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Tagged > Abuse
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyAbusive Mothers
2 Posts • 4387 Views
Psychology Forum
The 'kill mom' thread is pretty extensive and I wanted to read more stories about people with abusive mothers and what forms of abuse they encounter. I came across this yahoo answers page ti...
THREAD I am saddened by the situation in the courts
30 Posts • 6226 Views
Talk Talk
'But read for yourself...and May God bring light to this issue either to save her life...or give her vindication on earth after HER MURDER.' What of those others 'murdered' under the same circumsta...
THREAD Effects of Lawsuit abuse
1 Posts • 1361 Views
Talk Talk
The Texas legal system has been the nation's 'pin up boy', for year, when it comes to lawsuit abuse. The whole system is inflicted with junk lawsuits and lawsuit abuse. These lawsuits have led the doc...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyDenial
32 Posts • 9746 Views
Psychology Forum
You should hate someone who causes extreme distress in your life because it is natural to counter with an extreme dislike. You accept the case that if someone is causing minor distress in your life to...
THREAD GovernmentOccupy Wall Street
33 Posts • 6117 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
i am putting the blame on the system, which in the first place caused the criminals. if the idiots that created that stupid country of yours didn't use capitalism criminals would almost not exist...
THREAD Forgiveness
16 Posts • 5634 Views
Philosophy Forum
Truthfully, I just go and abuse something =O
THREAD GovernmentIdea of the "perfect" government?
42 Posts • 27061 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
*warning, I am typing on a really crappy keyboard, so through out this post I am most likely missing letters such as g,h,v,t,y,r,u,or n, or anything else for that matter. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK, of a h...
THREAD PedophiliaPaedophilia
189 Posts • 57590 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
There is a point, our eyes are all focused by society, so we all see it as wrong. Society, no matter how much we stand out still dictates who we are and how we act. I see no connection with Pot and...
THREAD Gender PsychologyI Hate Women
84 Posts • 28655 Views
Psychology Forum
So you are saying that my fiance doesn't love me? Not know me or her, you are saying that you know she doesnt love me? He said nothing of the sort, if you were to infer any information that ca...
THREAD How to avoid a fight?
13 Posts • 2804 Views
Talk Talk
Can't you file for abuse in the workplace or something along those lines.
THREAD Top Gear: Car getting totalled by airplane engine
0 Posts • 1927 Views
Talk Talk
Poor little green car, that's auto abuse.
THREAD God in ReligionThe Problem of Evil
202 Posts • 33065 Views
Religion Forum
If God does excist. Then the reason he created man is because he needed something to abuse.
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsAnger
10 Posts • 2297 Views
Psychology Forum
I feel that you make a good point about verbal abuse cause anger and often violence. I agree that often it is only the violence that we see but that is because it is much more noticeable. Suppose you...
THREAD Gucci Dior Chanel Armani Sunglasses at ModaShades
6 Posts • 15562 Views
Jokes & Games
Yeah dont abuse the message boards like this.*angry*
THREAD DrugsThe effectrs of drug abuse
4 Posts • 1690 Views
Psychology Forum
The faces of meth*devil*
THREAD Society & SociologyThe mentality of a soldier
0 Posts • 7803 Views
Psychology Forum
You may be right DT, if so all the more reason not to abuse such authority. Be damn sure the cause is worthy before their lives & others are put on the line.
THREAD God in ReligionProve the existence of god
52 Posts • 9706 Views
Religion Forum
It's not just their imagination, its another addiction. You might just be surprised at the parallels between religion and substance abuse.
THREAD Society & SociologyExcerp: Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment
34 Posts • 10504 Views
Psychology Forum
Technology is neither good nor evil in itself, how we use or abuse that makes them negative or positive influence?
THREAD to believe or not to belive
21 Posts • 7097 Views
Philosophy Forum
God's need for death I can handle, its such things as pain and suffering, abuse and truama I can't get my head around.
THREAD PedophiliaPedophilia
27 Posts • 14465 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
.For Attolia If she hasn't long since stopped reading this thread The direction of this thread seems to wonder into many different areas freedom off speech the morality of child abuse and...
THREAD GodWhy did God create the universe
119 Posts • 33576 Views
Philosophy Forum
Nope, I have no defense and attempt none of domestic abuse, but I do maintain that expecting it not to happen is unfortunately less reasonable than preferred. No need for fight or flight? After you...
THREAD Society & SociologyWhat makes a person bad?
35 Posts • 7036 Views
Psychology Forum
I'm sorry if my post was not clear. I don't mean that I think it is bad to help people out who need it. I mean that I think it is bad that soooooooo many people abuse the help. For instance,...
THREAD About You / IntroductionsPeople!! baaah!
11 Posts • 2652 Views
Talk Talk
Hello. I am a first time poster. I'm a 20 year old medical student if that's relevant in any way. Well, honestly I'm not sure what will come of this post, if anyone will respond. But...
THREAD ChristianityA question for a devoted Christian.
235 Posts • 33185 Views
Religion Forum
That is an interesting question. However, i think that you must understand that Jesus has already died for all the sins we will commit. It is an issue that can albiet cause much in the way of abuse.
THREAD War & TerrorismExcerp: Truth of War
124 Posts • 23764 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Guantanamo abuse taped, as 'explosive' as Abu Ghraib http://www.news.com. au/story/0,10117,12613354-2,00 .html
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