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Tagged > Plastic bottles
THREAD Nature & GeographyPlastic Beverage Bottles Used Every 5 Minutes
3 Posts • 3866 Views
Science & Technology Forum
The following images are photographic art created by Photographer/artist Chris Jordan to illustrate how many plastic beverage bottles are used in USA every five minutes. This was created back in 2007....
THREAD Quick question for everybody
6 Posts • 2237 Views
Talk Talk
Odd coincidence, I was just thinking today about this subject from a different perspective. In the thread on 'green worldview's being overtly radical, I started thinking about how much plast...
 45yrs • M
112 Posts • 26131 Views
Talk Talk
Speaking of soda..... Has any one else noticed the down fall of the once great staple known a s LIME CRUSH? Lime Crush is like a devine beverage it is awesome good stuff!. Well any way- in my area...
 40yrs • M
Paper or Plastic?
THREAD Stop Bagging The Whales
1 Posts • 2487 Views
Talk Talk
In 2002, off the coast of France, a beached whale was found to have 800 kilos of plastic bags in its stomach. To keep things like this from happening, my wife takes her plastic bags to the library...
THREAD Random QuestionsStupid things we've done as kids
49 Posts • 14651 Views
Talk Talk
OMG! that is so messed up! lol ok,so one time, i took this plastic easter egg and pulled it apart.then i put it on my lamp's light bulb.about an hour later,the whole house smelled like burn pl...
THREAD New Country
3 Posts • 3292 Views
Talk Talk
A friend and I are thinking about making an island. I read an artical in a time magazine a few years ago about a man who build an island/raft out of soda bottles and lived on it while it floated aroun...
 31yrs • M
Livin plastic people an decapitated bunny s
THREAD Memories
5 Posts • 3527 Views
Talk Talk
This has probably been around before but I found it in my email one day I rate mybe a 2 How many do you remember? Head lights dimmer switches on the floor. Ignition switches on the das...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsDo you believe in the power of objects?
6 Posts • 2856 Views
Philosophy Forum
Things serve in the same way as people. If you obtained them after all, you must care about them. Most of them were destined just for you exclusively. Someone has made it Strangely, but I believe in t...
 49yrs • F
< no additional information provided >
THREAD Learning
9 Posts • 3081 Views
Philosophy Forum
Babies and young children , certainly still at age 5 are still growing. The brain continues to develop into the teenage years, and while the child's brain is still very plastic it is making new n...
THREAD story teller
29 Posts • 6468 Views
Talk Talk
soda companies, because people are free to purchase large quantities of 2-liter bottles in hopes of...
THREAD New Country
3 Posts • 3292 Views
Talk Talk
we are building a modle of it right now, my mom has lake property so we can test it out, we are making the modle out of 2leter soda bottles.
THREAD Society & SociologyPeople
46 Posts • 14729 Views
Psychology Forum
Oh, another thing. I hate those people who decide to place blame on the manufacturer because their grown family member injested 5 bottles of Windex and died from it. Get over it. Just because...
THREAD oxymorons
20 Posts • 6021 Views
Talk Talk
plastic glass uninvited guest
THREAD Recycling
6 Posts • 3502 Views
Talk Talk
you should if u have the change because plastic isnt biodegradable and if their is too much pollution then we wil all die *dead*
THREAD CelebritiesHeidi Montag's Plastic Surgery
1 Posts • 2385 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
This just makes me feel incredibly sad.
THREAD About You / IntroductionsTell a random fact about yourself.
663 Posts • 154125 Views
Talk Talk
I went through a phase of smelling things--books (still do), dirt, plastic bags...anything.
THREAD That time of the month!
19 Posts • 5459 Views
Talk Talk
note the hot part :D hot water bottles ease pain, so anyone having period pains used them instead of taking pain killers. easier to deal with the hormonal irritableness if you aren't getting irri...
THREAD Wacko Jacko
10 Posts • 3942 Views
Jokes & Games
2 similarities between Micheal Jackson and an xbox..... they are both made of plastic and little children turn them on.....*yuck*
THREAD Riddles & PuzzlesBuddhist riddles/interesting philosophies
65 Posts • 40502 Views
Philosophy Forum
I figure a buddist response to the riddle to be something like, "It is unimportant how to get the chicken out, only that the chicken is alive is important." "all people are in bottles w...
124 Posts • 32558 Views
Talk Talk
i was attacked by a psycho when I was 13. I'm now left with brain damage and I'll b on medication for the rest of my life. What makes it easier is knowing that i'm having plastic surger...
THREAD ChemistryCleaning a Bong with chambers
7 Posts • 7849 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Well you didn't state if it is plastic (glass) or ceramic (etc)? vinegar works on the java machine so I think it would also clean residue in your pipe? *clown* sticky fingers:D
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