Earth is crammed with heave, And every common bush afire with God; And only he who sees takes off his shoes. - Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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Tagged > Emotions
THREAD Gender PsychologyThe difference between men and women.
5 Posts • 3409 Views
Psychology Forum
just to make this post interesting: "the same emotions in man and women are, however, different in tempo: therefore man and woman never cease to misunderstand one another"- Nietzsche
49 Posts • 12121 Views
Philosophy Forum
to anyone who has any intrest of this thread about feelings/emotions, or anyone that wants to see a really good movie: Equilibrium staring Dominic Purcell an excellent movie
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsEmotional correspondance
8 Posts • 2179 Views
Psychology Forum
Is the actual feeling felt or is a feeling that is perceived to be the same felt in this situation? I like Wyotes post, because he beings up a very good point. There are definitely two different ty...
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionLoss of a loved one...
4 Posts • 2587 Views
Philosophy Forum
Well I have finally suppressed my emotions now so that I am not distracted all the time. Makes me think about my mortality...about what I am doing with my life. Makes me thing if I wil look back w...
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & BrainEmotions vs Logic
30 Posts • 14244 Views
Psychology Forum
I think that we should be keep our emotions and logic and let computers make logical choices for us to prevent massive mistakes like we make when we involve emotion into decisions.
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionWhich is greater love or thruth?
2 Posts • 2383 Views
Philosophy Forum
The greater of the emotions would be love because it is in human nature to lie to protect one self. Although if you are referring to relationships I would say that there could not be true love if t...
THREAD what is it we feel?
10 Posts • 3466 Views
Philosophy Forum
I think I R Me has the origin of love pinned down very well. The fact love is perhaps the strongest of emotions fits wonderfully wel withl darwin's theory of evolution
THREAD PoetryDust in the Wind
41 Posts • 12299 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
How fate plays with the emotions of the young, that is painful sir, so very painful.
THREAD When I feel pain, I....
20 Posts • 6539 Views
Philosophy Forum
I bottle up all my emotions until they burst out in public over ridiculously small things, or I break down in my room while listening to music. If I'm angry: Hole and Sleater-Kinney. If I'm...
THREAD How to love emotionally
10 Posts • 3633 Views
Talk Talk
Past experiences have shaped my personality. I don't let anyone in to my real thoughts and emotions for certain reasons. It could just be that I haven't found the type of person I feel comfo...
18 Posts • 5111 Views
Talk Talk
I've taken your advice to heart for the last couple of days, Chiron. I actually realized that when it comes to relationships (of any sort), I pay way too much attention to other people's not...
THREAD About You / IntroductionsTell a random fact about yourself.
663 Posts • 144927 Views
Talk Talk
I hide my emotions behind a mask of stiocism, and it scares people when I betray it to the word. I love the musical "Phantom of the Opera"
THREAD Societya society at eachother's throats.
18 Posts • 5813 Views
Philosophy Forum
What I don't understand is why people seem to block out rational thought when they are angry One mistake people often make is in thinking that anger is necessary to accomplish goals. Emotions in...
THREAD Life & Deathare u ready to step outside the box? part I
7 Posts • 3156 Views
Philosophy Forum
Sure, if the civiliztion would have discovered a complete unified theory that is so far the ultimate goal of physics.Once we discover it, we would discover all 'whys', emotions would just se...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsWhy Are You Angry
25 Posts • 5967 Views
Psychology Forum
what if being the better person is actually acting on emotions that you are having, rather than hiding under different ones. because most people get angry when they cant deal, they show it and "a...
THREAD "It's not all relative"
12 Posts • 3356 Views
Philosophy Forum
What about man being the protector-breadwinner and women being the child-raiser? Can I say that a "true man" should hold his emotions in in order to survive and ensure the survival of his fa...
THREAD What makes you cry?
44 Posts • 9080 Views
Talk Talk
Hiding your tears is a way of hiding a weakness. No one wants to be thought of as weak. And, in some culture, an over-expression of emotions is discouraged. Question: Should you cry whenever you f...
THREAD About You / IntroductionsTell a random fact about yourself.
663 Posts • 144927 Views
Talk Talk
I always loved emotions. There were bulk of them. Today I even found them in the thoughts of mine from bygone times. Memories which were thought to be deleted or lost. I am so pleased they are still w...
THREAD Musical Consistency
0 Posts • 1814 Views
Psychology Forum
I think I agree with you here Decius. Although peoples tastes evolve as they grow, there are still basic emotions, usually comforting ones, which people will resort to when they are needed. I love to...
THREAD Beautiful Quotes
0 Posts • 817 Views
Talk Talk
The conclusions you dredge up out of that beautiful mind of yours are endless. Believe what you will. It is my belief that you will fall just like... Like VanGogh. Because no one will ever be able to...
THREAD ChristianityJesus's death was faked
82 Posts • 22428 Views
Religion Forum
It explains nothing. You simply state that God is subject to logic and therefore He it over powers Him. Your conclussion proves nothing. God has emotions but is not controlled by them. God can act...
THREAD trouble opening up
6 Posts • 1879 Views
Talk Talk
try to pay more attention to detail, notice her emotions....ask her why she is happy or sad. If she have trouble talking about it, make sure she knows that she can tell you whatever she feel, and you...
THREAD Relationships & LoveChrisD
16 Posts • 5607 Views
Psychology Forum
I didn't "mock" anybody, I made a joke at a funny picture. Guess jokes aren't allowed to be made if wanna talk about racism, or lonelyness for that matter. Dawn, why are you tryi...
THREAD The "Void"
66 Posts • 17244 Views
Philosophy Forum
so are we talking about emotions or about free time ? i'm a little confused now.... and okcitykid, i was just thinking, adam should've just lived there all by himself and reproduced like b...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsExercises In Vulnerability
4 Posts • 2384 Views
Psychology Forum
This is hard to explain. I do this thing. I remember all the pain I have ever felt and I take as much in as possible. As it all starts to come I can feel it in my chest, but I do the things most pe...
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