A coward dies a thousand deaths, a solider dies but once. - Alex Robb
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Tagged > Green tea
THREAD Random QuestionsTop 5 Artists
45 Posts • 7487 Views
Talk Talk
1. Slipknot 2.Underoath 3.Stone Sour 4.Green Day 5.Theory Of A Dead Man 6.Architects I don't care if there's a 6th one so shutup
THREAD General HealthWhy I Love Green Tea
0 Posts • 2209 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
Green tea is made solely with the leaves of Camellia sinensis that have undergone minimal oxidation during processing.
THREAD DreamsCrazy Dream
7 Posts • 3265 Views
Psychology Forum
Quite tame for a dream. I'm used to neon coloured turtles doing back flips in green jelly under a purple moon... but that's just me! *lol*
THREAD Random QuestionsWhats your favorite song
81 Posts • 14367 Views
Talk Talk
its called 19-2000, not cool shoeshine. my fav is Green Day - Basket Case altho im really liking Coldplay - Fix You at the moment.
THREAD The Environment Reserve...
3 Posts • 1361 Views
Talk Talk
You've heard of the Army Reserve... 'One weekend a month...' What if there were an Environment Reserve? I'm sure there are similar things... This group would give up a certain amount of ti...
THREAD the 3 primary colors....
3 Posts • 1725 Views
Science & Technology Forum
In graphic design, the optic color scheme is RBG (Red, Blue and Green) which is used on the web. They are combined in various ways to produce all the colors you see on your screen. Is that what you�...
THREAD Ailments & DiseaseBeautyBum
3 Posts • 4900 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
http://shine.yahoo.com/green/h eavy-metals-found-many-cosmeti cs-not-listed-labels-194900866 .html
THREAD Arts on UGN! Submit your works!
75 Posts • 15916 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
it is a heart grenade, and my quote is a green day lyric talking about how we all buy in to terrorism and havent stopped living in fear since 9/11... at least thats what it means to me.
THREAD ArtworkMy lizard
12 Posts • 3568 Views
Art Forum
Yeh Wandering, I like the way you added texture to it with the green paint on the rock, and the ink on the liard to creat the scales was a great idea. You've got talent. :)
149 Posts • 31988 Views
Talk Talk
i have a 2004 toyota supra fully loaded and a 2005 Yokon Denali with 21" Gianelle rims, and green neon
THREAD Foxboro Hot Tubs
1 Posts • 1260 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
After listening to The Network and now this, I am pretty much convinced these guys(Green Day) are the best band of all time. But I thought that long ago. Highway 1
70 Posts • 17261 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
MiA - I don't really think of emo or Yellowcard etc. as punk. I, personally, hate emo and can't see how people listen to it, unless you are a fan of extreme whining competitions or something...
THREAD Green Day-Time of your life
1 Posts • 1160 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
good song felt that it deserved to be shared. having troulbe downloading it so i can post fully like all the others sorry ill try to figure it out before Ipost others.
THREAD thoughts
4 Posts • 2316 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
i kicked her down three flights of stairs in armarillo she walked back up with a pink sand hourglass said "these would be the last time i count down my days" cherry tree came up popped ri...
 25yrs • F
Life is like a Horror movie..Everyone dies eventually, And yet there is still that one person who is wide eyed awake!! 8]]
THREAD Random QuestionsBest Band.
20 Posts • 22397 Views
Talk Talk
Out of the 3 I have Green Day American Idiot (Don't have a go its a decent album) Homecoming it flows very well and doesn't break once while th tempo switches and just carries on sm...
THREAD Gender PsychologyWhat kind of guys do chicks like?
55 Posts • 20032 Views
Psychology Forum
I like (and have ^_^) tall males with black/brown hair and green eyes. But to me, the appearance plays a minor role in attraction. It's the mind and heart that are vital to me.
THREAD Do favorite colors really tell you anything about
12 Posts • 14816 Views
Talk Talk
Well i guess we have alot of people who are psuhing the intellectual bondries of genius.... maybe :) My favorite color is green also. but i was hoping someone knew something about colors/meanings. m...
THREAD Relationships & LoveI met my boyfriend on the internet..so what!
63 Posts • 39808 Views
Psychology Forum
Golden Girls??? HaHaHa.... Maybe Designing Women, or Steel Magnolias, or even Fried Green Tomatoes. When I'm ready for Driving Miss Daisy... maybe you can be my chauffeur-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r. *grin...
THREAD Alternative Beliefsreal or just a myth?
57 Posts • 15266 Views
Religion Forum
Personally, from what ive seen, i reckon aliens do exist... bit like was said above, not giant green big eyed thingys O.O But from all the video and stuff, im pretty sure they do. By the way, does...
THREAD Random PicturesRandom picture thread.
1169 Posts • 237612 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
DomZor, you cat is adorable. Wy, my daughter would be jelous, she loves Green Day. OMG Chrissie, is this your dog? How can something be so adorable yet so evil looking?
THREAD Green Day - Basket Case
1 Posts • 1911 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
My favorite song by my favorite band. nuff said.
THREAD Random QuestionsWhats your favorite song
81 Posts • 14367 Views
Talk Talk
American Idiot- Green Day "Can you hear the sound of hystaria?"
THREAD IslamContradictions in the Quran
62 Posts • 13553 Views
Religion Forum
Yes, as with all holy books there are contradictions : http://www.skepticsannotate dbible.com/quran/index.html Go there and go under the green contradictions part.
32 Posts • 9777 Views
Philosophy Forum
What does this word mean to you? Green, filthy, germ infested paper that people will steal and even die over to get there hands on as much of it as they can!! :p
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