With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion. - Steven Weinberg
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Tagged > Neglect
THREAD PoetryPoems
3 Posts • 3269 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Neglect I sit in sullen silence Everything around me But nothing near me Close to my touch Yet isolated Why? Neglect D arkness engulfs me Eyes, Eyes are all around me Piercing, lancing...
THREAD Random QuestionsObservations Thread
48 Posts • 10274 Views
Talk Talk
yes waiting isn't necessarily the way to build virtue or peace.. sometimes it just means waiting... living can be precious.. and still suck wind ;) let's not neglect the down side....
THREAD Religion & HumanityPoints on Religion
75 Posts • 15008 Views
Religion Forum
some people can be really religious and not go to church. Depends on the religion. The Christian church is the people rather than the building and so to not be with the people is to neglect a major...
THREAD Weight LossTips to burn fat
3 Posts • 2526 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
Exercise and other activities help to reduce fat and over weight. Swimming, running, cycling, jogging etc hep to burn fat. Use fruits and vegetables are also reduce weight. Try to use fruits juice...
THREAD A new theory about why world peace won't happen
12 Posts • 3115 Views
Talk Talk
"i think perhaps people do wish to change and better theirselves at first but then they see how their ideas could help others and then start preaching it, or complaining, then just neglect their...
THREAD A new theory about why world peace won't happen
12 Posts • 3115 Views
Talk Talk
I was thinking that if we never tried to change people around us then new morals or thoughst or ideas wouldnt come about, i think perhaps people do wish to change and better theirselves at first but t...
THREAD PoetryThoughts Unchained
40 Posts • 10451 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Frankenstein. Creature of silicon implants collagen lips botoxed wrinkles sculptured eyes plastic nose. And don't neglect liposuction of the weak areas; eradicating the fatty result of a...
THREAD StoriesA Fly
11 Posts • 4177 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
..or lord, i just realized that faith is also one of the reasons we neglect the world we live in, the only truth we know. But what are we without our flies? Unlimited, unbalanced. both faith and...
THREAD Christianityis the bible CONTRADICTORY?
47 Posts • 13752 Views
Religion Forum
virtues don't prove whether Chritianity is a true religion or not. all religions prohibit stealing, Killing,...etc. the bible contains great commandments but it also contains bad and corrupted te...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyHave you ever wanted to kill your mom?
136 Posts • 165438 Views
Psychology Forum
Damn it, lost a huge good post that made feel reel good cause I got logged out. Abridged version Parents using their children as emotional slaves probably has a lot to do with the resentment that wo...
THREAD Issues with Hate…
8 Posts • 2962 Views
Talk Talk
Mmmm, yes I can see where you are coming from, and I think that what you describe is part and parcel, and indeed a necessary pre-requisite for the following: Acquiescence: (Dictionary.com) 1. the a...
THREAD The "Void"
66 Posts • 17999 Views
Philosophy Forum
cturtle, i agree that man is driven by greed. When i was younger, my father had us move across the country for a job offer that would pay more. If avarice wasn't a factor, if money didn't ma...
THREAD General HealthAbusive Father Wants to Kick Out my Mom
1 Posts • 10947 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
My dad wants my mom to leave to Mexico by Thursday and if she doesn't he is threatening to not pay for the house anymore and will loose everything they had fought so hard for. my mom isn't i...
THREAD GovernmentBush Presidency a Budding Criminal Dictatorship?
25 Posts • 6669 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
The worst president in the US. How could he be selected to be at that chair twice? Because the Inside Group control media and intelligence and manipulate the election. They need an obidient puppet wor...
THREAD DreamsDreams... useless or amazing
50 Posts • 13443 Views
Psychology Forum
I think that dreams are amazing. I am extremely interested in psycho-analysis, and I think that a lot of what Carl Jung did with dream research is amazing. He expanded from the thought that dreams...
THREAD Religion & HumanityAbortion
76 Posts • 19091 Views
Religion Forum
The W.H.O. suggests that worldwide, abortion rates are very similar irrespective of the legal status of the country. Therefore, abortion undertook properly and safely is better than abortion undertook...
THREAD Religion & HumanityThe True Religion?
96 Posts • 27824 Views
Religion Forum
Ah, the spirit of knnowledge gives voice to wisdom!:D Patr, one thing they did teach is that Jesus nailed the old Law to the Cross. Do they teach the Truth? So when I hear those putting forth just...
THREAD Is this relative? HELP!
17 Posts • 7123 Views
Philosophy Forum
There are very tiny deviations. If you neglect the presence of the Sun, there is no change since the center of mass never moved. If you include the Sun however, the center of mass of the solar syst...
THREAD SpiritualityThe Logical VS The Faithful
0 Posts • 10410 Views
Religion Forum
oh leftwood, i've got some passages over a few of your questions... i'm not claiming absolute knowledge (i know how we hate that), but maybe these will give you a beter idea of "their...
93 Posts • 29143 Views
Philosophy Forum
Some really interesting answers- Thanks! My own philosophy- I Beleive that in everyone there is stuggle- to say between good and evil is an oversimplification - but that is close. We strugle with ou...
THREAD Random QuestionsHas anyone ever visited a pro-suicide Forum?
2 Posts • 9649 Views
Talk Talk
I've never visited a pro-suicide forum before, but your description about the site you visited sounds pretty accurate to what I imagine the social culture surrounding such sites would be. The who...
THREAD Relationships & Lovefutility of romantic 'love'
76 Posts • 19646 Views
Psychology Forum
my question to you Zach is what happens to you if you like more than one girl before you enter a relationship. I cannot accept that you only ever like one girl at a time (when you are unattached), so...
THREAD Religion & HumanityAbortion
76 Posts • 19091 Views
Religion Forum
I think it's unfair and a sign of your own insecurities, awakenedwraith, that you afford me no charity for the things I do not say. This was what I said a few posts ago: "To your defen...
THREAD Life & DeathLife, Death, Choice
19 Posts • 6779 Views
Philosophy Forum
We cant change human nature. We evolve to adapt to our enviroment, maybe not physically, but mentally we evolve to meet the needs of our society. Genetic engineering isnt going to help our problems, i...
THREAD God in ReligionIf there's a god, why is there evil?
222 Posts • 55122 Views
Religion Forum
I'm going to clear a little way here for what I see. In truth, I honestly believe that there is no right or wrong in terms of what is. To me, the essence of right or wrong action brings about it...
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