I can't think that it would be terrible of me to say - and it is occasionally true - that I need physics more than friends - J. Robert Oppenheimer.
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Tagged > Sadness
THREAD spiders
42 Posts • 8237 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
come inside and witness the path of life. witness the happiness and witness the sadness. broken like and animal you will obey. do you think you can break free of the webs slung over you? after al...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsRelease
4 Posts • 1845 Views
Psychology Forum
I"m not sure wyote, i don't think its guilt err i wake up every morning and feel sad because i feel at home with that feeling. I've felt like this for a couple years like when i'm...
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionEmotions
17 Posts • 5382 Views
Philosophy Forum
Hey all, first I would like to say that this is my first time actually looking at this kind of stuff online, I have a friend, who's brother is buddhist, and I find it VERY interesting to listen t...
2 Posts • 2201 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
A MESS OF HEART-BREAK by Robert Davidson Her passing took his last spark of life Left him bereft with only his grief to bear The last bit of his heart's dream was taken - A love por...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyDenial
32 Posts • 9423 Views
Psychology Forum
Awakend, I do not believe that having a lover is the answer to how I should deal with feeling unloved by my parents. I think that before I can accept love and reciprocate love in a healthy manner,...
THREAD Perceptionemotional perception
5 Posts • 2034 Views
Psychology Forum
Well, we know on a scientific level that "happy" and "sad" release different chemicals and cause us to behave different ways. This tells us that each emotion - while perhaps having...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsSimple Human Emotions
4 Posts • 2030 Views
Psychology Forum
So i was watching a discovery channel special on sex and it said that people like people who are fit because that shows that they are fertile so that got me thinking, if attraction is simply a functio...
THREAD My Life SUCKS.......
15 Posts • 8038 Views
Talk Talk
Thank you so much for your response Decius. :) I'm pregnant. :( I'm keeping the baby. :( It's Joey's of course. (in case you all are wondering.... I haven't been...
THREAD a new code processor
11 Posts • 2019 Views
Philosophy Forum
While I was reading these posts I thought it was kind of funny that you are already using the necessary code and processor to achieve exactly what you are talking about. The code is language and the p...
THREAD Poetry*Smiles with in Solitude*
202 Posts • 38632 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
The life has left my eyes. the light is gone, as I stare into my reflection only to notice the glimmer is lost. Black coal surrounded by red veins of frustration, no hope, no life. Marks, which...
THREAD If You Forgive Yourself - Are You Forgiven?
12 Posts • 2803 Views
Philosophy Forum
heh, i almost made this thread myself but you beat me to it :) lets take away the word "sin" for a moment, as its probably only going to spark pointless religious banter somewhere down t...
THREAD Life & Deathwhat is your theory on life?
270 Posts • 41957 Views
Philosophy Forum
Ekiump, If what you say about perception is right than the human ablitity to judge things (percieve) is drastically reduced. When I see an actoer cry on film I become sad. Despite what he is crying...
THREAD Emotions & Feelingsindifferent
1 Posts • 1165 Views
Psychology Forum
So lately, as my title implies, i've been very indifferent. I don't know why, but for whatever reason I just feel kind of numb. Some crazy things have happened recently and the only thing th...
THREAD Life & DeathWhat happens after death?
107 Posts • 83063 Views
Philosophy Forum
My views on death. I have a few. 1. Some believe, you rot in the ground. Rot and are eaten by worms and flowers grow from you and nurish the earth. 2. (Though, I really, really, really doubt this theo...
THREAD SpiritualityThe Logical VS The Faithful
0 Posts • 10410 Views
Religion Forum
ok so the logical are depressed and the faithful are happy? no no, many "logical" people find great happiness in life as do many "faithful" people have great sadness. its more a ma...
THREAD winter frost
1 Posts • 2653 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
my sadness grew too strong can't control it anymore feel like i don't belong another day i'll not endure this empty life's a waste shattered dreams all is lost hold a gun aga...
THREAD The Smashing Pumpkins
5 Posts • 1610 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
1.Perfect I know we're just like old friends We just can't pretend That lovers make amends We are reasons so unreal We can't help but feel that something has been lost But...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsSkepticism, Fear, and Anger
24 Posts • 6007 Views
Psychology Forum
Oh yeah- you're a strange one. :D OK, not really. Actually I am the same way. The way I deal (or try to deal) with the emotions/ thoughts I want to explore and hopefully change is I ask my...
THREAD DepressionDefine Depression
0 Posts • 244 Views
Psychology Forum
a lack of access to who I am I think this is the most important thing you said. People amidst depression have feelings of loss. Loss of a love, family, business, or what have you. These thing tha...
THREAD ChristianityIs God in your church
18 Posts • 3723 Views
Religion Forum
However, if a Christian does it because he fears going to hell, it is not freedom. He/she is not acting with personal choice. This is because the fear of going to hell does not give you the choice to...
THREAD RelationshipsHow can someone make you so depressed?
3 Posts • 7055 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
Hello everyone. This is my first post on here so here goes. Over the past six months my ex girlfriend and I have essentially been broken up. She was my first love and the break up was incredibly u...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsI Hate Cheating
12 Posts • 6419 Views
Psychology Forum
Lately at my high school I have noticed guys/girls cheating on each other. And really, among people my age, this is actually starting to be considered normal and not such a big deal. BULL SHIT. To me,...
THREAD ChristianityWhat is heaven like?
7 Posts • 2785 Views
Religion Forum
I would have to say when it comes to religion, Im agnostic. I feel I can almost sense some type of higher power and really would like to believe there is a reason for my being here. But unless there i...
THREAD PoetrySweet Love (Poem)
1 Posts • 1811 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Sweet Love by Dapharoah69 You rocked me to sleep! When all I asked for was a little bit of company. You kissed away my tears. When all I asked for was some time: time to get over you....
THREAD Society & SociologyValid Complaints
3 Posts • 1493 Views
Psychology Forum
I don't feel that complaining is ever stupid. I don't really see how it could be anything but valid. If you think about what complaining is you'll find that at the root of it all, its n...
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