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Tagged > Humanity
THREAD God in ReligionThe Problem of Evil
202 Posts • 40147 Views
Religion Forum
The theist has had two millenia to analyze these beliefs, yet holds firm to theodicies. It's probably time to rethink one's notion of God and of God's relation to humanity.
141 Posts • 29752 Views
Talk Talk
I'm cynical of the Progress of Humanity. Insanity – believing you've progressed by evolving war to nuclear and biological weapons versus swords and arrows.
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsThe Matrix Is Real
123 Posts • 35639 Views
Philosophy Forum
^^I agree with you in totality.....but is it a matrix? or is it just us falling from our original existence....humanity-the fallen angels of heaven.......hahahahaha....... ain't that some bullshit...
16 Posts • 6218 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Ironwood, thank you for posting this film, it is by far the best of them all. And indeed I wonder for how much longer we will all be able to witness this kind of truth on the Internet… And so...
THREAD God in ReligionIf there's a god, why is there evil?
222 Posts • 55566 Views
Religion Forum
One more thing! Do you think Hitler thought what he was doing was wrong? Through his eyes, he was doing humanity a favour by creating a master race. Who's to say his point of veiw is more correct...
141 Posts • 29752 Views
Talk Talk
I'm cynical of... You self-righteous, egoistic, elitist, racist, discriminating, bigot assholes and your so called insight regarding epistemology. You say idiocracy, I call it humanity.
THREAD War & Terrorism"Terrorism": Does Anyone Really Understa
22 Posts • 7186 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
thought, to take you one further, does it really stop at humanity? Or are we truly only concerned with ourselves and truly are a cancer on this planet? All religious answers are far too convienent, va...
THREAD Religion & HumanityAbortion
76 Posts • 19292 Views
Religion Forum
okcitykid, I love humanity despite all of its weaknesses and darkest moments. I love people and believe, as you do, that we should show kindness to one another and help each stand when we fall. But...
THREAD SocietyMichael Moore
3 Posts • 3148 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
What does the person who wrote it have anything to do with the information in it? And I love the way you compare it to the KKK, only because it was AGAINST moore and not for him. If it was for him you...
THREAD Right or wrong....
300 Posts • 56901 Views
Philosophy Forum
But to say no would mean acting against what may just be the next stage of our humanity. People will fight for right or wrong but who would fight for indifference?
THREAD GovernmentJesus for President?
45 Posts • 9212 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Interesting concept Leftwood. Nowadays Jesus is too associated with Christianity so anyone non-Christian wouldn't be very happy. What about a modern day version that isn't supportive of o...
THREAD ChristianityCatholics vs Christians
158 Posts • 57571 Views
Religion Forum
In a way we perceive jealousy as bad, and when mixed with humanity, it is. Covetous matter of fact. But it is good when it is for the intent to keep us as His. Rather than have us rely on false ho...
THREAD GovernmentThe Anti-Bush Thread
0 Posts • 38348 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Isn't MS in bed with the government? All I can say is, "Thank you Mr. Bush, for providing a plethora of brainless, dim-witted and incongruous material for humanity. Thanks for the WAR, we r...
THREAD One power
34 Posts • 7584 Views
Talk Talk
I don't see how you could be bored being god, I mean you could just create all the interesting TV sitcoms you want and never have reruns. Maybe that's what humanity is, a sitcom. Like eve...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsWhat is existence?
29 Posts • 15053 Views
Philosophy Forum
Actually, i am more intersested in what humanity is capable of achieving during its existance, not so much the existance itself. More or less, i am simply intrugued by your unique veiw. At least, i pe...
THREAD ChristianityGive up sin?
22 Posts • 5540 Views
Religion Forum
"How can sex be a sin? If nobody had sex there'd be no more humanity, that's just stupid." Okay, not a sin but something that would eventually be given up. And what does the con...
THREAD War & TerrorismNo Bravery
0 Posts • 1472 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Is it just a case of ignorance being bliss or do people really believe that the crimes against humanity that have been committed, which we catch a tiny glimpse of through these images, are things that...
THREAD FuturologyIt's time for a revolution
20 Posts • 6748 Views
Philosophy Forum
What is wrong with humanity anyway? I mean, what are you trying to revolt against? --and for the record, as nice as it would be to pick up a woman walking alone at night, if she's doing the be...
THREAD GovernmentThe Anti-Bush Thread
0 Posts • 38348 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
All I can say is, "Thank you Mr. Bush, for providing a plethora of brainless, dim-witted and incongruous material for humanity to explore; for I can envision thy stupidity as an omen for the laug...
THREAD Gender Psychologygirls who dont know how it feels...
7 Posts • 4961 Views
Psychology Forum
Thanks thoughtmanifest! Now I know to modify my statements when using that point. Still, I think we can basically agree that males are meant to be the sexual "predators" in the human race, a...
THREAD Life & DeathThe meaning of life
30 Posts • 8009 Views
Philosophy Forum
My meaning of life is quick: To fully appreciate the dualities this world has to offer in nature and in humanity, and to find a suitable balance between them to succeed in this political world with bo...
THREAD What I'll Never Be
63 Posts • 15598 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Harmless and petite, you might be physically, But everyone's a mental threat to humanity. So I'll quit your presence And leave you miserable Because anything is safer Than me left vulnerable....
THREAD ChristianityChristian Crimes against Humanity
0 Posts • 51326 Views
Religion Forum media/usrphoto_44453-41_full.j pg Like I said, seek why they have such faith. Their methods are no different then secular forms of expression. Do you question them? And...
THREAD ChristianityThe Bible and the End?
7 Posts • 3161 Views
Religion Forum
if you ask this qeustion to a bible thumper they will probably give you an answer that they know will be most comforting and follow it with a giving validicy by say that god works in mysterious ways,...
THREAD Aesthetics & BeautyBeauty
34 Posts • 16723 Views
Philosophy Forum
Beauty to me is whatever is the result of one's labor and passion, be it a painting or a finely wrought ax, there is the same sweat in both. Beauty in humanity, beauty in's all re...
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