Though I walk through the shadow of the Valley of Death, I shall fear no evil. For I am at 80,000ft and climbing! - Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.
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Tagged > Anti cancer
THREAD FuturologyPreparing for the worst....
4 Posts • 6627 Views
Philosophy Forum
If you make all these plans, and two days later get terminal cancer, what's your next move? What happens after your bullets run out? Do you realize you will eventually die anyway? What if the...
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & Brainintelligence flaw - Chomsky
5 Posts • 2361 Views
Psychology Forum
Ah, for clarity, it would seem, I am required to ask more clear questions. What do you feel chomsky, and any others you wish to name, are saying or doing that is anti american? I'm used to...
THREAD ConspiracyCIA trained anti Castro Cuban Terrorist protected by US
2 Posts • 2226 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
THREAD GovernmentThe Anti-Bush Thread
0 Posts • 38348 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
iam shadab from india The Anti-Bush Thread so u frid me
THREAD TechnologyAnti-Matter Engines
7 Posts • 3977 Views
Science & Technology Forum
just what is anti-matter, where is the resourse to fuel an engine?*clown*
THREAD MMMmmmm...Position.
19 Posts • 8377 Views
Talk Talk
I think she was banned in canada... but I am not sure, I am sometimes very anti-pop culture- But lingerie I understand that!
THREAD confused
10 Posts • 1784 Views
Talk Talk
Firstly, I think that you're putting too much pressure on yourself. it was my one and only true love You're 18, with many years ahead of you (unless you have cancer or something), with...
THREAD Atheism & AgnosticismAtheists Intimidating
38 Posts • 8363 Views
Religion Forum
Yeah, I never tell people I'm an atheist. Most people believe in God, so when I do tell them they become incredibly distant from me and ask me stupid questions like "Well, if you don't...
THREAD God in Religiongods name
46 Posts • 9759 Views
Religion Forum
i guess my biggest problem was that i never felt the "experiences" you talk about.. my aunt had cancer and she ended up living for a couple more years than the doctors predicted... but i nev...
THREAD GovernmentBarack Osama
2 Posts • 1379 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Why am I hearing from people that Obama is the anti-christ or that he's a racist? Isn't his mom white?
THREAD War & TerrorismDocumentary about Iraq War
0 Posts • 8577 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I'll take a lookey. But, by unbiased, do you mean reasonable-sounding-rabidly-an ti-bush?
THREAD War & TerrorismA War Against Iran Would Be For Israel
3 Posts • 1603 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
After years of denial, I've concluded that I'm hopelessly anti-Semitic. Why? It's my terrible attitude. Not only do I disdain U.S. militarism in the Middle East, but I've identifie...
THREAD Ailments & DiseaseEmotional support.
6 Posts • 1819 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
I don't know if this is helpful but flax, as in flax seed or flax meal, is a very powerful in fighting brest cancer, if that is what you're battling against. I for one is against chemo. It...
THREAD Society & SociologyI just can't tolerate STUPID people!
184 Posts • 66282 Views
Psychology Forum
It seems to be too much of a coincidence that someone named "Poser Exposer" would be banned from another website because he/she made posts that were offensive and anti Left. i'm sorry...
THREAD Guitarists?
22 Posts • 5106 Views
Talk Talk
Thanks Wyote! I wanted to eventually put a solo after that breakdown because the ending is so anti-climactic but we never got around to it.
THREAD Consciousnesschi
7 Posts • 2317 Views
Philosophy Forum
Anti matter? Well in essence all matter is energy as you say, but you fail to acknowledge that mater is not only condensed energy, but bundles of it in forms like electrons and protons and nuetrons. N...
THREAD Funny TidbitsChuck Norris!
4 Posts • 2540 Views
Jokes & Games
Hey guys, this is my first post. Chuck Norris drove to Hawaii. Yeah, drove. The main causes of death in the US are: 1) Heart disease, 2) Chuck Norris, 3) Cancer.
THREAD War & TerrorismThis Nation is behind its leaders!
10 Posts • 2228 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
You are right Iornwood, and my Dad also says the motivation for war in Iraq is evil. You see the thing is my dad was a pilot in Vietnam, and my Mom was born in Vietnam. My dad is very anti war and the...
THREAD What's Worth Dying For?
54 Posts • 10062 Views
Talk Talk
Remember FDR: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" Same concept. Also If you die for love or someone else's life, how are you rewarded? Your Dead right? And besides, the pe...
THREAD Ailments & DiseaseBurning breast
3 Posts • 3016 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
The last few days I've been having this burning feeling in my left breast. This happened once before a few months ago but only for a few hours so I wasn't worried. Could this be breast cance...
THREAD Awakendwraith's Headache
3 Posts • 1947 Views
Talk Talk
When I was at the hospital for a broken collar bone I once overheard someone say the same thing except it was for only a few months. The docter suspected cancer... But, I'm sure if you've ha...
2 Posts • 2638 Views
Jokes & Games
And for a completely biased blatantly anti-bible site : www.skepticsannotatedbible. com Sorry I couldn't resist *lol*
THREAD ElectionsLet Nader Debate!
5 Posts • 2828 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Don't know if this is a copy or not. But, would like a Bush/Nader debate. Either one though would certainly be better than flip flop, anti defense Kerry.
THREAD A Short History of Medicine
13 Posts • 2081 Views
Jokes & Games
I have decided to take Anti-hystamine tablets with my nightly Viagra. That way I achieve an erection that's not to be sneezed at.
THREAD InventionWhat happened to solar powered cars?
8 Posts • 2945 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Maybe they think it's UGLY and nobody would want to buy an UGLY car that helps the environment. Instead of wasting time doing something good for the environment, they'd rather spend time des...
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