If you're a sexist, racist, homophobe, or basically an arsehole, don't buy this CD. I don't care if you like me, I hate you. - Kurt Cobain
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Tagged > Dream
THREAD DreamsDreams
37 Posts • 11042 Views
Psychology Forum
Well then, what do you think that dream means? Hmmmm, interesting.
THREAD Relationships & LoveYour dream girl (or guy)
109 Posts • 30079 Views
Psychology Forum
I don't have a dream guy (or girl). that or i'm too lazy to describe.
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsOut of Body
14 Posts • 3330 Views
Philosophy Forum
Not really, Dream Travel. Slightly different concept.
THREAD Religion & HumanityReligious beliefs
48 Posts • 14705 Views
Religion Forum
There was a religion around the time of Jesus that did believe that once you're dead, that's it, no more. It didn't last. The way I understand it, salvation is giving up yourself and...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyChildhood Outlets
7 Posts • 2919 Views
Psychology Forum
my god, i thought i was the only one still who did that, i do it all the time, when im in class, or on the bus. when im about to sleep. sometimes theyre good, sometimes theyre bad. sometimes its like...
THREAD Religion & HumanityReligious views: are they really a reason for argument?
5 Posts • 2362 Views
Religion Forum
Strange I woke woke with the deepest feelings of being lost . . . alone and without any means . . I have never felt such deep despair in my waking life I don't know that it was symbolic of anyt...
THREAD About You / IntroductionsTell a random fact about yourself.
663 Posts • 148347 Views
Talk Talk
The movie Requiem For A Dream changed my life
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsQuestioning Reality: Are we for "Real"?
118 Posts • 34590 Views
Philosophy Forum
i am real because this is my dream, the rest of you exist only in my mind
THREAD Queensr├┐che and Dream Theater - Comfortably Numb
1 Posts • 3589 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
THREAD DreamsDreams
37 Posts • 11042 Views
Psychology Forum
Yep...I hit that one right on the head, he he he he! Aww come on MiA, I'll share my next dream and you can interpret it any way you like; deal? :D
THREAD Random PicturesRandom picture thread.
1169 Posts • 282619 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
haha yea, i have a 92 240sx and i dream of having a rhd 180sx... hahaha
THREAD Random QuestionsFavorite Movie
23 Posts • 13605 Views
Talk Talk
American Psycho. No, it wasn't all a fucking dream.
2 Posts • 2575 Views
Philosophy Forum
Biocentrism, the primacy of consciousness is an alternate view of how life developed. In traditional Western science, it has been commonly accepted that "something" caused the inanimate u...
THREAD Movie ReviewThe Fountain by Darren Aronofsky
0 Posts • 2169 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
Ahhh... Darren... such a beautiful mind he has. I just watched this movie, to be honest, I had no idea that he even had a new movie out (besides Pi and Requiem For A Dream) until I saw this thread a c...
THREAD Life & DeathMy Meaning: Life has none
12 Posts • 3552 Views
Philosophy Forum
Isn't it interesting that while our lives are so boring and mundane and linear, our dreams are just the opposite, in seemingly perfect proportion, filled with magic, adventure, strong emotion, my...
THREAD PoetryJust a poem i thought up last night
20 Posts • 6541 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Next time you have a strange dream, put it in a poem, you might be surpised of the masterpiece.
THREAD About You / IntroductionsTell a random fact about yourself.
663 Posts • 148347 Views
Talk Talk
i dream of retirement because i experience days that seem to come close to that feeling
THREAD Habits & BehaviorMy son and his odd imagination habit
6 Posts • 13824 Views
Psychology Forum
Very well then, these were the answers I expected. I will continue to let him act out his dream world *cool*
THREAD Repetative Tragedy
5 Posts • 2374 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Oh thank you. (: Well the second one has no meaning really....it was just a dream of mine and I had to write it down for some reason. And I'm not sure exactly what all the imagery is....heh
THREAD Life & DeathTheories on Death
41 Posts • 50740 Views
Philosophy Forum
what about the possibility that when you die you continue on with your life as a dream, with no idea that it isn't real
149 Posts • 36459 Views
Talk Talk
the best dream car i have is a 1969 Dodge charger souped up to be exactly like the General lee
THREAD PoetryEchoes
258 Posts • 62776 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Cautious I woke Careful to keep the balance To keep the dream With out dreaming
THREAD DreamsWhat do you dream about?
29 Posts • 10098 Views
Psychology Forum
My dreams usually focus around my previous day, or the possibilities of what will happen tommorow, though sometimes I find myself pulled into one of three scenarios that I've come to either fear...
THREAD The Sky Lord
4 Posts • 3092 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Enchanted by the moonlight Possessed by the stars A wanderer beneath the skies Compelled to walk alone And in between the narrow ways That wind along between the trees He walks with hands rais...
THREAD DreamsDreaming in Focus...
1 Posts • 2358 Views
Psychology Forum
When you sleep or when you imagine something, do you see it in focus? This question is particularly relevant to me as I am short-sighted... Although some dreams are based on experience and I tend to...
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