When the Power of Love Overcomes the Love of Power, the World Will Know Peace. - Jimi Hendrix
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Tagged > Boyfriend
 31yrs • F
a song that no one sings.
THREAD what should i do???
7 Posts • 2811 Views
Talk Talk
i think you must first ask yourself why you are going out with this guy. Is it so you can say you have a boyfriend or for the need of having a boyfriend. If your having second thoughts then the relati...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsYour Own Insecurities
22 Posts • 7335 Views
Psychology Forum
awakendwraith whatever your real name is, Ide just get a boyfriend, u dont need to get much more attention from other people when u got a boyfriend that can see u often, Im a bit like u too but not as...
 38yrs • F
Down to ride til the end, just me and my boyfriend
THREAD Friendless
11 Posts • 7927 Views
Talk Talk
I believe that too they are jealous of me but, I haven't talked with them since they called me Psycho. But the girl I was friend's with since junior high is like coming around my church now...
THREAD how do u stop hating someone you love?
9 Posts • 13115 Views
Talk Talk
:( Here's a good question. How do you stop someone (I.e Your ex.boyfriend) from hating you? And i still like him. But i have a new boyfriend who i'm happy with but it sucks, because my ex wa...
THREAD Relationships & LoveI met my boyfriend on the internet..so what!
63 Posts • 41403 Views
Psychology Forum
i met one of my best friends on line, his name is Ben and he is several years older then me and he lives in michigan, and we talk on the phone alot, and he gives me advice and such. and my mom met her...
 35yrs • F
whats up
THREAD Relationship: What is going on?
9 Posts • 3188 Views
Talk Talk
ok...it seems to me she is playing with you....im sorry....but, i dont think she's interested in haveing you as her boyfriend,i hate to addmit it but i have lead guys on in a round about way...ma...
THREAD RelationshipsMeeting My Boyfriend for the First Time
1 Posts • 2851 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
My best friend of six years, now my boyfriend of three months, finally decided to move to the U.S. so we can take our relationship to the next step. If all goes well, I fully plan to move to England....
THREAD What is our relationship? Is he my boyfriend?
5 Posts • 9590 Views
Talk Talk
i've been seeing this guy for the past couple of weeks... he always asks me to hang out... he always calls... we get pretty physical... and he's pretty affectionate... but i dont kn...
 27yrs • F
i love shopping especilally with my mum and friends
 25yrs • F
you don't kno how much u luv something untill it's gone
THREAD how do i get a girl?
25 Posts • 6767 Views
Talk Talk
A year ago? Sorry, Oblivion. Continuing anyway: 4. Find a way to gain all of her trust. Since I was your age, I have used many excuses on some girls, so I could keep their secrets: my main one...
 28yrs • F
IT DON\'t MAtter
THREAD Too much "love"
28 Posts • 5510 Views
Talk Talk
Well, I guess it's human nature to feel uncomfortable or to question their partner's faitfulness and well-being, but I never knew that guys thought it was such a big deal to hang out with ot...
THREAD i broke up with my 7 years boyfriend
5 Posts • 3967 Views
Talk Talk
What do u think should i do now...I'm so hurt coz i broke up with my boyfriend. I'm the one who left him although i still love him. Because he is so insensitive and immature...He never reall...
 30yrs • M
To be forgoton is worse than death
THREAD Relationships & LoveBoyfriend has gained weight, I am losing attraction
4 Posts • 7032 Views
Psychology Forum
I know this might sound like I am a horrible person, but I need to be honest and I don't know what I should do. I met my boyfriend a few years ago and when we met he was slightly chubby, but I ha...
THREAD I hurt the person i love most
11 Posts • 3135 Views
Talk Talk
I apologize; no my fault. He's the player; i'm under the assumption that you have no idea whats going on in his love life. If he wants to really be friends with you then he would be happy to...
11 Posts • 5407 Views
Talk Talk
ok....the way i see it is that your boyfriend is willing to wait for you, that obviously means he cares about you,therefor, he's not going to be judgeing and compareing you to the people he has b...
 29yrs • M
A really bad thing to here is your girlfriend/boyfriend say "I've been experimenting with other girls and boys"
THREAD Relationship: What is going on?
9 Posts • 3188 Views
Talk Talk
I need some help with a relationship issue. My main problem is that I can't figure out what a girl is thinking or what she wants. Here is the situation... This girl and I had been exchanging lo...
THREAD Boyfriend Drama
10 Posts • 2388 Views
Talk Talk
I just moved out of my apartment that I shared with my boyfriend. I did it cuz he decided to break up with me. Then the next day he wanted to get back together. I love him and we have been together fo...
 36yrs • F
"The voices of the ghosts that haunt my past are getting louder..."
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