The function of words, then, is to be sensible marks of ideas. - John Locke
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Tagged > Privacy
THREAD TechnologyProtecting your Privacy with Plus Guard!
1 Posts • 2561 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Paranoid or worried that someone might be tapping your privacy with secret recording devices and hidden cameras? Well worry no more, now there's a way of sussing out unwanted devices all in the p...
THREAD Changes to the 'Online' Page
1 Posts • 2690 Views
Administrative Contact
Many of you are familiar with our 'Online' link where you can see who is online and what pages they are visiting. To provide greater privacy to all our registered members, from now on whenever you are...
THREAD Right or wrong....
300 Posts • 48567 Views
Philosophy Forum
"Right" and "wrong" are really just what we as society agree to hold either benefits the most people or hurts the fewest people. It's wrong to kill. It's right to protect...
THREAD ElectionsWhat's going to happan next
12 Posts • 3168 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Picked up this from suspect bin so it is a little old news & may have been stated else where: The Pentagon announced just this summer it has been collecting and using data-including such sensitive...
THREAD Rehab & AddictionAlcohol vs. Marijuana
72 Posts • 103369 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
Pot is the wedge business and government needed to practice voyeurism. Give us your piss so we can peek into what you are doing in the privacy of your life.
THREAD TechnologyDroids: Yes? No?
5 Posts • 3271 Views
Science & Technology Forum
We are just at the beginning of the dissemination of autonomous aerodynamic multifunctional devices (droids). A positive advance or Pandora's box?
THREAD Marriage and time
7 Posts • 2028 Views
Talk Talk
don't get married if you think "if this doesn't work then i can always get a divorce". marriage is supposed to be a lasting commitment. it is also important to note that living wit...
112 Posts • 22183 Views
Talk Talk
People talking at movies bug me to so do dumbasses and there damned cell phones and the retards who insist on brining babies to the theatre that makes me angry at least when they start crying away.......
THREAD GovernmentThe meaning of democracy
65 Posts • 31057 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
If big business wasn't protected as a private citizen, they would be required to inform the public about the waste, ask permission to dump it and possibly pay disposal fees. But as a citizen t...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsInteracting with a strangers life to make you feel better.
6 Posts • 1684 Views
Psychology Forum
Nothing pisses me off more than realizing that I know something I have no interest in. The media rapes my mind constantly. I suppose I should quit watching television and avoid major internet websites...
THREAD Rehab & Addictionshould marijuana be ligalized?
15 Posts • 4725 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
I believe it should be legalized. Nearly half of the country has used said herb and/or is using said herb. The very fact that there are, what, sixteen states that have semi-legalized it alone leads on...
THREAD FuturologyWhat do you think the Future will be like?
43 Posts • 14090 Views
Science & Technology Forum
I believe that the future definetly lies with the merger of man and machine. But i believe that there will probably be 2 types of humans, those that rely solely on technology and will become very obes...
THREAD Kerry - Swiftboats and the presidency - oh my
1 Posts • 2042 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum read.php3/thrdid=23431-u-page= 0#23431 http://www.captainc 054-u-page=0#27054 I donated to Kerry's presidential campain, I fought a...
THREAD Mental IllnessBorderline Personality Disorder Advice
10 Posts • 2481 Views
Psychology Forum
Decius, I do feel trapped in many different aspects. I am trapped at my residence because I live in a house with two door, no privacy. I'm trapped at work where my bosses are all...
THREAD Sex & Lawsex age
27 Posts • 14037 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
Sex ed for girls starts in 4th grade (because, periods, duh). Then they have it boys and girls together in 7th and 8th, and again when you take health class in high school, and I don't know aft...
THREAD Society & SociologyMy American nightmare
34 Posts • 70390 Views
Psychology Forum
I personally cannot attest to this persons story, what I can say is I've heard near identical accounts. But an important point is that the isotope money is the only thing I hadn't heard o...
THREAD Perfect Polygraph?
3 Posts • 1378 Views
Philosophy Forum
This may be a bit of a weird concept, and some may consider a bit of a obstruction of privacy, but here goes... With all the expense of crime, the effects of legal drugs, the victims and their pers...
THREAD Divorce
12 Posts • 4102 Views
Talk Talk
Other than catching the person red handed that is cheating there is another way besides video taping to catch them. It costs but it works and there's no way of disproving it. Could have the perso...
THREAD Privacy Policy
1 Posts • 15026 Views
Captain Cynic Guides
RIGHT TO CHANGE POLICY As CAPTAIN CYNIC is constantly innovating and enhancing the products and services it provides to its users, this Privacy Statement will also continue to change to match the pr...
THREAD Habits & Behaviorcan't cry anymore
12 Posts • 31336 Views
Psychology Forum
A month ago things were really going bad for me, and i kind of forced myself not to cry.. because even though i know it isnt a sign of weakness i still feel weak if i cry..yes yes..that contradicts......
THREAD Internet Safety- Exaggerated or Underrated?
10 Posts • 6604 Views
Philosophy Forum
I think alot of people dismiss this fear.. I know i do, i met up with someone online a few weeks ago and my friends thought i was insane.. oo it may be a looney rapist, yeah it may have been, but it w...
THREAD Homosexualityborn gay
182 Posts • 36959 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
Do you think Homosexuals would freely "choose" to come out in light of how difficult a life a Homosexual lives ? I dont think its a decision -- I dont think there is a choice for a true Homo...
THREAD GovernmentPlans for George W. Bush Presidential Library
29 Posts • 7480 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
>>>Listen, Arnold Schwarzenegger (sp?) is a classical >>>liberal. BWAAA. Oh my gosh. How funny. I like Arnold but he's no classical liberal. Arnold is a moderate republican...
THREAD SocietyWould society be better without money?
92 Posts • 62743 Views
Philosophy Forum
Limited resources and a large populations necessitates money. There is no way to get around it, except... A public database. Let's say everything is free but still limited. What we can d...
THREAD SocietyBody scanners
56 Posts • 30368 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
The technique has a history older than two decades. I experienced it 18 years ago. I posted to reveal a decade ago. Yet ignorant people don't know they have been under the surveillance of the Fed...
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