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Tagged > Natural wonders
 33yrs • M
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THREAD Nature & GeographyA Compendium Of Fascinating Places On Earth
3 Posts • 17942 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Us Earthlings have yet to explore and fully experience the abundance of amazing places found on Earth - there are no many fascinating natural geographic locations that most of us only get to visit tha...
 40yrs • M
Mankind = EVIL.
 81yrs • M
The natural urge to be independant means dependancy is an erroneous concept.
 38yrs • M
Wealth, popularity and power tend to dethrone the authority of reason and to pervert the soul from the natural to the artificial.
THREAD God in ReligionGod's Will
128 Posts • 29239 Views
Religion Forum
^^thanks A.O.D...:).....I'm glad you see this simplicity too..:) "OMG LMAO - you are doing it now - you are limiting your god to being one that is void of love (an emotion) etc. You worsh...
THREAD HomosexualityWhy Condone Fruitless Deviant Behavior?
94 Posts • 26638 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
hmmm, ya interesting frogs perhaps. so then initially though the penis's sole function may have been to produce children from women perhaps, now it may have a variety of functions....
THREAD Jokes7 Wonders of the World
4 Posts • 10056 Views
Jokes & Games
A group of students were asked to list what they thought were the present "Seven Wonders of the World." Though there were some disagreements, the following received the most votes:...
THREAD Writing AdviceMy Poem
6 Posts • 5889 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Please help me edit and revise my poem. Thank you. :p She sits alone. Wondering, thinking, imagining. What is life? Why is it so harsh? She longs for him, knowing she can not have him. He'll ne...
30 Posts • 8145 Views
Philosophy Forum
i know this wasn't adressed to me but i think it is it's like being a kind person .... it was given to you but you sure can control it .... you can improve it or completely get rid of it...
THREAD ChristianityTwo more Popes shall reign and the End is come
33 Posts • 14033 Views
Religion Forum
*wonders if he should get out the sarcasm sponge?* *cool*
19 Posts • 7853 Views
Philosophy Forum
Well if I understand you correctly then I must add that fate does not interfer with cause and effect. However, fate implies that a higher cause can override a human/natural cause and produce a differe...
THREAD the person above me
299 Posts • 48170 Views
Talk Talk
wonders if the Cynic is still referring to the outstretched hand? hehehe
THREAD Word GamesA fun game to play
584 Posts • 100726 Views
Jokes & Games
is our very own statesman for Discworld...wonders whats its like inside that anthill?
THREAD SocietyDo humans have powers?
3 Posts • 13455 Views
Philosophy Forum
You should watch "Stan Lee's Super Humans".. "ould it be that we humans have our own power but it has been so abused we forget about it" Well, super power/super natural po...
27 Posts • 9772 Views
Religion Forum
'If u can fight it off, gud' Well, I think being straight is normally preffered to being a homo. If it is natural, then I guess therz no use fighting it, but if u jus become gay at the age o...
THREAD God in ReligionProve the existence of god
52 Posts • 12571 Views
Religion Forum
Is it possible to prove that every god but yours doesn't exist, while not also disproving the existence of your own? Not unless you have some better proof. I'm not looking for a reason...
THREAD any thoughts?
2 Posts • 1885 Views
Talk Talk
tell her to go to and get some collapsable bakeware containers. They do wonders and she can take them with her on the road rather than eat all that fattening stuff.
27 Posts • 9772 Views
Religion Forum
First of all angel, let me explain something. nowhere in the Bible does it say that what is natural to human beings is right. quite to the contrary, people's natural urge is to sin. that is why w...
THREAD Society & SociologySides....Opinions....Stuff....
4 Posts • 2505 Views
Psychology Forum
Groups are not the only things... as I said, analysis of the science (observations of our natural environment) provide a basis for accurate opinions. Hmn...I'm just wondering but what if our...
THREAD Life & DeathDescribe Your Death
16 Posts • 5564 Views
Philosophy Forum
As long as i can remember i've always wanted to die a certain way. I want to die while floating around in space, alone, taking in the feelings of the universe. Just me, my thoughts, and wonders a...
THREAD DreamsDreams
9 Posts • 3301 Views
Psychology Forum
If you are having these horrible dreams there may be some underlying things going on that are bringing them up. I would recommend talking to someone about them and they could possibly help you to unco...
THREAD Emotions & Feelingsare emotions what define human beings?
42 Posts • 26101 Views
Psychology Forum
Humans are conscious and have choice. A tadpole can't choose whether or not it wants to turn into a toad, it is just part of the natural evolution. If humans we more in touch with, and living our...
THREAD ChristianityBible creation
3 Posts • 3123 Views
Religion Forum
well, natural doesn't neccesarily mean 'evil' or bad. Also, religion is also a part of nature, remember, people started to form religions because they had a natural urge of a hgigher po...
THREAD Free Speech
0 Posts • 8800 Views
Philosophy Forum
*wonders why Deletion dosen't understand the idea that posters create a thread, and the idea that everyone shares is the reason why we have threads**confused*
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