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Tagged > Cool psychology stuff
THREAD Genetic engineering
40 Posts • 15964 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Never heard of the T3 theory. Computer machines are cool and are a part of our everyday lives now.
THREAD DrugsWhats so appeling about drink?
15 Posts • 2333 Views
Psychology Forum
Their russians they can survive anything xD Yeah maybe but its the people who do it on purpose I really don't get they go out get drunk and think its something to do over and over again they s...
THREAD ArtworkNeed An Artist Please
9 Posts • 3342 Views
Art Forum
ill pass that along to my good friend Shari, whom created this great picture. *cool*
THREAD Society & SociologyI just can't tolerate STUPID people!
184 Posts • 66878 Views
Psychology Forum
:) :D *cool* ;) :p *lol* I'm now officially, LMMFAO! Mia, I think that you have proved via your ability to hold an intelligent conversation, that you are not one of those.;)
THREAD About You / IntroductionsIntroductions
0 Posts • 25084 Views
Talk Talk
hey all you cool new people, always good to see new ideas and opinions. doh_doh ive sent you a PM about getting a pic. hope it helps.
THREAD Random PicturesRandom picture thread.
1169 Posts • 240472 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
thats what it's from. What a classic movie. Brings back memories now of those happy little munchkins *cool*
THREAD casual, non sexual touching?
14 Posts • 24410 Views
Talk Talk
thanks, guys, you rock. Being cool and relaxed is what I like to do, but that goes away as soon as anything physical comes into play. And trust me, I do want this relationship to go further. I really...
THREAD Funny TidbitsNinjas or Pirates?
19 Posts • 7500 Views
Jokes & Games
Pirates! I'm an avid Maddox fan. Plus I like Samurai more than Ninja. Don't get me wrong though, ninjas are cool.
THREAD Conscious and Sub-ConsciousBecoming Me
3 Posts • 1875 Views
Psychology Forum
Thats cool I am new here and have never read anything you've wrote is there anyway to check out your old post as I would be interested in seeing your transformation or just your entry's if t...
THREAD Now and Then...
4 Posts • 1832 Views
Philosophy Forum
All that we receive with our senses comes from the past, and everything we do only affects the future... What I'm wondering is what do we deal with that is in the now? What is 'is'?...
5 Posts • 2059 Views
Talk Talk
boomstick pm me and tell me what type of pix you need and i'll send you over a couple... give me an idea of what you'd like to see as your image...*cool*
THREAD Riddles & PuzzlesBuddhist riddles/interesting philosophies
65 Posts • 36658 Views
Philosophy Forum
true, but it would be cool to see some more personal phislospys that you guys have unless u don't have any then if you have ever heard any just post them cause its fun to share.
THREAD Arts on UGN! Submit your works!
75 Posts • 16102 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Yeh, it does look like Teen Titans...he kind of looks like Robin. Good job. I think the lines kinda look cool. :)
THREAD Systemic Theory
3 Posts • 5864 Views
Philosophy Forum
you know .... i never thought of systermic thoughts and it's pretty cool to read and think about it i don't really get your theory though... could you break it down a little ? thank you...
THREAD What I listened to today.
44 Posts • 6832 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
This is a really cool song. I like the optimistic message and the way the mix of the verse and chorus affect your emotions.
THREAD About You / IntroductionsIntroductions
0 Posts • 25084 Views
Talk Talk
*Claps* Now that is a great introduction! Welcome and good luck on your journey...to, uh nothing I guess?*cool*
THREAD Artworkyour own artwork, drawn, graphic, painted,sculptur
103 Posts • 23402 Views
Art Forum
the latest creations of master costume designer edward przydzial *cool*
THREAD Relationships & LoveYour dream girl (or guy)
109 Posts • 26389 Views
Psychology Forum
Bad? No, no just different, and a bit strange cause most girls I know are more into big meaty older men. Cool to see all the interesting folk there is on these gorums :)
THREAD Free Speech
0 Posts • 8800 Views
Philosophy Forum
Interesting point clay, just goes to prove that there are differing world views. *cool*
THREAD PerceptionConcieveing Certain Things
16 Posts • 4798 Views
Psychology Forum
hmm...well there are colors at higher and lower frequencies that we humans are not able to see...that's pretty strange to think about also.*cool*
THREAD TV Show ReviewsT.V
35 Posts • 11062 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
Mad TV, and Chapelle show are hilarious! I like MONSTER GARAGE, and ER, is probably my fav. drama.*cool* *Waves HI to Mia
THREAD Unchained Melodies
24 Posts • 4859 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Cool Black Sabbath song, it sounds a lot like some Jefferson Airplane jams.
THREAD Epistemology: Truth & KnowledgeThe Price of Wisdom
36 Posts • 8081 Views
Philosophy Forum
Any subject can have infinite depth, all things affect all things, football can become a discussion of psychology, from the minds of the players to the masses of people helping these GAME/SPORT PLAYER...
THREAD Plain White T's
5 Posts • 1853 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Liked the second song, gave up on the first because his voice was drowned out by the music, which just bugs me :D. I'll have to have a look for some more of their stuff
THREAD ChristianityMisrepresentation
81 Posts • 17405 Views
Religion Forum
This stuff makes a lot more sense if you throw it out the window in my humble (!) opinion ;)
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