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Tagged > Healthy cookie recipe
THREAD Drugstrips (drugs)
54 Posts • 14348 Views
Psychology Forum
Danny right about having a descinated driver while tripping. you can have a bad experience anywhere taking safeguards to limit them is always good fore thought. Having some one strait to watch over yo...
THREAD Free Will
60 Posts • 11923 Views
Philosophy Forum
well what i meant by free will was control over your brain. do you control what your brain does or does your brain control what you do? that is basically what i am asking. In a healthy human, yes...
57 Posts • 7515 Views
Talk Talk
Yep, excercise or just a good old healthy active lifestyle and don't eat quite so much crap. Its easy math if you get into the calorie burning, eat more than you burn, get fat, burn more than you...
THREAD LawSame Sex Marriage Should Be Legalized Worldwide!
59 Posts • 18744 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I'm going to find the nearest concrete wall and bang my head on it. I didn't know about gays when I was 8. Yet when I was 8 I bought a takeaway. And I saw two men kissing outside the shop...
THREAD Relationships & LoveWhats wrong with me?
8 Posts • 3238 Views
Psychology Forum
In my opinion, it can be traced back to your abusive father. You simply do not want to be like him, and you may feel that going past flirting with a stranger is the same as forcing yourself on her. Si...
THREAD your purpose
48 Posts • 10653 Views
Philosophy Forum
my purpose ??? hmmm...props on the thread ! I survive it seems, only 2 things I want, and I think everybody does. To be healthy and happy, theres a whole range of things thatll make me happy. First...
THREAD SocietyThe Capitalism Debate!!!!
95 Posts • 23863 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
That is a different issue altogether. You are right to an extent. A company may not do anything that will harm 3rd Parties. Mind you that so far, things are fine. And I think there are far more seriou...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyFacing my reality of being unloved
6 Posts • 6720 Views
Psychology Forum
I think it is a good sign that you are aware of what is going on with you. You are aware that there is something wrong. . . I hope you'll be able resolve your problem soon... I hope you'll f...
THREAD Vegetarianism
30 Posts • 7816 Views
Talk Talk
It's been quite a while since I was last here, thought I'd pop by to see how these threads are doing. I have to pass comment, I can see that I still have a very tall mountain to climb. To...
THREAD Weight LossFat Loss Tips
13 Posts • 4284 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
Okay guys, lets get together and make a compilation of weight loss tips about what individuals need to do to lose weight. Ideas that are realistic and natural. No dieting pill suggestions or fa...
THREAD The Ski Date
32 Posts • 9771 Views
Jokes & Games
Eternal Truths 1. Once over the hill, you pick up speed. 2. I love cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food. 3. If it weren't for STRESS I'd have no energy at all....
THREAD Marital Cheating
10 Posts • 6910 Views
Talk Talk
I am so sorry to hear what happened to you and I can absolutely understand. I was cheated on for 7 years by my then husband with my good friend. I probably knew it was going on but didn't think I...
THREAD Godreincarnation
28 Posts • 12109 Views
Philosophy Forum
So is science. How many "facts" have been proved only to be disproven later and possible go through this cycle many times. Nutrition is a classic example. Try finding a consensus on what hum...
THREAD Why has my life turned out this way?
10 Posts • 3594 Views
Talk Talk
I'm unsympathetic to the guy who opens his heart on the net and expects sympathy. What you have to ask yourself is what does this guy want? A response, a sympathetic response most probably. He wants s...
THREAD Habits & BehaviorPerfectionism
3 Posts • 1831 Views
Psychology Forum
Lexie, do you think you need counseling? Do you think it's agood thing to want to be perfect for your parents? Do you think it's healthy to cry for hours over a B? I would like to know mor...
THREAD Atheism & AgnosticismAetheists Are Illogical
70 Posts • 19877 Views
Religion Forum
another thing its not about fear of fucking death, accepting that there is a great dirtnap is also believing in it you idiot you complete moron, your dealing with it the same way, kinda not really but...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsSkepticism, Fear, and Anger
24 Posts • 6044 Views
Psychology Forum
I think a level of skepticism is healthy. It keeps you on your toes. Of course, too much of anything (be it skepticism or optimism) is unhealthy, so you have the find the dividing line, the balance......
THREAD BiologyBreed Humans?
26 Posts • 13282 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Cturtle the chemicals companies put into are for the most part completely healthy and safe. The foods are often identical to "organic" food except for one thing : we know how much of each ch...
THREAD HomosexualityGay Marraige, For or Against?
32 Posts • 14251 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
Right they are attracted but have an uncontrollable aversion to, it is far more traumatizing or just insecure and allows little chance for a healthy relationship. Besides, that's kinda bi-sex...
THREAD Gender PsychologyFat girl, tight clothes.
66 Posts • 65880 Views
Psychology Forum
Actually - I think it was McCalls that did a survey over twenty years ago (so thnigs may have chaned) and discovered something very strange. Women believe that most men like super skinny women and mos...
THREAD Random PicturesRandom picture thread.
1169 Posts • 237192 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
I just love those pictures Ironwood. So cool. In fact I have no fear of big cats at all. If it was possible Id have one for a pet. I dont think Id like to own anything more than that. (As for my f...
THREAD Intimacypercentage of women who swallow during oral sex
36 Posts • 137821 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
Wellllllll, I guess things have strayed a bit from the original question. If women's thinking has in fact changed, it may be as someone said - curiosity and experimentation. I also happen to agre...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsEuphoria
17 Posts • 6396 Views
Psychology Forum
It happens anytime anywhere. I would be sitting in math class and I stop thinking and feeling and just look. It amazes me at how different everyone is, but how beautiful every person is. But it's m...
THREAD Fitness
20 Posts • 5746 Views
Talk Talk
my exersize is sex and i exersize once a week *lol* i don't exersize at all but i've heard sex is good for burning calories lol and i think its funny when guys come up to me n they use that...
THREAD Relationships & LoveThe likable facade
6 Posts • 3637 Views
Psychology Forum
Yeah I think I’ve decided that is stupid to worry about who you are. You can’t help who you are so you should just embrace it. That doesn’t mean you can’t change how you act however. It is hea...
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