No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly. - wesdawgy
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Tagged > Story
 40yrs • F
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 52yrs • M
There are three sides to every story. Truth is but one of them
 42yrs • M
Story bah?
 39yrs • M
every story has a beginning
 39yrs • M
every story has a beginning
 47yrs • F
life is a story u cant erase
 54yrs • F
power made perfect in weakness
 71yrs • F
Awwwwww shit! Is fuckin story-time.
 27yrs • M
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THREAD ChristianityWhy does everyone have to be sinners
17 Posts • 5221 Views
Religion Forum
Some people believe that the story of Adam and Eve is an historicle fact and others believe it is a story, not factual, about humanity. Nobody says you have to believe that the story is an historac...
 32yrs • M
< no additional information provided >
THREAD return of the story teller!
18 Posts • 4937 Views
Talk Talk
It's bin quite a while since one of these, so we all keep on adding to the story by furthering what the person above you wrote! This is the story about bee, the HoneyBee. Once it was buzzing...
THREAD IslamMuslim women who cover their hair
27 Posts • 54417 Views
Religion Forum tory/story.php?storyId=5043032 Here's the story, she was 16 and it wasn't her brother, I think a cousin, but it's still bad.
 28yrs • F
life is miserable when the person you love leaves you behind and it feels like you have nothing left to hold on to. but you do.....GOD!!!!
THREAD God in ReligionJesus of Nazareth = Horus an Egyptian God
6 Posts • 6853 Views
Religion Forum
I have recently discovered that the story of Horus, an Egyptian God is the same as the story of Jesus of Nazareth. The story has simply been retold in different coulters around the world and the lates...
27 Posts • 10259 Views
Religion Forum
I do believe in the story of the flood. Only because you will find this story everywhere around the world. The story is not told the same, but never the less, the story of a great flood is told. M...
THREAD ChristianityChristian Crimes against Humanity
0 Posts • 51326 Views
Religion Forum
A friend just shared with me - Luke 19:27 was a part of a parable. A parable is a story that one would tell to teach you something. Sometimes you need to draw people a picture. And Jesus did do thi...
THREAD StoriesShort story on vampires: Part 1
25 Posts • 6723 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Thanks. I actually wrote this story about 5 years ago for a course I was doing. Each part was an asignment that I chose to link up into one short story. Id say each one took about 3 nights to wo...
THREAD Artworkart thread
8 Posts • 4336 Views
Art Forum
I love the creativity with the RX - using the glass and the meaning behind it. But I would like to know the meaning behind this artwork. I know RX is representing negativity, but I want to know why th...
THREAD Remembering The Moon
27 Posts • 6563 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
This is a truly intriguing story that you are devising. I realize I am late to come upon it but it is just recently that I began meandering around the sight once more. I do hope that you continue to p...
15 Posts • 7899 Views
Talk Talk
Icewindale, I never came round to finishing it.. It uses the same engine as BG I but the trouble with Icewind is that the story was really just an excuse to fight baddies (and it gets old). In BG the...
THREAD For a Million $, Would You...
48 Posts • 10960 Views
Psychology Forum
leftwood.....thats pretty would be a good short story or twilight zone story
THREAD PerceptionI really need advice.
17 Posts • 6742 Views
Psychology Forum
Hey blankpicture. Would you like to record a story for us and share? You know, like a story about yourself. An adventure or an experience you've been through. Cheers.
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsEmotional Spreading
98 Posts • 19210 Views
Psychology Forum
I never said that understand a book is the way to God. I have said that in my life, experience of God came before accepting that the Bible was His word. It tells us the story of what God has done and...
THREAD Writing AdviceTricks of the trade: things to consider when writing
10 Posts • 3034 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
I agree that a story has to draw the reader in straight off the mark. It has to make you feel that you are there or at the very least you can have some sort of visual image in your head. My trouble...
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