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Tagged > Suicide
THREAD BooksBook dissection
20 Posts • 12800 Views
Talk Talk
George Orwell ~1984 Both of them knew -- in a way, it was never out of their minds -- that what was now happening could not last long. There were times when the fact of impending death seemed as p...
THREAD A Thing Called Shame
19 Posts • 5705 Views
Philosophy Forum
"Sorry, by letting the invidividual do what he wants, I mean, with himself or with consenting individuals. Western society is different in this regard." But DT we don't let the indiv...
THREAD Society & Sociologywhy is suicide frowned on???
85 Posts • 24681 Views
Psychology Forum
To the person who commits, tries to commit or thinks about it a lot (suicidal). They see it as no other way out. The worst thing you can do is make them feel guilty. If someone tells you they want to...
THREAD Relationships & LoveLove
7 Posts • 2741 Views
Psychology Forum
Ok first, I'm only 13 (turning 14 december 3rd). Im madly in love with this guy. He's a bit older. Ok really older hes 35 he kinda knows that I have a crush on him but I can't stand see...
THREAD Life & Deathwhy is death so scary for ppl
48 Posts • 23161 Views
Philosophy Forum
People who commit suicide are afraid of living. Living caused so much pain they can only hope dying will be better. They still wonder if dying will be the solution. They still wonder if in the end it...
THREAD Gender PsychologyWomen Hate Me
16 Posts • 21675 Views
Psychology Forum
Again my standard advice is to kill yourself. Men and boys should always consider suicide as their first option. A world without testicles is a better world. Pay attention to the world and you will...
THREAD Religion & HumanityAbortion
76 Posts • 19666 Views
Religion Forum
No, but is it right to force the parents to watch their child suffer? So should people stop having children all together because their children will suffer? We don't we all just commit suicide...
9 Posts • 3357 Views
Philosophy Forum
are you? to me ppl are empty minds that are pointless but fill themselves up with answers to seem to have a purpose and I believe I've just answered my question, but through these questions we fi...
THREAD How to tell her that looks aren't important
8 Posts • 2932 Views
Talk Talk
16-year-old high school student intensely focused on her looks. Not strong enough to break free from peer pressure. How do you tell a person like this that looks aren't important? She's hurt...
THREAD Life & DeathLet's promise that we'll never ever commit suicide!!
1 Posts • 3265 Views
Philosophy Forum
I wrote this note, it's anti-suicide and about keeping hope in life, read and enjoy :)) There are more ways than ever to find out how much life is worth living, each time you feel so lonely,...
THREAD how do u stop hating someone you love?
9 Posts • 13462 Views
Talk Talk
My husband shot me 4 times and then committed suicide... because he loved me. You know what... 14 years later... I still love him. Love is a hard thing to define... but life is something else all toge...
THREAD Society & SociologyOld People
10 Posts • 4238 Views
Psychology Forum
So then is it possible the elderly pedestrians are pushing their luck trying to commit suicide by walking slowly tempting people to run them down- that would make sense to me. Also though people ge...
THREAD GodWhy human beings?
25 Posts • 6897 Views
Philosophy Forum
Life is an unexplainable phenomenon. I don't think you need an answer for it. If you found the answer, would you really be satisfied? And what if the answer wasn't pleasing at all? Driving y...
THREAD Habits & BehaviorShort Men
59 Posts • 31251 Views
Psychology Forum
i would rather be discussing the inferiority complex itself than the shortness; a lot of things can cause these complexes, outside of people just being short. if we dont recognize a wide variety of c...
THREAD War & TerrorismBlizzard cuts off Iranian access to World of Warcraft
0 Posts • 216 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Troll headhunters. Goblin suicide squad. ethic cleansing of the elven race. Yeah, those damned iranians will be getting ideas. They'll be holding other players for 1000gold coins ransoms whil...
15 Posts • 3280 Views
Talk Talk
wat decius said is exactly what i feel for somebody but what confuses my life is that fact that they dont love me anymore :( im suffering terribly and have commited self harm and many times fort about...
THREAD Society & Sociologywhy is suicide frowned on???
85 Posts • 24681 Views
Psychology Forum
Think about this. who's gonna clean up the blood on the wall where you shot yourself? your mother? father? wife? husband? sister? brother? CHILDERN? who's gonna cut you down from the fan...
THREAD Life & Deathwhat defines life
63 Posts • 17914 Views
Philosophy Forum
lol, I contemplated suicide when I thought I figured out 'the trick to life' and I couldn't do it because I hadn't written a note to my family and that if I tried to tell anyone it...
THREAD PoetryEchoes
258 Posts • 65605 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Attempt Number Three I'm never home I'm fucking cold My heart is broke And I need some help I'm left alone Virtually no one cares I'm getting desperate And I've hit...
THREAD Homosexualityborn gay
182 Posts • 45043 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
anyone can decide whats right and wrong, we all have our own set of personal morals, the basics of most of them are usually the same. but there will always be differences for whatever reason. some peo...
THREAD Society & Sociologywhy is suicide frowned on???
85 Posts • 24681 Views
Psychology Forum
mmm suicide shouldnt be frowned upon...if someone wants to take their own life there is good reason behind it that other people just dont understand and therefor think of it as stupidity. maybe for s...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsHeartbreak and Suicide
15 Posts • 14595 Views
Psychology Forum
Ha. im far from ignorant. i have empathy, seen as how i've experienced this(and many much worse) than the scenario he has given. unfortunately..or fortunately, im still living. i won...
THREAD Society & Sociologywhy is suicide frowned on???
85 Posts • 24681 Views
Psychology Forum
There must be very many reasons instances and situations that make people commit suicide, maybe I cant even begin to comprehend the simpler ones, maybe some think its a positive move and others dont k...
THREAD Random QuestionsLittle annoying things
42 Posts • 16731 Views
Talk Talk
1] People who have to kill and or steal from other people just for money. 2] People who have to fight others just to feel better about themselves 3] People who commit suicide (life is difficult for...
THREAD Law & GovernmentShould violent criminals be castrated?
18 Posts • 9602 Views
Philosophy Forum
The father of computer science, Alan Turing, was castrated for homosexuality. He was not violent. He was a genius. He committed suicide. Castrating violent criminals would be a bigger mistake...
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