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What Women Seek In Being Fucked By A Man

User Thread
 42yrs • F •
What Women Seek In Being Fucked By A Man
From birth, women are written off as substandard creatures, they are not seen as being human the way a man is seen and treated as a human. No matter what race or culture they are born in, a woman child is received and reflected back to her as something other than what an actual person, a human being, is. She is not a human, she is a 'she', she defined by the genitals between her legs. She is immediately received, perceived and from then on treated as something inherently not as valuable as a man.

This treatment creates in the female human, a deep dissension from who and what she is - a human. She grows in a world that values men as humans and women as something other. Whatever she is, she is not a human. She is not treated with the base humanity that every human being should be treated with - to be seen, known and have the freedom of mind to know that what you are is a human being.

So what is created from this when it comes to intimacy and sex:

Women believe that men are real humans and they themselves are not worthy for human status, hence they are not humans in their minds. Women want to be 'fucked' by a man who they perceive as being the epitome of an established human, for an established human is a smart human. They want to be fucked by a smart human for if a smart human fucks them, it elevates them, for why would a smart human fuck a piece of shit, as she perceives herself to be. If she can find her way to the bed of a smart human, then she feels she has somehow become a worthy thing. I will not say that she thinks she has become a human, for this whole procedure is a vice, and it is most likely that only oneself can convince ones own psyche, that they are human. In fact, believing that she is a human as a result of being told by another person, and namely a male person, could reinforce the notion that she needs to be told what she is - which is part of what began her mental demise.

But what I wanted to illustrate was that she does not actually want to be fucked by that 'real man' that she feels attracted to. What she is attracted to, which is not really an attraction, but rather a hunger, is the possibility of redemption. When he fucks her, and she is consenting to it, what she is really seeking is that redemption as a human. Being attracted to the guy may also be there, if her innate self is actually attracted to that male person. However, in most cases this is not likely. So yeah, she wants to be fucked by whoever that 'real guy' is, but that male person himself, what makes him unique, his thoughts, his genuine personality, him as an actual person and the boy that he is, she is not connected to that.

Which is why no matter how much he fucks her, and other hot women just like her or far hotter than her, he is never satisfied, he will always feel like he hasn't really been accepted by a female counterpart. Even though she may get naked and suck his dick and let him fuck her in every which way, he is never actually being seen by her.

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"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
 38yrs • M
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Nothing like spending an hour on a post only to have it disappear forever because you get logged out and this forum magically loses what you just wrote when asked to log back in after you press reply....

This treatment creates in the female human, a deep dissension from who and what she is - a human. She grows in a world that values men as humans and women as something other. Whatever she is, she is not a human. She is not treated with the base humanity that every human being should be treated with - to be seen, known and have the freedom of mind to know that what you are is a human being.

They could write volumes on how this train of thought may have developed. The ancient Greeks found the male to be the more beautiful sex and I think this tradition definitely continues today despite the fact that men are possessed by women.

Men today are possessed by sex, or possessed by the feminine principle. They search constantly for a place to "rest"... always looking towards women for warmth and comfort. In much the same way that women refuse to look inward toward self-realization(although for different reasons) men also are too weak(different kind of weakness) to look inward. Men should be able to stand alone, strong, and independent without the constant reassurance or warmth of a women. They should be "secure" in their own power as men. Women are placed into the role of comforter, a warm bed or resting place for male energy. Women might become spiteful for being in this role, revenging herself on man with emotional manipulation, withholding sex( the warm bed), or playing coy ( a reflection of her own ambivalence regarding her role ). So maybe because of man's INsecurity, women become insecure in her role as well. Both parties hopelessly lash out at one another, try to suck the life from each other, try "use" each other to find security The problem is a misunderstanding regarding the actual attraction and the energies at play, and how both man and woman use sex in unhealthy ways to try to achieve fulfillment.

Going back to the subject of beauty and the humanness of woman... Man has always been able to become something "beautiful" without woman and sex... someone that stands alone, the artist/philosopher/spiritual type, he becomes monolithic and, even without sex, still is capable of spreading tremendous influence and power, a testament, in fact, to his sexual prowess as a man. When a women stands alone, she is never perceived as capable of the same heights as man...Not even female nuns/monks or female artists are held to the same esteem as their male counterparts... Typically, her most powerful role would be to influence a powerful man as his wife or sexual partner. So it's in the actual act of sex that she finds her power, or so the stereotype goes... and this is also what I think many men intuitively think... the way that men truly have little respect for women in positions of authority.... So even though man today is consumed by his sexual desire, becomes a dog to women and her emotions... he never truly accepts her "authority" as a women... and women hopelessly look to be commanded by someone that misunderstands her power to begin with.

Now, there may, in fact, be some truth to the differences in the potential for beauty that may subconsciously produce friction between the sexes. It may very well be biologically based, men having so much more testosterone that may help them organize themselves and elevate themselves spiritually with more ease than women... Looking at the actual act of sex, women appear to be completely insatiable, capable of a ridiculous amount of orgasms in any given amount of time compared to even the healthiest, fittest male... making the male believe the women to be unsatisfiable, possibly forming contempt for her as a woman, for her sex. The man might "cherish" his sexual energy more, it being more volcanic in nature...Sex for a man might may lead to a loss of tension that channeled sexual brings. When a woman has sex with a man, she in some way evens the playing fields, brings man back down from his manly heights into the sphere of woman.... Yet, depsite the potentional for a loss of tension, sex can also be a transcendent experience and can truly strengthen the connection between a man and woman, bringing the man not only closer to the physical women but the internal women giving him an even a greater connection to that feminine principle that gives him energy and inspiration..... But, if both parties use sex to try to find "security", they ironically produce only antipathy and aggression towards one another... A man will feel some un-sourcable feeling of shame(for the loss of tension) and either a loss of pride or a false sense of pride for bedding yet another girl (without anything to gain of course).... A women only reinforces her helpless role as a warm creature to be used as a resting stop, never achieving independence, for even if she chose not to have sex, society would never respect her independent achievement to same level as the independent man....

Sex itself is an example of an act that produces either an extreme state of debasement or transcendence, and, in fact, the "best sex" is sex where a man is able to almost humiliate/degrade a women( with her best interests always at heart however, as opposed to a more fetishistic humiliation) and then raise or elevate her back into the clarity of their union... it's a movement from the chaotic to the clear... A man "possessed" by a women is incapable, lacks the subtly to organize that chaotic energy into something higher... either into art or simply building a more refined connection with a woman... he is always resting/ at the whim of the chaotic energy.

I want to clarify that because women are insatiable, that they are this endless well of sexual energy, that man is capable of doing all those manly things like art/philosophy/etc... because at the bottom he is intoxicated/inspired by a creature that is infinite in its ability to seduce us and conjure up man's sexual "might" again and again... It's just that when man is ALWAYS divesting this sexual might/energy back into women instead of channeling it to some degree in something of his own, in building himself,... he starts to get a jaded view of women and women start to get a jaded picture of man because he is not SECURE in the energy that SHE GIVES HIM.

So where is women's "authority" then? Is it just as a creature that inspires men to be beautiful? Is the most women can hope for is to be the muse for a more beautiful man, to live vicariously through his beauty and respectability? Even if a man acknowledges that his beauty IS her beauty as well, that they are so intimately tied together that credit is not all his to have... even then, does women still feel inadequate for not being able to produce the same level beauty as a man?

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 56yrs • F •
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I enjoy your writing, Dawn. I don't feel the urge to respond in an intellectual way .. just wanted to tell you that your words made me think.

They want to be fucked by a smart human for if a smart human fucks them, it elevates them, for why would a smart human fuck a piece of shit, as she perceives herself to be.

Funny, I tend to want to be fucked by pieces of shit. The smart ones don't generally turn me on. I know I'm smart, but I feel inadequate in many other ways. I think being fucked, for me, is simply an escape from the emotional pain I struggle with. I don't generally feel redeemed or more human afterwards, at least not once the initial sex haze has abated. I usually just feel like a piece of shit, wishing I could connect with a smart human who actually cares about me.

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What Women Seek In Being Fucked By A Man
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