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Tagged > Planets
THREAD AliensAlien Blood
5 Posts • 2596 Views
Science & Technology Forum
it would be impossible to determine without a sample because look at our own earth. we have bacteria that don't even have blood so aliens might not even have blood. and there has been over 400 pl...
 29yrs • M
Whether we wake or we sleep, Whether we carol or weep, The Sun with his Planets in chime, Marketh the going of Time. -Edward Fitzgerald
THREAD AstronomyAstronomy Picture Of The Day
216 Posts • 66423 Views
Science & Technology Forum
12 January 2013 Ten Billion Earths Illustration Credit: NASA, F. Fressin (Harvard CfA) How common are Earth-sized planets? Quite common, according to extrapolations from new data taken by NASA&#...
THREAD Life & DeathVoluntary Human Extinction Movement
233 Posts • 111983 Views
Philosophy Forum
Save nature? Has anyone ever toyed with the idea that, the only reason why anything on this planet would continue to exist after the planets inevitable doom, is that we would bring them to other pla...
THREAD Astrology, Myth Or Magic?
6 Posts • 1885 Views
Talk Talk
Astrology As the Earth is only one of a few planets circling the sun we can easily follow the movement of the others. Today we can see much further with our new telescopes but even in ancient times...
THREAD Digital Artinto a void
8 Posts • 3451 Views
Art Forum
isnt 2 bad... i working in photo as think i have some stuff still on my pc..not really sure.. but i c that u have some talent ^^... did u ever tryed to make planets?? I have problems w...
THREAD Alternative Beliefsreal or just a myth?
57 Posts • 15025 Views
Religion Forum
Of course there is life on other planets, but 90% would be non techinical, only simple, non-intelligent life. However, even if EVERY planet was inhabited, none would be even close to human form. Anywa...
THREAD Moving to new planets
2 Posts • 1209 Views
Philosophy Forum
Surely we are very far from moving to a new habitable planet, but the thought crossed my mind. Would we have to change our government or how we run our new society? I mean we will probably have to for...
THREAD Religion & HumanityImpossible you say? It's someone's psych
8 Posts • 3074 Views
Religion Forum
Do tou know if this Mars melting is actually true? I'm curious because I just finished an Astronomy class where we discussed and studied a great deal about the planets, including the Earth, and n...
THREAD Reality & Metaphysics'reality'
100 Posts • 17250 Views
Philosophy Forum
thought and emotion are alot more "real" than we would like to admit... What did you mean by this? Also, Wizard, what I understand from what you're saying is: if we can not comprehe...
THREAD GodWhy did God create the universe
119 Posts • 32451 Views
Philosophy Forum
I know you won't agree with me and you'll prolly think i'm crazy......that's o.k tho, my name's 730 it means crazy..:) Now I've come to the conclusion that before all...
THREAD Habits & BehaviorWhat Star Are YOU?
42 Posts • 14735 Views
Psychology Forum
Has anyone had a birth chart done I don't mean some artical in your fav. magazine or newspaper. Go to a professional have it done. To be truly your horscope or star sign [book by linda goodman] y...
THREAD God in ReligionThe God Thread
158 Posts • 33214 Views
Religion Forum
Concerning God - I understand there are three kinds. One believes in a god that you cannot speak to, touch or feel. A god that could not personally know you nor could you know it. This is a logical...
THREAD Alternative Beliefsreal or just a myth?
57 Posts • 15025 Views
Religion Forum
if i believe that there is life on other planets as well does that mean i believe in aliens ? Prolly does i just don't believe in the green with big eyes kind
THREAD AstronomyEarth: Isn't it Amazing
1 Posts • 1282 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Out of all the planets that astronomers have identified, of all the new planetary discoveries that have been made, isn't it amazing that our planet doesn't just have life, but that it's...
THREAD Video GamesEve Online
2 Posts • 1840 Views
Talk Talk
Dust 514 will be coming out to add on to this Space MMO. This will be a FPS MMO add on. Persistant worlds and mercinaries fighting for control of the planets faught for by Eve Online flyers. Should...
THREAD Ethics & MoralitySix Thoughts on Ethics
5 Posts • 1960 Views
Philosophy Forum
7 Reason is the source of most of man's misery 8 No matter how many planets it takes under its orbit, a star will always be a lonely thing 9 The worst kind of prison is one that it is not w...
64 Posts • 14762 Views
Philosophy Forum
I know not if there is a God or not but I do think that it is a coincidence that we are the exact distance away from the sun and that on Mercury there nothing and Venus nothing and Earth, anything you...
THREAD Life & DeathWhat happens after death?
107 Posts • 82686 Views
Philosophy Forum
to xris darkmatter does affect us altough it does so indirectly it still does affect us then the vacuum of space would completely rip us our planet and all other planets apart
THREAD FuturologyTheory of Predictibility of Evolution
36 Posts • 8794 Views
Philosophy Forum
Well, you can say that smith was right, we are not mammals, as we don't devlop an equilibrium with our enviroment! As far as I can see it, it's in our nature, so we might as well destroy co...
THREAD AstronomyEarth like planet discoveries
7 Posts • 2112 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Interesting stuff!! Hopefully in my life time they will of dicovered actuall living organisms on such planets as this. Fingers crossed for hyper advances in technology, lol. Just out of curiosity...
THREAD Poetry'Untitled'
51 Posts • 10324 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Listening to planets and stars... Staring at the black empty space... Lying on my back in a field away from all distraction ... I can feel the wind in my face... Thinking of a place I can go, dreaming...
THREAD Life & DeathLife on other planets?Yes ot No
9 Posts • 2365 Views
Philosophy Forum
I just want to see some opinions on this subject or some evidence on why or why not. My personal opinion is Yes there is,the universe is like never-ending right... so what makes us think our one small...
THREAD Alternative Beliefsreal or just a myth?
57 Posts • 15025 Views
Religion Forum
How do u no they were not in a technological situation simular to what we are now, When the first homo-erectus was born? They may have been a civilisation for billions of years before Anything evol...
THREAD Alternative Beliefsreal or just a myth?
57 Posts • 15025 Views
Religion Forum
I only think that things such as werewolves and vampires are just tales that got passed around as entertainment and as a way of keeping people in line. But I do like hearing stories about them....
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