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Tagged > Sadness
THREAD ChristianityHands up if you're a Christian
54 Posts • 9331 Views
Religion Forum
I am a Christian thanks to God's grace. And I think yinluan summed it up better than I could have! "This is something I've been asking, did Lucifer have free will, free thought and e...
THREAD Issues with Hateā€¦
8 Posts • 2286 Views
Talk Talk
I dislike having to use the word hate as it is a rather ambiguous word. Some people use the word when they talk about a certain flavour of ice-cream. So Ill give an excerpt of the definition of hate s...
THREAD What is a Basic-Level Category?
1 Posts • 1583 Views
Philosophy Forum
What is a Basic-Level Category? Consider the category hierarchies: {furniture--chair-rocker} and {vehicle--car-sedan}. The middle categories--chair and car--have been discovered to be 'basic'-they...
THREAD People hate vegetarians
104 Posts • 26112 Views
Talk Talk
Ok, so we're off and rolling again? great stuff. awakenedwraith: & quot;why not deal with every case seperatly and treat evrybody as if they are different--". Exactly my point, good...
THREAD GovernmentThe meaning of democracy
65 Posts • 30074 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Due to continued awe of this situation and great sadness and dissappointment with your refusal to talk. I have now googled Liberal education. The history that you referenced is mentioned as a genera...
THREAD DepressionDepression
6 Posts • 2552 Views
Psychology Forum
When I get upset about something, no matter what it is, I get upset about everything. It's like every negative thought is a snowball rolling down a mountain. If I'm upset about losing a Star...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsEmotional freedom technique - A Method of Repression, Not Freedom.
5 Posts • 16874 Views
Psychology Forum
Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is a technique developed by alternative medicine practitioners, whereby negative emotions and feelings are supposedly relieved by following certain steps that involve...
THREAD DreamsAn experience of the paranormal?
2 Posts • 1911 Views
Psychology Forum
I was going to post this on the "What probably is = what is fallacy" thread, but I didn't want to take too much away from the focus of the topic because I feel as though I am going off...
THREAD ChristianityCatholics vs Christians
158 Posts • 50716 Views
Religion Forum
Catholicism and Christianity go together as well as oil and water. The Catholic Church attached itself to Chrisitanity when it was founded in roughly 300-325AD. Christianity is not the same as Catholi...
THREAD I am saddened by the situation in the courts
30 Posts • 6028 Views
Talk Talk
Terri Schiavo, is in no pain at this time, and she deserves the right to die. I do not believe that any judge, politician, including our esteemed President, or right to life group has the right to tel...
THREAD SocietyThe Pekka-Eric Auvinen Manifesto
0 Posts • 2282 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Reading about this person and seeing some of his ideas in the clips, I feel very confused. Mainly because there are some things he says that I agree with. I dont go in for all the 'being free' or '...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsAn Emotion Theory
8 Posts • 20756 Views
Psychology Forum
Emotion theory is psychology but this one has a little philosophy in it. Tell us what you think of it! Subject - a cross-utilized unit of a relation Relation - more than one subject combined toget...
THREAD SpiritualityRandom quotes from a friend (long)
10 Posts • 3690 Views
Religion Forum
"The physical form is like an extension of the soul. Think about waves, there are big ones and small ones. Some go on only for a couple feet, some go on for miles, but they all crash eventually....
THREAD How is body and mind one?
4 Posts • 1806 Views
Philosophy Forum
First, there is emotion, then comes feeling, then comes consciousness of feeling. What are the emotions? The primary emotions are happiness, sadness, fear, anger, surprise and disgust. The seconda...
THREAD Sexual PsychologyAsexuality
26 Posts • 5973 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
Everytime I put myself infront of a blank screen to tell the story of what has been, I ask myself what is there to tell, what's there to remember? I hold back each time cause iv'e made an oath that wh...
THREAD Too Early Is Too Late - My First Seven Fortunate Y
4 Posts • 2702 Views
Philosophy Forum
God, thank you for giving us daytime, but more importantly, thank you even more for the essential and powerful nighttime. Who and what is time? Very often God, time and love come to my mind, and I ask...
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