Views
Philosophy Forum
I think I do get this. What you're saying is that, based on the premise that we observe objects dropping directly to Earth, when we take into account the fact that the Earth spins at 1,000 mp...
THREAD The Zero Conjecture
10 Posts • 3139 Views
Philosophy Forum
Human beings are drawn to simplicity. We have an intuition that no matter how intractable a problem may seem it must ultimately be reducible. And as to confirm our hunch the path of enquiry has led us...
THREAD Life & DeathMy Meaning: Life has none
12 Posts • 2869 Views
Philosophy Forum
Isn't it interesting that while our lives are so boring and mundane and linear, our dreams are just the opposite, in seemingly perfect proportion, filled with magic, adventure, strong emotion, my...
THREAD Physics & CosmologySomething out of nothing
40 Posts • 6444 Views
Science & Technology Forum
This is from the Rutledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy. It pretty much says what I have always been taught about what Kant's views on space and time were...I've found numerous scholarly works...
THREAD what is the truth?
15 Posts • 1969 Views
Talk Talk
"The acceptance of evaluations that lead (lend) to an organized conception. One plus one equals two., but then that depends on the nature (relative nature) of the objects being defined?"...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsTime, reality, humans
2 Posts • 2171 Views
Philosophy Forum
you're right on the point that there is actually no singular point in time. time is our ability to compare two moving objects, and because all objects are always moving, even if on a molecular...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsDo you believe in the power of objects?
6 Posts • 2121 Views
Philosophy Forum
Things serve in the same way as people. If you obtained them after all, you must care about them. Most of them were destined just for you exclusively. Someone has made it Strangely, but I believe in t...
THREAD Telekinesis
7 Posts • 2232 Views
Talk Talk
Not specifically moving objects with the mind, but in a more general sense of the word Telekinesis - influencing physical matter with brain waves. Is this possible? Has it been documented? Either b...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsThe Earth - food for thought
6 Posts • 1735 Views
Philosophy Forum
Many of us have a view of The Earth, and how objects interact with it. And we likely rationalise night and day, and the four seasons of the year, by "seeing" the Earth spinning on its axis o...
THREAD ChristianityA question for a devoted Christian.
235 Posts • 31707 Views
Religion Forum
This is classical dualist thinking and something I disagree with. There can only be one and it is different to the sum of its parts but all constitutes the whole. This 'substance' binds us....
31 Posts • 7743 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Light travels at 300,000 km/hour. I don't think your idea is possible. If an object were to travel far far away from earth, and then look back on earth you could see light reflected from earth fr...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsWhat if we are all inanimate objects..
3 Posts • 2212 Views
Philosophy Forum
I live in a rural town outside of Boston, Massachusetts. There is a small mental hospital in my town with a patient living there with schizophrenia. He believes he is a glass of orange juice. I'v...
4 Posts • 2683 Views
Philosophy Forum
neurologically speaking, the human brain contains enough neurons to contain everything it experiences down to the most mundane and intricate detail. like you said, however, the problem arises during t...
THREAD mysterious light travel
9 Posts • 2651 Views
Philosophy Forum
I AM USING EARTH AS A REFRENCE POINT galaxies supposedly move away from eachother, supposedly... and we all know that not all planets, suns, objects, blah blah blah move at different speeds. Furthe...
THREAD Rant OnThe Mundane Complaints Thread
2 Posts • 2152 Views
Talk Talk
Complain, whine your ass off, about the things that occur to you in everyday life, which you know don't really matter in the grand scheme of things, but frustrate you enough to the point where bi...
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