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Tagged > Craving
THREAD Emergency advice on relationship
7 Posts • 2827 Views
Talk Talk
If he brings it up in conversation, take a deep breath and let it flow. If he brings home devices, enjoy. If he doesn nothing, get him pair of handcuffs and some silk scarves. My wife bought me some...
THREAD Weird ThingsFood. Weird Food
40 Posts • 11398 Views
Talk Talk
i have a mad craving for caviar now, i like it with crackers tho.
THREAD Godreincarnation
28 Posts • 12331 Views
Philosophy Forum
Hmm, I wrote an essay about this a short while ago. Anyhoo, Buddha says: 1. Ignorance is the condition for mental formation. 2. Mental formation is the condition for consciousness. 3. Conscio...
THREAD About You / IntroductionsTell a random fact about yourself.
663 Posts • 129157 Views
Talk Talk
Random fact- I am completely socially inept, i am terribly recluisive and hate when the damn phone rings! I am having a sudden craving for watermelon- and i still cant beleive I've never...
THREAD Rehab & Addictionbeating addiction
13 Posts • 2895 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
Good for you Erik. Just making that decision is hard enough in itself, be strong and I'm sure you can do it. I hope you have some help from family and friends because its not easy to do it alone....
THREAD RecipesFudge
6 Posts • 2193 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
Last night I think I dreamt of someone waving chocolate fudge infront of me - for no reason I just felt like eating chocolate burfee (an indian fudge) and this picture of fudge from my dream entered m...
THREAD Patience in school/college
6 Posts • 2158 Views
Talk Talk
"I need patient-NOW!" Classes and research papers are dragging me down to the pit of depression and insanity. How I can remain patient and not lose my sanity on the way? I'm taking a...
THREAD Wisdom Teeth
4 Posts • 3648 Views
Talk Talk
i had all four of my wisdom teeth removed about fifteen hours ago. they put me on vicoden pills and i feel pretty good. ice packs are my new best friend at the moment. unfortunately i have a bad cravi...
THREAD About You / IntroductionsU can get back your lover...
6 Posts • 3095 Views
Talk Talk
How i wish you could really see or understand what i went through and how he has made my life so miserable without any sense of appreciation each time i do my best to help him or make him comfortable...
THREAD The light bulb is on finally
5 Posts • 1831 Views
Talk Talk
*roll* All of that sounds like an old Adolf Hitler speech. I say the USA is ruined by prolonged peace. We want war, we are craving hostility, we are a violent people locked away in a never endin...
THREAD Weird ThingsFood Porn
6 Posts • 16173 Views
Talk Talk
What is food porn? It's food eye candy. Pictures of usually unhealthy, high calorie, fat filled food that makes you drool and and wish that you'd never seen it. Food porn is food imagery...
THREAD PedophiliaPaedophilia
189 Posts • 58089 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
Do you feel it would be bad for you to be able to have sex with a child? In other words, do you think that despite your own craving children are capable of being sexual with you? Well.... children...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsSkepticism, Fear, and Anger
24 Posts • 6192 Views
Psychology Forum
Maybe this is the wrong forum for this but I couldn't find a more compatible section, so here goes: I feel like that for so long, and all the time, I'm being skeptic. People tell me a story...
THREAD DrugsDo you smoke?
47 Posts • 12972 Views
Psychology Forum
I started smoking at about 15 with other kids my age because we thought it was cool or made us look older like the kids older than us who did it for the same stupid reasons. I didn't like the tas...
THREAD Instilled Assurance
2 Posts • 2496 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Tell me what you think, I'll let you figure this one out for yourselves. Illogical thinking left unnoticed Only here to help satisfy My craving for the random holiness Sought for my own g...
THREAD God in ReligionProve the existence of god
52 Posts • 9763 Views
Religion Forum
In actual fact this is scientific fact so it is not ridiculous. Addiction can be as well as the compulsive use of psychoactive drugs, compulsive behaviours and is an example of motivations abnormally...
THREAD Poetryundone
10 Posts • 2922 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
i actually wrote that one a long time ago during my days as a depressed adolescent. i don't have as much fuel for the fire as i used to, but winter usually leaves me in a mild state of nostolgia...
THREAD BooksNovels - what are some good novels?
5 Posts • 4292 Views
Talk Talk
It might be helpful if you listed a few novels that you have already read, the likes of which is in keeping with the kinds of plots you are most interested in. Let us know what it was you liked about...
THREAD Creative MusingsIt was better left in the dark.
35 Posts • 7325 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Wait. I was walking home today, i was thinking about how much i was craving chinese noodles, and about his so called clumsy hands when i realised what i had done, i had stepped on a yellow flower,...
THREAD GovernmentGaaaahhhhh!
13 Posts • 3690 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I was listening to a radio show with a name I will not mention for certain reasons, but this is the conversation. The woman is a proclaimed liberal while the man is a proclaimed conservative. Her-I...
THREAD Atheism & AgnosticismFeelings of Guilt After Religious Disaffiliation (leaving a religion)
3 Posts • 11514 Views
Religion Forum
Are you someone who was indoctrinated as a child into a religious group and then as an adult realized that you didn't actually believe what was taught to you, so you stopped believing in/followin...
THREAD SpiritualityOn Awareness-Proactivty and Unconsciousness-Ego-Reactivity
2 Posts • 2187 Views
Religion Forum
Hi all, I am Ajay. My humble pranams and well-wishes to all of you here. :) Quoted above are a list of teachings of various masters which I compiled myself for a better understanding and co...
THREAD Gender PsychologyFat girl, tight clothes.
66 Posts • 66604 Views
Psychology Forum
The "complaint" itself is a rather shallow one; although many posters, fledgling philoshopers or not, are inherently shallow (as I believe every individual in the human race is attracted ((o...
THREAD Religion & HumanitySeeking Enlightenment
4 Posts • 1872 Views
Religion Forum
Follows is my opinions, no one should take them as insulting, please. In my views, human kind (generally speaking of course) has a base need, a requirement for a higher power. When we are born and...
THREAD StoriesChronicles from the Gutter.
22 Posts • 6802 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Dig some more, I saw his fingers pointing at her telling her to come closer. The snakes are out of poison he said as he slipped his hands under her green cotton skirt. That old fairy tail stopped rep...
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