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Eve Online

User Thread
 38yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that allimar is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Eve Online
I've been stuck with Eve Online for the past three years. It is the only game that satisfies all my desires in a game, however it, just like every other game, has pros and cons.

No grinding. That said you don't level by killing things and doing missions, you do that to get funds. Funds that you will need for success in the games very real and thriving economy.
Great Players: idiots weed themselves out in that they simply can't survive. They don't last long. If you can't balance a check book or play intelligently you will end up being broke and unable to be competitive in the games harsh environment. On that note, if you're an asshole, you have only one account. In Eve your profile is updated by others, if you rip someone off or blatantly grief others you will have no friends here.
No classes. Yes that's right you don't pick your class in the beginning when you have no idea what the games about or what you're getting into. You level your character with time and once you have trained in an area your good forever.
Friends can Jump in to the action... well not exactly. Though this is more so then other MMORPGs. Just like before it's a classless system. And low skill jobs are needed by corporations, so even if your new, you can help and be part of a gang, rather than always waiting.

No instant gratification! This game takes time, knowlage, skill and patients. Some people never killed anyone in this game... then again, some people get engulfed in blockade running and marketing they never need too.
PvP is unforgiving. Here your goal is not to kill your enemy, but to live. That is of course, unless you're a Pirate, Mercenary or spy.
Girls don't play. Believe it or not, I do want something my wife can join me in. 95% of the players here are guys ages 20-40. This game is in no way cute, the lack of avatars hinders the immersion factor.
Graphic needs are high.

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"The more you learn, the less you know."
 38yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that allimar is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Dust 514 will be coming out to add on to this Space MMO. This will be a FPS MMO add on. Persistant worlds and mercinaries fighting for control of the planets faught for by Eve Online flyers.

Should be interesting to say the least.

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"The more you learn, the less you know."
Eve Online
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