The truth is a poor excuse for a lack of imagination. - I R Me
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Tagged > Weird
 31yrs • F
I'm not Addicted, I just don't want to quit.
 47yrs • M
hmm, weird...
THREAD Best Friend=Nightmare
31 Posts • 8049 Views
Talk Talk
lookim the same age as you and i know that chicks can be weird. but i do drama and well have for the past three years and we arnt weird. she sounds as thogh she is just insecure and that she is a cool...
 35yrs • F
weird and strange but sexy in a soft way
 31yrs • F
 52yrs • F
"When the going gets tough, the weird turn pro" - Raoul Duke
THREAD About You / IntroductionsWhat's In Your Name?
92 Posts • 24934 Views
Talk Talk
zyphon-......... i needed a game name and since im weird i just put down zyphon. (zi-faw-n) wouldnt it be weird if i was sleeping. zzzzzz and then the phone rang. z phone.....zyphon! that would...
THREAD Weird ThingsThree weird things you're grateful for.
33 Posts • 9486 Views
Talk Talk
I can't so much call it weird itself, but more weird that I'm thankufll for it, them, though understandible from many philosophic perspectives. Pain and sufferiring.
THREAD Weird ThingsFood. Weird Food
40 Posts • 12775 Views
Talk Talk
i don't eat meat so i guess im limited on weird foods. I did have a banna pepper sandwich.. Some would think thats weird i suppose.
3 Posts • 2419 Views
Talk Talk
did anyone else get a weird PM in their inbox asking for help to withdraw funds from a bank. and does anyone know how or why it got there? i can understand it getting there on a normal email account b...
 37yrs • M
Please dont say i'm crazy, i've tickled all your sences in a second.
THREAD GodGod Life and Mind
41 Posts • 8912 Views
Philosophy Forum
are you guys really 15? i agree he has alot of unorthodox insight. he seems incredibly smart and rooted, weird for a 15 year old.. weird to me anyways b/c when i was 15 i was dressed up in A&F c...
THREAD Word GamesA fun game to play
584 Posts • 92670 Views
Jokes & Games
lalalalalalal looopty looopty in da head. soory if i have seemed a bit weird of late but my being weird is better than me being angry.
THREAD Rehab & AddictionI need a cigarette
18 Posts • 18414 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
How come I have been smokin for like 3-4 years and I'm not addicted? I mean I dont have the usual problems( headache, crankiness etc) if I take a break for a few weeks or even a month. The re...
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & BrainWeird things you do when you stay up too late
11 Posts • 7343 Views
Psychology Forum
I'm talking about really weird things, like hallucinate, and the regular, out of time things, like walk in freezing rain. My mind feels different after midnight...I think and feel differently....
THREAD HomosexualityAm I weird?
7 Posts • 3734 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
I have a huge question. I have always been the type to be alone not have any friends. I find it very pleasing. Then, came high school I kept staring at this kid. Thinking wow Irish I was like him. We...
THREAD ElectionsWestern World, Here We Are!
2 Posts • 2029 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Hmm . . . the US election is becoming downright weird Weird ?*confused* We're running out of time to solve our problems. Anyone know what the answer is?Mind repeating the question again? I a...
THREAD whats friendship?
14 Posts • 7327 Views
Talk Talk
ACTUALLY alcohol solves some problems ! it brings people closer and helps them have a good time sometimes it helps them to relax and even study ( weird huh that's how it works for me)...
17 Posts • 6851 Views
Talk Talk
chained wings and mugan you guys are both correct i never really thought about it like that. I always felt weird when i used to watch porn (years ago) and stoped because i thought it was kind of fucke...
THREAD Habits & BehaviorCrazy
19 Posts • 5915 Views
Psychology Forum
I suppose one could say "crazy" means thinking constantly and of "weird" things in terms of society and it's accepted standards. But I believe my mind is relatively unrestrict...
THREAD ChristianityGive up sin?
22 Posts • 5166 Views
Religion Forum
I like the responses, but it just seems weird... to me. I know there's some chance that I can't even comprehend the transition from life to death, but just imagining and being consciously aw...
THREAD Random PicturesRandom picture thread.
1169 Posts • 273621 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
I know, I agree, and I have no freakin clue. That would make for one big turtle head. The best I can gather is that its some weird skinned or hairless dog, bear, big cat, or something with a to...
THREAD DreamsDreams
9 Posts • 3048 Views
Psychology Forum
Sounds like some very wise advice from Sorceress. I once tried to keep a dream journal and the more I would become aware of my dreams, the more weird reality would seem when I'd wake up so I stop...
THREAD Internet Vulnerability
11 Posts • 2479 Views
Talk Talk
How much of the stuff we share on the internet would we actually share with a person in real life? I'm referring especially to the poetry section. I was reading the beginning of a poem by OkCityK...
THREAD Nature & GeographyWeird: Orchis Italica aka Naked Man Orchid
1 Posts • 58803 Views
Science & Technology Forum
A very weird flower - the petals are the shape of seemingly naked little men. Some petals even look like they have faces on them.
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