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Tagged > Paul
THREAD SocietyVIDEO: Interesting look at Media vs People
0 Posts • 482 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
This is awesome!! Ron Paul 2012 baby!!! *cool*
THREAD Pictures of Ourselves
281 Posts • 60960 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
And here is me pulling a solo on my Indie Les Paul Blackjack :)
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & BrainEmotions vs Logic
30 Posts • 13315 Views
Psychology Forum
thx1137, If one believes one emotions then it's your fault. You are what you think.Paul
THREAD ChristianityElijah
7 Posts • 2445 Views
Religion Forum
ZION...... You're only looking at religion... religion. Religion is the works of man based on law- according to the bible.... In the bible it was the religious people who judged Jesus for everyt...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsConerning emotions and feelings.
6 Posts • 1979 Views
Psychology Forum
Pickup, Excellent answer. Made my year. Paul
THREAD EconomyWhy are American people angry?
8 Posts • 3448 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
And I'm not an American and I had my hopes set on Ron Paul. Boy did it hurt to see some of those GOP election results.
THREAD ElectionsRon Paul is a racist homophobe?
1 Posts • 1498 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Of course he denies it but what does everyone think about those journals with his name bannered across them?
THREAD GovernmentRepublican Paul Findley Dares to Speak Out -- Again ! - AIPAC Exposed
1 Posts • 1336 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
THREAD Elections2008 Election
13 Posts • 2861 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I can't add much as I'm off to work, I need to bone up on candidates as well, but so far I'm liking Ron Paul more than any of these corporate whores.
THREAD ChristianityTruth about 666, the beast and seal of the beast
117 Posts • 19792 Views
Religion Forum
I think this guy has read too many F. Paul Wilson novels--like the Repairman Jack series, or The Keep--stuff like that.
THREAD Ethics & MoralityCan we live without either?
3 Posts • 2415 Views
Philosophy Forum
Do we allow our emotions to overcome us? Do we live with stress? Do we control it of vice versa? Paul
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsYour definition of existence
23 Posts • 7975 Views
Philosophy Forum
EOTW, That's the first rational common sense answer I have ever gotten. Excellent post. Paul
THREAD Elections2008 Election
13 Posts • 2861 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I think after watching this, every other candidate seems like a complete idiot. Federal Reserve Pwned by Ron Paul.
THREAD SocietyBest War Debate Ever
2 Posts • 1803 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Ron Paul Debates the War With Doug Casey, against Dinesh D'Souza and Larry Abraham
THREAD Elections2008 Election
13 Posts • 2861 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Haha, Ron Paul would really change things around. I think people would feel too weird having him as president right after Bush. Too bad he'll never win.
THREAD ElectionsDoes Ron Paul still stand a chance?
3 Posts • 2263 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Do you think Ron Paul would run independent if Obama got the Democratic ticket? Lest we have another Nader-esque voting controversy.
THREAD Song LyricsPaul Van Dyk - See You On The Other Side (Trance)
1 Posts • 2569 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
When this broken through I will comfort you When I wake my tongue is tied Daylight brings the great divide Weeping like the rain Whispering your name Long to be reunified Believe the sun will...
THREAD War & TerrorismOfficial Captain Cynic WTC 9/11 Thread
0 Posts • 6685 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
The republicans picked John Fucking mccain for their nominee obviously they wanted to lose or they wouldn't have picked the most disliked republican. If we want a third party to come through...
THREAD ElectionsCain and Paul
24 Posts • 5267 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Decius, As you you know I generally have the up most respect for your opinions. But on this one issue you have seemed to show a very closed and narrow mind. You are correct when you say we are not...
THREAD Random QuestionsTop 5 Artists
45 Posts • 8034 Views
Talk Talk
I'm actually predicting my post will be deleted within a month of being posted, because this is reggae. 1. Assassin 2. Sean Paul 3. Tami Chynn 4. T.O.K. 5. Sizzla
THREAD Habits & BehaviorRandom Hatred
77 Posts • 13651 Views
Psychology Forum
George Bush Condelezza Rice Dick Cheney Donald Rumsfeld Tony Blair Paul Martin
11 Posts • 4215 Views
Talk Talk
Yeah, there really is something about the Les Paul. Even though it's a bit heavy, the fact that it's so solid, in combination with it's humbucker pickups, make it sound amazing. And it&...
THREAD Elections2008 Election
13 Posts • 2861 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I see the Congressman Dr. Ron Paul candidacy as a golden opportunity for all sorts of reasons. Other less mainstream candidates, i.e. non corporate candidates not supported by corporate media, have...
THREAD God in ReligionIf there's a god, why is there evil?
222 Posts • 48356 Views
Religion Forum
"SCRIPTURE IS GOD-BREATHED" That is a new term I have not heard. Is this a term you made up or is it in one of the newer translations. My anger was towards someone else who failed to read...
THREAD God in Religionwhy do you believe in god?
253 Posts • 111439 Views
Religion Forum
" If the possibility exists, then God must exist because of what he is. " God exists because God is a certain way which means he must exist? Aaah! Circular logic. Don't you just lov...
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