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Tagged > What is emotional freedom technique
THREAD LawSame Sex Marriage Should Be Legalized Worldwide!
59 Posts • 21556 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Its about freedom of religion. If a gay or lesb ian couple wishes to marry and a priest, preacher or minister is willing to marry them, then so be it. In the name of freedom. I truly believe that m...
THREAD War & TerrorismAmerican warmongers
72 Posts • 23231 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Okay, One thing I've noticed alot is the word "Freedom" being thrown around. First off We don't know what Freedom is, Because we have had it for so long yet we still complain about...
THREAD GovernmentThe Anti-Bush Thread
0 Posts • 38348 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I think Dumbteen hit the nail squarely on the head... GW gets nervous when speaking publicly. He is self-conscious that he goes blank... he often freezes like deer caught in headlights. He is defi...
THREAD BiologyCloning
93 Posts • 24533 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Sounds cool oatmaster. Hopefully they'll be able to apply this technique to humans as it doesn't have the supposed "morality problems" that cloning-stem-cell research has.
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsEmotional Training Through Singing
1 Posts • 2323 Views
Psychology Forum
I take a breath and pull the air in 'til there's nothing left I'm feeling green like teenage lovers between the sheets Ba ba ba ba ... Knuckles clenched to white as the landing gear r...
THREAD ChristianityFreedom First: Separation of Church and State
2 Posts • 2454 Views
Religion Forum
Excerpt: The founders of our nation believed that all Americans should have the right to worship according to their own beliefs, or not to worship at all. So strong was their commitment to religious f...
THREAD Emotions & Feelingsare emotions what define human beings?
42 Posts • 25889 Views
Psychology Forum
it has been said that there are two types of pain, according to the abc emotional disturbance theory, there is physcial pain and emotional pain, physical pain comes from an exterior force like getting...
25 Posts • 8995 Views
Philosophy Forum
So happiness equals pain? Not for me. Happiness is with no pain at all. Maybe it is a process to feel pain once to learn and be happy. I know a good way to stay happy in my life. Pain isn't reall...
THREAD IslamDefending Muhammed
62 Posts • 15284 Views
Religion Forum
where there is no freedom there is no truth. I'll defend freedom anyday - because in it you will find truth.
THREAD Immortal Technique
13 Posts • 7800 Views
Talk Talk
so rap music has been a barren wasteland for a while now. sure there is some stuff with good messages, but the mainstream stuff is all about bitches and money. well, here is something a little differe...
THREAD Freedom
6 Posts • 3117 Views
Talk Talk
If you could control someone else destiny, would you? That sounds vague: If you could control whether someone gets to keep their freedom, versus a public record open to the public, what would you d...
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & BrainMind Clear, Attention and Continuance Exercise…
1 Posts • 2295 Views
Psychology Forum
There is a technique I came up with, which is really an adaptation of other techniques I have been shown in the past, or just learnt naturally… The first technique is that of clearing the min...
THREAD Gender PsychologyWhy I hate women
32 Posts • 82022 Views
Psychology Forum
I think society places little value on "emotional females". A woman who expresses herself more like a man, intellectually and without much emotion, is valued more for her comments than a wom...
THREAD Freinds With Benefits, I Think Not
16 Posts • 6268 Views
Talk Talk
Friends with benefits: two persons who have a sexual relationship without monogamy, commitment or emotional involvement. For example two good friends who have casual sex between more serious relations...
THREAD GovernmentOccupy Wall Street
33 Posts • 8137 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
i am putting the blame on the system, which in the first place caused the criminals. if the idiots that created that stupid country of yours didn't use capitalism criminals would almost not exist...
THREAD Religion & HumanityRant
20 Posts • 6743 Views
Religion Forum
Freedom's are always taken for granted.... When someone has their freedom, they don't know the history of it. Example is obvious..if we did not have religion..and we had no moral eth...
THREAD How far will you go for love?
22 Posts • 5397 Views
Talk Talk
No that's not what I am saying at all and I think you have certainly misunderstood me. you can never give or recieve too much love, my issue is with the power love can have over yourself as an in...
THREAD Language/Subject Manner
38 Posts • 13274 Views
Philosophy Forum
We want people to adapt and become more understanding. But we do not achieve this goal by telling people it should be done and then not acting on it. "Do as I say and not as I do" is an incr...
THREAD Natural Cures & Alternative MedicineHow to do meditation at home?
5 Posts • 6892 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
Yea it is so easy and useful mate, first of all have healthy diet. Set your fitness goals and manage your time. Yoga is amazing technique for relieving stress. Yoga poses are good exercise and can hel...
THREAD Life & DeathAre We Ever Free
20 Posts • 8502 Views
Philosophy Forum
we are limited by our own conception of boundaries. i don't walk in my neighbor's yard because i have a block in my mind that tells me that i can't go there without his permission. i do...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsWhy Are You Angry
25 Posts • 6350 Views
Psychology Forum
i dont think any of us has said we get angry at superficial and shallow people. in fact, i feel sorry for people like that. i dont normally let my anger get to me. i am a generally happy person, m...
5 Posts • 3282 Views
Philosophy Forum
THEORY....inorganic=mental / emotional; organic = physical, atomic.... which came first? The chicken or the egg? answer: The chicken originated as a thought-form. Through repeated cycllic sequencing o...
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionWhat is Love?
11 Posts • 7016 Views
Philosophy Forum
What is love? Pretty much a bunch of chemicals and such in your brain Is it just a meaningless game? No, its not Or is it one emotional and vital part of your life? Emotional? Yes. But its not...
THREAD Gay Bishop??
57 Posts • 15111 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
"I will never convince you because you do not believe" Aside from a whole sling of scientific theories I believe in freedom, equality and merit. I will let people do as they please (unless...
THREAD SocietyBody scanners
56 Posts • 32840 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I never said that their goal was to take my freedom, any child knows its to take my money, my freedom being lost is just collateral damage and I wont take it anymore. That is why mutnuaq told you if y...
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