The evolution of sense is, in a sense, the evolution of nonsense. - Vladimir Nabokov
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Tagged > Dye fantasy music video
THREAD Music VideosDyE - Fantasy
2 Posts • 2322 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Randomly came across this video and the animation kinda just dragged me in.
THREAD Movie ReviewWhere the wild things are
1 Posts • 2636 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
For the most part I loved this movie, although they could have left out a lot of the music which to me, made it feel like some kind of music video at times. The only thing I'm really annoyed at i...
THREAD What I listened to today.
44 Posts • 7554 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
I've been listening to Wang Chung over and over for the last few days. This morning was the first time I'd ever watched this video and I quite like it... it reminds me of why I dislike watch...
THREAD What's the movie?
6 Posts • 4345 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
Go to search/video?_adv_prop=video&a mp;va=jem+24&fr=FP-tab-web -t&ei=UTF-8 and click on the first video link named "24 Hours.wmv." It's a music vide...
THREAD Music VideosThe 80's
22 Posts • 4808 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
This thread may mean allot to some, and nothing to others. But to me, its about my childhood. It will go from all I have to contribute, and beyond. But its genesis is from my very first memories of mu...
THREAD Does rap music insight violence amongst young peop
38 Posts • 33056 Views
Talk Talk
In my opinion no, rap nor any other medium provokes violence, if the music tells people to go out and shoot people there is room for examination. I tend to feel that passionate music or media can s...
 23yrs • F
Stories write themselves, authours are the people with the ability to trasfer them into this dimention.
THREAD Society & SociologyThe Internets Rape Of Innocence
17 Posts • 5067 Views
Psychology Forum
i think that its more the use of sex appeal in everything. it bothers me. like in video games. in a video game called "Final Fantasy X-2" the characters in the video game are disigned to...
THREAD Music VideosThe 80's
22 Posts • 4808 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Fantasy was actually pretty big in the 80's here up over, uh, in the states. Lord of the rings was getting a big animated feature, Tom Cruise was in Legend, Conan was huge, Krull was awesome,...
THREAD Music VideosDecius' Music Videos
0 Posts • 1014 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
I must admit you're the first Sikh I've seen who has excellent taste in music. lol Lately I've been really getting into Progressive/Deep House music. There's no actually video...
THREAD Pretty awesome montage by ShookOn3
3 Posts • 3830 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Usually I don't get to hyped up over Halo 2 montages because they usually aren't done that well, but this one is high up there in the best. My only problem with the video is the music, becau...
THREAD Music Suggestions
11 Posts • 2993 Views
Talk Talk
Browes the music video section. Lately Ive been listening to Keane and Motion City Soundtrack and good ol' Greenday. The new All-American Rejects alnum isnt half bad, and Red Hot Chili Pepp...
THREAD techno
2 Posts • 1583 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
One of the sweetest forms of music with lot of really cool music video's too. Post your favorites, I'm interested in if anyone else enjoys it.
THREAD Stereo Total
1 Posts • 1636 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
A very interesting group. Not the right music video for the song, if they even have one, but this is a skate part from a Seattle based skating brand named Manik. So it's all local places in Seatt...
THREAD Rehab & AddictionWhat differentiates the habitual narcotic user and the recreational narcotic user.
7 Posts • 11139 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
Since I did not try smoking weed until i was in my twenties I have plenty of practice "escaping." This site for instance was one of the ways I used to escape my reality. Often times when...
THREAD Does rap music insight violence amongst young peop
38 Posts • 33056 Views
Talk Talk
I somewhat disagree with Leftwoods comment that image has nothing to do with music. The Music Video plays a pivotal role in the forming and shaping of trends in fashion today and it has an influence o...
THREAD Music VideosDouble D's Music Vidya Extravaganza
2 Posts • 1714 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
I like Decius' idea of posting up a music video thread to share. I'll do this, too. I like sharing with people, because I feel I have good taste and want people to know it (truth be told).
THREAD Evanessence
8 Posts • 3107 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
My Immortal Couldn't find a real video for now, so this is to Final Fantasy VII Advent Children.
THREAD Gender PsychologyNew Songs
17 Posts • 5769 Views
Psychology Forum
I think music videos in general suck...Along with the lyrics. Of course pop, rap, country and all that crap are becoming more like porno videos than art, but even the other music genre minorities are...
THREAD About You / IntroductionsIntroductions
0 Posts • 25084 Views
Talk Talk
Hmmm.......this thread was colored a little weird, otherwise i'd have made my first post here. WELL, if you notice, i ramble. Yep. First thing over with. OK, now let's get to the..."...
THREAD Writing AdviceFantasy, writing, publication, creativity and stupidity. UPDATED
7 Posts • 2424 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Hello friends and fiends, it's been a while since my last post, so I hope you have not forgotten me and what I'm all about. Nevertheless, I'm back with a brand spanking new topic I woul...
THREAD Fantasy writing. New
3 Posts • 1715 Views
Philosophy Forum
Alright then. Lately, I have been looking around the blogs of many contemporary fantasy authors and there seems to be a trend in the posting of articles focused towards how one might go about improvin...
THREAD Fantasies
10 Posts • 3658 Views
Philosophy Forum
I think fantasies can be good or bad. Your right of the fact that they can set you up for a fall. Growing up, my fantasy was to meet prince charming, become a princess and live happily ever after. (I...
THREAD Your Authentic Music thread
14 Posts • 2651 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
This thread links an idea (borrowed from Wyote) together with the ‘Write on the Subject of your Authentic Self' thread. Music is perhaps the greatest art and one of the finest ways of expressing...
THREAD ChristianityThe Exodus - decoded
12 Posts • 2462 Views
Religion Forum
Interesting video's Sorceress, thanks for posting these. I have some questions though: 1. The producers seem to be saying ‘because these remarkable stories can be linked to natural phenomena which...
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