Critisizing philosophy is philosophy. - Pascal
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Tagged > History
THREAD Gender PsychologyIf women ruled the world...
61 Posts • 13330 Views
Psychology Forum
If women ruled the world there would be fewer wars and less poltical corruption. There would be gender equality. Economies would change. Laws would change. Ethics would change. Religions would change....
THREAD Does baked-in bias (ideology) always win?
8 Posts • 2111 Views
Philosophy Forum
Lots of layers to this onion. One could say that, because I own a gun that, in the interest of fairness, that everyone should own a gun. That's fair, right? Well, what if someone else has a hi...
THREAD SocietyDefine the word "American"
72 Posts • 14988 Views
Philosophy Forum
You still haven't convinced me, Cynical. You're being vague on the issue. If a child runs away from home, does it mean that it is free from all the previous influences of parents? No....
THREAD Religion & HumanityAllegorical or Literal?
21 Posts • 5942 Views
Religion Forum
Strongclad - I am so happy that you believe that scripture is history. What makes me even more happy is that I don't think scripture is history. :D
27 Posts • 9161 Views
Religion Forum
"Without it, we would have nothing to measure our actions to." Well there is the Quran, Confucius and the various philosophers that have come about. "Besides it is very old,"...
THREAD War & TerrorismJapanese in Manchuria in WW2
0 Posts • 3810 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Hi Decius, Re Hirohito; I have encountered in other discussion groups an extraordinary unwillingness among American correspondents to inform themselves beyond the manipulative PC rubbish put about b...
THREAD ChristianityWas Christ really resurrected?
67 Posts • 13608 Views
Religion Forum
BTW.....Okcity.....IF BUSH had been out to kill Iraqi's for the sake of killing it would be another story... WE were attacked, have been attacked since 1979. WE WERE NEVER EVER ATTACkED BY...
THREAD SpiritualityBlind Faith
42 Posts • 9192 Views
Religion Forum
And this is what irritates me about it. If you know anything at all about history you know that it is a pretty unreliable scource. First of all, history is written by the winner's of the dispute,...
THREAD BiologyPreliminaries to Social Advancement and Intelligence?
12 Posts • 2451 Views
Science & Technology Forum
A lot of animals recall history... Why do you think certain bugs appear to look like other bugs which are poisonous or have stingers? Because other bugs FEAR it from being injured in the past or havin...
THREAD ConspiracyOfficial Stories vs. Conspiracy Theories
1 Posts • 1565 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
These seems to be the thing of the intellectual day. And, knowing history, some of them are going to turn out to be true. Some not. All I say is that you really need to watch and ask all the questi...
5 Posts • 2571 Views
Talk Talk
that is a very strange site to behold. find out what sort of a history (if any) of sleepwalking he may have. altho very uncommon, it is possible for a person to appear fully awake and even be rather t...
THREAD IslamThe Qur'an
110 Posts • 21425 Views
Religion Forum
muhammed (pbuh) was born in the 7th centuary. he never claimed to be jesus. unless you're talking about some other arab named muhammed in the 3rd centuary? There where two Muhammeds. The secon...
THREAD IslamContradictions in the Quran
62 Posts • 13714 Views
Religion Forum
But something as important as the Quran which Muslims take as their guidebook in life and the word of God deserves more than plain reading. First, the fact that the original Quran is in Arabic has...
THREAD Females Inferior?
31 Posts • 11049 Views
Philosophy Forum
Physical sex is clearly defined, everything else is speculation on the nature nurture debate. Traditions and roles, masculine and feminine are interchangeable and have done so througout history....
THREAD BiologyBreed Humans?
26 Posts • 13364 Views
Science & Technology Forum
That's very interesting about cancer. Never heard that before. My earlier post about having to earn a degree before you can be a parent. That would be a vast improvement. I think computers hav...
THREAD Christianitychristians?
110 Posts • 18382 Views
Religion Forum
Are you saying your personal standards do not match those of the common set? My standards have been changed to match the common set. I think you were more correct when you said... How c...
THREAD Christianityjesus finishing our sins
43 Posts • 8496 Views
Religion Forum
Jesus's existance is one of the most verified facts of Histroy for that era. There are I beleive over 5000 different accounts of various aspects of His existance (These being non Christian writer...
THREAD ChristianityCatholics vs Christians
158 Posts • 51326 Views
Religion Forum
Yep that is a new age thing. If you ever get a chance to go to Rome (I complements of the U.S. Navy), visit the catacombs. There you will learn about a church that existed before the Roman Catholic...
THREAD Cubs - worst team in baseball history
1 Posts • 1094 Views
Talk Talk
The Cubs are the worst team in baseball history. Since 1940, the Cubs have had 47 losing seasons and only 19 when they played .500 ball or better. During a 20 year span 1947-1966, the Cubs had 18 losi...
THREAD IslamDo you know what Islam means?
67 Posts • 13129 Views
Religion Forum
"Wrong - Levitical Law prohibits the enslavement of the Israelite." And hence, allows the enslavement of everyone else. "You desperately need to study the history of the early Chris...
THREAD AstronomyMartian saltwater announcement
10 Posts • 4328 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Rajpal, I've heard of many ancient cultures referencing to just such accounts of either extra terrestrial or evolved reptilian humanoid shape shifting species. And that theme when coupled wit...
THREAD Religion & HumanityAllegorical or Literal?
21 Posts • 5942 Views
Religion Forum
okcitykid said:Strongclad - I am so happy that you believe that scripture is history. What makes me even more happy is that I don't think scripture is history. So, since saying you are happy...
THREAD War & TerrorismIraq buildings NOT burning.
42 Posts • 10073 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Name 3 instances in history where an organized military has defeated dedicated guerilla fighters. Even 1 would be nice to see. Not to say history cannot ever be made or break from that
THREAD Relationships & LoveThings you should know before you marry
9 Posts • 2286 Views
Psychology Forum
As far as figuring out who is proper marriage material, it's most important to figure out yourself first. In doing so, you become very good at understanding what your own desires in a mate are an...
THREAD PerceptionBlind Peace
5 Posts • 1889 Views
Psychology Forum
"In that when nothing gets in, when nothing happens, is it not remarkable that sleep, and various states of lower levels of consciousness are associated with seeing and hearing nothing? (As you s...
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