True love is neither physical, nor romantic. True love is an acceptance of all that is, has been, will be, and will not be. - UNKNOWN
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Privacy Policy

As CAPTAIN CYNIC is constantly innovating and enhancing the products and services it provides to its users, this Privacy Statement will also continue to change to match the products and services we make available.

As such, we reserve the right to change this statement to match the products and services we provide. If we make any material change to this statement, we will change the date at the bottom of this statement to reflect the effective date of the change.

When you visit our site or use our products and services, we encourage you to check the date of this Privacy Statement to ensure you are aware of any updates. However, regardless of how this Privacy Statement may change or evolve over time, CAPTAIN CYNIC will not collect your private and personally identifiable information without your consent.

To use any CAPTAIN CYNIC facilities including chat, web communities and discussion forums, CAPTAIN CYNIC requests that you create a user profile, which contains your required age, sex, birth date and nickname. If you do not choose to create a user profile, you will not be able to enter and use CAPTAIN CYNIC facilities.

CAPTAIN CYNIC gives you the opportunity to create a user profile of yourself. The user profile contains personal information - such as your name, location and interests - that you have volunteered about yourself so that other participants in various areas within CAPTAIN CYNIC can learn something about you.

Submitting any such information as well as creating a user profile is optional and various information that you enter in your user profile will be visible to the public. The information in your CAPTAIN CYNIC user profile is used by the CAPTAIN CYNIC chat, web communities, discussion forums and other areas to enhance your experience while using CAPTAIN CYNIC. Your user profile is available and visible to other CAPTAIN CYNIC visitors using the site.

CAPTAIN CYNIC urges you to be careful only to enter information on your user profile that you are comfortable sharing with the public at large. If you do not feel entirely comfortable with this, we urge you not to submit any personal information, and therefore not sign up. You may change, edit or delete information about yourself from your public profile at any time while online by clicking on "Edit Info", which is available in your "User Center" once you are logged in. You may not delete your account once it is created.

CAPTAIN CYNIC offers an option to subscribe to a periodic newsletter regarding our CAPTAIN CYNIC's activities, promotions, product announcements and news items. In order to un-subscribe to the newsletter, please click on "Edit Info", which is available in the left menu. Once there you will have the option of subscribing or un-subscribing to the periodic newsletters.

Profiles are automatically created when you register with CAPTAIN CYNIC. These profiles serve as portals for interaction between you and other CAPTAIN CYNIC users. Any information you upload, post or share via a profile on CAPTAIN CYNIC will be accessible by every other user in the CAPTAIN CYNIC network as well as casual browsers. Please only submit information you are comfortable sharing.

CAPTAIN CYNIC uses browser cookies to facilitate your experience with our products and services. These cookies are small sections of code that our server sends to your browser which it can then store on your hard drive. These cookies are usually no more than a few characters in length and therefore do not contain much information and do not take up much space.

They enable us to recognize that your browser has previously visited and used our site, products or services and, based on your browser's previous visits, assist us with tailoring the information and content, banners and promotions you view.

These cookies enable us to log you in and let other users know that you are online. An example of the customization allowed by the use of such cookies is to retain your username and password on our site so you don't have to re-enter them each time you visit.

These cookies are used mainly to make your visit to CAPTAIN CYNIC as unique as possible without storing private and recognizable information in an unsafe format. You have to accept these cookies to use any facilities at CAPTAIN CYNIC.

While participating in chats, communities, public forums or other areas, CAPTAIN CYNIC cautions you against giving out personally identifiable information (such as names and addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, credit card numbers, and driver's license numbers) to strangers online, which they may use for illegal or harmful purposes.

Last updated: September 17, 2011

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