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Tagged > Isolation
THREAD SocietyDefine the word "American"
72 Posts • 15466 Views
Philosophy Forum
What is considered American? America was founded upon a cultivation of various different cultures. Unlike many other countries who have uniquely diveloped theres through isolation. you can Say an Amer...
THREAD BooksHarry Potter #6
23 Posts • 9322 Views
Talk Talk
Sorceress, do not undermine children's' books. The underlying meanings in children's books are just as powerful as other forms of literature. It would be awesome if someone other th...
THREAD DepressionDepression
11 Posts • 8523 Views
Psychology Forum
Consciousness births isolation. A problem is what you make of it. Deception and distraction.
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsIs Karma Real?
25 Posts • 23030 Views
Philosophy Forum
oh by the way there is virtually no such thing as coincadences. for a coincadence to exist it would imply isolation.
THREAD Society & Sociologyvoyeurism
25 Posts • 6685 Views
Psychology Forum
Ah, yes. *clown* feelings of isolation & dependency upon Big Brother's watchful eyes. We really need more of these things for our existence.
THREAD Society & Sociologyafrican americans
10 Posts • 4376 Views
Psychology Forum
Such a vile term "racist" is. Sort of like "sexist". It invokes a Pavlovian response. Race, a word that can be replaced by 'genetic type", breed, kind...populatio...
THREAD ArtworkThis happens when I'm bored
15 Posts • 5565 Views
Art Forum
I very much like this image- it does seem quite sombre, morose the figure seems more than alone - isolated- with a grey cloud hovering around it. Isolation can be depressing but at the same time it...
THREAD Epistemology: Truth & KnowledgeNothing is fact?
20 Posts • 15580 Views
Philosophy Forum
Both everything and nothing are fact. Everything is fact because anything is possible. Nothing is fact because all things are deeper than we can comprehend. It is only by isolation of observations tha...
THREAD Ethics & MoralityWhat is the Association of Efficiency with Morality?
12 Posts • 2872 Views
Philosophy Forum
one must consider ones goals goals or ends before even moving towards the means. to achieve efficient achievment of goals one must first consider all things attached. However this is assuming isolat...
THREAD DepressionI don't think I will ever be happy
5 Posts • 17109 Views
Psychology Forum
I am almost 40 years old, and I just realized throughout my whole life, I was never ever happy. I probably had depression since I was very little and have grown up in isolation. When I was in my twent...
THREAD Random Questionswhat film best imitates your life?
6 Posts • 2130 Views
Talk Talk
lol Mimics? The fight between Jack and Tyler (Jacks compensations) Is the whole movie... Just some how doubt that your life mimics that of a never sleeping, eco-terrorist, womanizing schizophrenic wit...
THREAD Law & GovernmentShould violent criminals be castrated?
18 Posts • 7760 Views
Philosophy Forum
I think this is common enough confusion. No one every stopped to consider THE reason for prisons, and everyone seems to have a different idea of why they exist. 1) Reform and Correction. 2) Deterre...
13 Posts • 3122 Views
Philosophy Forum
And, yes, alanb...Sorry I didn't notice your post with all this silly dialogue I've had with xris and all...I think even the smallest, most insignificant of creatures (even cells and microbe...
THREAD Christianitycommandments
68 Posts • 12069 Views
Religion Forum
Freedom without laws can only be attained throught oneness with self. But freedom with laws can be a social value and this is why laws help the larger group to be free although people now have the del...
THREAD Philosophy and persona
6 Posts • 2648 Views
Philosophy Forum
is there anyone here who consideres themselves outgoing in puiblic/social siituations in general.. or is there like a philosophers curse that prevents us from doing so becasue were always deep thinkin...
THREAD Science vs ReligionIsn't Religion Just a Science or History?
72 Posts • 14071 Views
Religion Forum
Who are you to say what is real? You are the only mind you can ever truly know, so use it. If you think something is real, then, to you, it is. It doesn't have to be to others (as you've so...
THREAD DreamsCrazy Dream
7 Posts • 3414 Views
Psychology Forum
I once has the oddest dream myself. It wasn't so much what happend in the dream but how I felt. I was simply drifting along. There was no body or anything in my dream... onyl feeling. It was warm...
THREAD Human relationship with the 'Higher Power'
19 Posts • 4781 Views
Philosophy Forum
Yes decius (oh and wb) but it doesn't end there. The isolation I'm refering to is when you ralize you can't connect to things like you might want to, because you are a consciousness you...
THREAD Closeness
16 Posts • 3938 Views
Talk Talk
Thanks a lot for your advice everybody, you really have helped me. I initiated a conversation with a stranger today which is small beans for most people, but it's something I hardly ever do. It w...
THREAD ChemistrySolid, Liquid or Gas?
2 Posts • 2378 Views
Science & Technology Forum
An interesting thought? The bodies cells are chiefly made of Solid and Liquid, but not Gas... Perhaps our not understanding terminology but most solid bodies require gasses to function so we could say...
THREAD DepressionThe word depression is a emotion and much more.
6 Posts • 2045 Views
Psychology Forum
Being depressed is no joke. If it gets in the way of your life, I am not against cognitive therapy. And that is from someone who thinks psychology is a pseudo science. I am not a psychiatrist. But...
THREAD PoetryJust a poem i thought up last night
20 Posts • 5735 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
it doesnt really flow well but most thought don't My life seems aimless Great but pointless I live it daily, in routine Live like a machine. My potential is boundless, I could do anything...
THREAD DepressionDepression
11 Posts • 8523 Views
Psychology Forum
so pretend its not there? yeah. tahts the way to go. pretend and just "forget the pain." thats fucking pathetic, and i hope thats not what you ment. hence the qeustion marks. im asking what...
70 Posts • 17921 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
well, in order to be a great artist you have to have a lot of depth. a lot of times great creative depth seems to be coupled with depression, or perhaps a feeling of emotional isolation. maybe a lot o...
THREAD SocietyThe Source of Idiocy of the Average American
0 Posts • 414 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I can try. It still feels like a vauge idea in myself. Guess I can just answer your questions. Ahile ago I gave the term selfishness a personal definition. A condition where the self has been starve...
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