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Tagged > Humanity
THREAD Law & GovernmentWhat about stewardship?
4 Posts • 3141 Views
Philosophy Forum
all too many well intentioned ideologies have ended in cults and dictatorships and lets face it - most religions. Anyway thought this poem I wrote was apropriate to this thread... Generation 200...
THREAD What truths would a wise person pursue?
5 Posts • 2732 Views
Philosophy Forum
What truths would a wise person pursue? The book Beyond Alienation by Ernest Becker attempts to clarify the nature of the human problem and to provide a solution for this problem. If humanity is to...
THREAD The Relevance of Age?
11 Posts • 2338 Views
Talk Talk
I like your answer, thanks Decius. (and I really like the age thing precisely for those reasons) I had always imagined that the age thing might be a problem (most probably due to the fact that I w...
THREAD SocietyLargest worldwide protest in history
0 Posts • 2557 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Well, unfortunately not much, it was rediculous how little coverage these protests actually recieved. Especially since they were global. The opinions of humanity, the vatican, the Iraqi's them...
THREAD Sexual PsychologyA backlash against sexual attitudes?
25 Posts • 6631 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
i beleive that it is. there is this movie called eqilibrium. in this movie the society rejects all human emotions witht he help of a drug. certain people reject the rejection and they are killed b...
THREAD ChristianityWhat makes people so angry about the Christian faith?
23 Posts • 18315 Views
Religion Forum
congratulations summit on failing in your previous post to actually read what christianity says before bringing such a heavy damnation of it. guy in the sky watching you 24/7 who has prepared a li...
THREAD War & Terrorism"Terrorism": Does Anyone Really Understa
22 Posts • 7242 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I don't doubt that in all of these terrorist and otherwise named scenarios you're referring to that the people involved truly believe that they are acting for the greater good and therefore...
THREAD Gender PsychologyHIghly dissatsified with sexual stimulus
0 Posts • 3263 Views
Psychology Forum
Ill have to say that if a "bitchy hoe" were to strip necked and rub up against me sure there would be physical stimuli to my organs. But I've done my best to seperate my consciousness f...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyDenial
32 Posts • 11877 Views
Psychology Forum
But the way I see it, that sentence isn't about avoiding responsibility. Yes, everyone is responsible for their actions, but I think it means you can always seek some kind of understanding as to...
THREAD Gender PsychologyWhat Women Seek In Being Fucked By A Man
3 Posts • 15422 Views
Psychology Forum
From birth, women are written off as substandard creatures, they are not seen as being human the way a man is seen and treated as a human. No matter what race or culture they are born in, a woman chil...
THREAD SocietyWould society be better without money?
92 Posts • 66607 Views
Philosophy Forum
No. We would just find another worthless object to obsess over, and lay the blame on, for our useless greed, and comparison. Money is just a weed. You pull it up, and another one arrives shortly....
THREAD God in ReligionWhy are people indulged in killing each other in the name of God?
4 Posts • 2593 Views
Religion Forum
I do believe that all religions are essentially one in the same. But what I think happened is that during the journey of spreading the word of God, each person took it how they liked, and told a sligh...
THREAD God in Religionlife, Gods doing?
8 Posts • 2792 Views
Religion Forum
I recently come across an article on Freud which comes very close to some of the theories/ conclusions Ive had myself, about the origins of religion. (I have included some of it below.) To me, in a...
THREAD GodQuestioning God's Existence
98 Posts • 23757 Views
Philosophy Forum
Humanity as a whole can exsist without faith. we would just find another means of defintion for our lives. I however, do believe in god, henceforth in the ability of using faith and belief as a guide....
THREAD ChristianityHow the Catholic Church evolved.
40 Posts • 17759 Views
Religion Forum
Hi! I'm pretty sure the movie you saw was The Name of the Rose, a murder mystery starring Sean Connery and Christian Slater. The Catholic Church evolved out of Messianic Judaism and Neoplatois...
THREAD War & TerrorismThe Plight of the Iraqis
1 Posts • 1802 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I have been in contact with They are an organization created to help the Iraqis. I found them by accident when I was cleaning off dead links from my political blog. My sect...
THREAD Society & SociologyExcerp: Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment
34 Posts • 12454 Views
Psychology Forum
Whatever. It's ridiculous to propose some suicidal destroy-all-humanity proposition to save the planet. That kind of destructive mentality already signals the death of hope of any kind of progres...
THREAD BiologyBreed Humans?
26 Posts • 14966 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Human society is much more complex than a herd or a pack. A foal or a cub has only to learn how to forage or hunt and basic survival skills. A human has much more to learn. Humans are many times over...
THREAD HomosexualityWhy Condone Fruitless Deviant Behavior?
94 Posts • 26374 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
..but homosexuality is fruitless to heterosexuals. As heterosexuality is "not" fruitless to homos..because heterosexuality benefits and permits humanity. More than one of us have stated w...
THREAD Christianitywhat's the logic in x dying for our sins?
128 Posts • 25670 Views
Religion Forum
Wow.. What I said: You cannot prove that God doesn't say these things. Of course your statement COULD be true, BUT so could mine. What you said: Sure I can. Then do it. But who says...
THREAD Atheism & AgnosticismThe last leg for Atheism
185 Posts • 39015 Views
Religion Forum
Why if ther is no God do we feel the need to protect society. If in the end all of society will not remeber. In fact in the end there will not even be a society. Why do we waste time protecting a soci...
THREAD ChristianityHow the Catholic Church evolved.
40 Posts • 17759 Views
Religion Forum
[Did find something interesting the arian movement thought Jesus was the highest angelic being, not GOD?] I wrote about this to all of you before. If you're interested in the conflict, there i...
THREAD God in ReligionGod's Will
128 Posts • 28920 Views
Religion Forum
"and especially Americans to feel some humanitarianism towards humans in general, and make it their personal responsibility to aid those that suffer." Ha, we could probably feed and house...
THREAD Religion & HumanityPoints on Religion
75 Posts • 15253 Views
Religion Forum
THREAD Religion & HumanityWhy can we do wrong
23 Posts • 6143 Views
Religion Forum
nomeaning, What is "wrong"? What is "right"? What religion is right and which is wrong? According to most religions every other religion is wrong. So, which is right if there is b...
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