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Dream Interpretation Thread - Page 6

User Thread
 33yrs • M •
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wow lol...I'm not any good when it comes to things like dreams, I do want to do A-level phsychology though..anyways back to topic,
I don't really rmemeber many dreams all to well, but one thats stuck with me was a nightmare that truly scared me

At first I was just standing in the middle of nowhere, red sky, black hills and fields, simple as, then from really far away, I would start seeing little lights popping up and moving towards me, not knowing what this was, nor ewanting to know, I turned away and saw that the same was happening both sides of me, so I turned about 90degrees left, then the same happened that direction, I turned around again, the same thing repeated, within what felt very much like a few hours, there was fighting all around me, now filled with fear, screaming, crouched on the floor, hoping that I wasn't goping to get hurt, then it all stopped, as if time itself had frozen It was at this time I awoke, my mum was shaking me, trying to wake me up to see what was wrong, as it turned out I had actually been screaming, I was also covered in cold sweat, panting as if I had just attempted a marathon and jumping at the slightest thing I didn't expect to be where it was, even my cat scared me then and all he was doing was playfully pulling at peoples feet as they passed

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Dream Interpretation Thread - Page 6
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