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Tagged > Economy
THREAD GovernmentWe live better under democrats
2 Posts • 1400 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
When Bill Clinton was President, the economy thrived. Since Bush went into office, the economy has barely been alive. I voted for George Bush and now I know that was wrong. When our kids grow up, t...
 58yrs • M
32 Posts • 9704 Views
Philosophy Forum
When I looked at studies of human evolution, I noticed something kind of interesting. The term economy is used for issues of food production (earlier it was hunting and gathering, later it was animal...
THREAD ElectionsJust watched another John Kerry master plan
27 Posts • 5098 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Firstly, you spend a lot of time checking out the obvious oppent to you, but I fear you spend far too little looking into to one you seem to trust perhaps even blindly. I RETURN THIS TO YOU!!!...
THREAD GovernmentDoes the goverment have rights to penalis those it
67 Posts • 13700 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
nazi facism if u will recall had a bursting economy, the reason they could afford to spend so much on an almost brand new military and invasion projects of all the countrys it took. Communism i agree...
THREAD ElectionsHow kerry won
14 Posts • 2853 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Pat, even if you thought the economy was in great shape, you are bound to feel otherwise when the debt ends up in your lap. All truth be known, we have a lower rate of unemployed when Clinton was...
5 Posts • 2595 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
If anyone watched the second zeitgeist film they would have heard of a resource based economy. A resource based economy is simply where you have people working together for their bodily needs and...
THREAD SocietyAtlas Shrugged a Cynical Review
28 Posts • 7092 Views
Philosophy Forum
Pickup, Sadly the question of slavery is not Smith's best recommendation for adoption as an economic system. He does not speak out against it as such; not in a legal sense at all, except to...
THREAD Governmentopinions on democracy PLEASE!
23 Posts • 13943 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
How does one trump money for the people in a global economy. Ofcourse a global economy could work if everyone had an equal vote in its process, but it don't work that way.
THREAD War & TerrorismA Conservative Reviews "Fahrenheit 9/11"
30 Posts • 6962 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
It is sad that a party has to have bad things happen in order to win an election: 1) Bin Ladin not being captured, 2)solders killed, 3)economy sliding. 1) What does Bin Laden have to do with the war...
THREAD GovernmentAmerica is an imperialistic empire!
24 Posts • 4462 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
The new integrated economy doesn't really allow that, in that for instance if you bought a pair of nike shoes the box would be made in USA and the tissue but the shoes would actually be made in I...
THREAD GovernmentKerry Bad For America
26 Posts • 5942 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
[Anyone can take a good economy and run it into the ground, it takes leadership though to turn it around like he has.] Yeah, and no President has ever taken a surplus and made it disappear like G....
THREAD Ethics & MoralityCan War be a good thing?
86 Posts • 23842 Views
Philosophy Forum
The thing is is that war has the good and the bad all rolled into one conveniently packaged ball of covenience. There is the mass loss of life which is always a bad thing but War is good for economy....
THREAD GovernmentBush's Actions Fuel Recovery II
10 Posts • 2734 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Jobs jump in April (again) For the second month in row the economy added many more jobs than economists and Wall Street expected, indicating the economy is on a tear. Nonfarm payrolls rose 288,000...
2 Posts • 2711 Views
Jokes & Games
THREAD SocietyAtlas Shrugged a Cynical Review
28 Posts • 7092 Views
Philosophy Forum
Im glad this post gained some traction I would like to see more Rand supporters in here but I think they might be afraid of the "irrational" human beings in here. Your absolutely right h...
THREAD War & TerrorismLegitimacy of Iraq War: US dollar verus the Euro
0 Posts • 3701 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
one mark for bush that i have heard people giving out in his support spoke of "how well bush did at stimulating the economy after the market crash" for the economy to fall victim to anoth...
THREAD Nature & GeographyAre natural disasters more frequently nowadays?
28 Posts • 11701 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Most people do not make the connection between the economy and sustainability, they shoudl, it is extremely important. However, humanity as a whole has shown that we are adaptable after all we have al...
THREAD EconomyS!#$ is going to hit the fan
1 Posts • 1409 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Peter Schiff has been predicting this recession for some time now and his predictions are only getting worse. I advise everyone to listen to this as it is urgent that as many people as possible are in...
THREAD ConspiracyDid the government create AIDS?
26 Posts • 29011 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Well a few nights ago i watched V for Vendetta, and i realized that if the U.S created it they would have used it on there own people to say it was terrorist and let the people of the nation stand beh...
THREAD GovernmentKerry Bad For America
26 Posts • 5942 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
May I remind you that in 1929, 12 million Americans where thrown out of jobs and the GNP and stock market dropped like never before. So, your statement is incorrect. The trade deficit you cited is for...
THREAD SocietyPopculture glamourizing the Army
0 Posts • 1330 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Police officers have less training towards killing than someone in the military but obviously more than the average person. Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't most swat members police office...
THREAD War & Terrorism900 years of the West against Islam
24 Posts • 5255 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Yes, I do trust my country and leaders to believe they are able to "liberate" another country. We have shown that we are not imperialist. We do not want Iraq as a territory. As far as first...
THREAD Word GamesA fun game to play
584 Posts • 76179 Views
Jokes & Games
sits next to me in economy class.
THREAD EconomyThe failure of the world econnomy
3 Posts • 1528 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
It is my opinion that the world economy is nothing more than a house of cards. In the past a country's currency was backed with precious metals. Today all country"s print money at will wit...
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