You're dreaming when you're awake, you're awake when you dream. - Mugen
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Tagged > Literature
 26yrs • F
If you're going through hell, keep going.
 55yrs • M
Vulgare amici nomen, sed rara est fides.
 40yrs • F
Sometimes you gotta say so what?
THREAD BooksHow to Read and Why by Harold Bloom
1 Posts • 1900 Views
Talk Talk
This really isn't a book but a reference guide to many of the top notch novels from shakespear which bloom adors to more recent authers such as Cormac McCarthy. Basically Bloom criticizes many gr...
THREAD FuturologyDystopian Fiction
6 Posts • 3566 Views
Philosophy Forum
My name is a reference to my favourite poem, by T.S Eliot called The Wasteland. Thanks for the recommendations I'll definitely check them out when i've finished my reading list for the summe...
THREAD Bookseffected by reading
8 Posts • 2726 Views
Talk Talk
are any of you effected by reading literature... example: my english teacher laughs, crys, and screams when she reads a book... literaly, she cried in front of my class. some people get "to...
THREAD Random QuestionsWhat job Do You have
27 Posts • 5984 Views
Talk Talk
what job do you do? well, i am currently unemployed and in psychiatric care for being diagnosed with a mental illness - paranoid schizophrenia. although i am at university studying literature (BA(hons...
THREAD Zeroland: The Arts Online
1 Posts • 2476 Views
Zeroland strives to provide the best and most interesting collection of web pages relating to arts and culture. Websites are individually selected based on their quality and content and often you will...
THREAD the Dink above me
0 Posts • 2718 Views
Talk Talk
Jacker's a dink, because he doesnt value literature.
THREAD Gender PsychologyWhat kind of guys do chicks like?
55 Posts • 21077 Views
Psychology Forum
The kind of 'bad boys' I find attractive is Logan from X-Men, or Jesse (he's also into literature) from Gilmore Girls.
THREAD Wish breaker
121 Posts • 25130 Views
Jokes & Games
hmm thats a tough one... if you solved world hunger then everyone would become greedy and just want more and more food... I wish i knew more about English Literature for my test on tuesday.
THREAD ChristianityJesus's death was faked
82 Posts • 21534 Views
Religion Forum
cturtle: history is subjectively constructed. It is packed full of propaganda and biased literature. okcitykid: Your statement has not disclosed anything. I'm not too sure what your trying to...
THREAD Famous PhilosophersSocartes And Jesus
5 Posts • 2278 Views
Philosophy Forum
We still use the Socratic method. Some still utilize parables or analogies. Vision never goes out of style. Don't forget the layered meanings in our better literature. How do we do the same today...
THREAD whats ur occupation?
2 Posts • 2594 Views
Talk Talk
Well, i've studied literature but i dropped it and now I'm working as a waitress and studying to be a flight attendant. And i also study english and german. My plans for the future...I want...
THREAD Wishful Thinking
14 Posts • 2872 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
no problem, and honestly lass, its good literature, its very direct, unlike subliminal or wonderous self question reality poems, i love you your directness is applied
THREAD Society & SociologyThe mentality of a soldier
0 Posts • 7803 Views
Psychology Forum
I'm in southern France, but my mom's english and I'm in an international school here where they teach english literature so I think of myself as more British then I do French.
THREAD Epistemology: Truth & KnowledgeHow Long Have You Been Thinking?
14 Posts • 3521 Views
Philosophy Forum
Sophomore year in High School, I had an English teacher that kicked me into gear and not only taught me a ton of stuff on Holocaustal Art, but philosophy, Poetry, Literature, and Society. I haven'...
THREAD Bookseffected by reading
8 Posts • 2726 Views
Talk Talk
Yes books and literature have an astounding effect on people especially when they can relate to what they are reading. Usually emotion comes to me when I can relate a past experience to what's ha...
THREAD What is the nature of man?
40 Posts • 9342 Views
Philosophy Forum
im sorry but the last place i would go to find god (as a name referred to the bascis how we feel of him/it) would be the bible or any other written literature.. i love it itslef as fun intresting eplo...
THREAD Life & DeathSocial existance, life and friends.
24 Posts • 4672 Views
Philosophy Forum
However, finding such examples is rather difficult and even more so, to find legitimate ones lol. That's the point of my above post. Experiment, create, design, practice some...of your own - t...
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & BrainRemoval from Working Memory...
12 Posts • 2341 Views
Psychology Forum
as for improving or own mental abilities, literature, science, philosophy, the desire to be enlightened and see towards the truth through total self-honesty and hard work, not just improving the mind...
THREAD ExistentialismExistentialism
47 Posts • 12969 Views
Philosophy Forum
i used to be real big into existentialism, but it just depressed the hell out of me. some of it may be true, although i question the belief in free will; still, i think people should hope for the best...
THREAD BooksCatcher in the Rye
28 Posts • 14267 Views
Talk Talk
Screw motifs and symbolism. If a book communicates it's doing its job. IMO a lot of "deeper," more complex literature I've read fails in this department, whereas Catcher hits the n...
THREAD Alternative BeliefsGod = The Universe
72 Posts • 18904 Views
Religion Forum
Yeah but science is aside from reason by reason I mean common sense the soft sciences like philosophy particularly ethics and psychology of the human mind as well as literature, religions are just boo...
THREAD Bookseffected by reading
8 Posts • 2726 Views
Talk Talk
I would say that I at times am touched by literature. I cried when I read Les Mesarables. And Lonesome Dove. But I have read lots of books and that was the only times I showed emotion. it all comes do...
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