You don't create things that you want. You create things that you give your attention to whether you want them or not. - Chiron
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Tagged > Life
 38yrs • F
life is strange and now so am i
 40yrs • M
live life
THREAD God in ReligionUniverse : design or necessity?
63 Posts • 14272 Views
Religion Forum
"life and all of its complexities are only as complex as we are ignorant, its complete relative." That's not entirely true. THough I have used that argument, but not against life. Beca...
THREAD BiologyWTF with conditions had to be just right for life?
4 Posts • 2407 Views
Science & Technology Forum
i disagree when they say when life emerged conditions was just right for it and the was just enough light, water and chemicals!!! the scientist say this but they are the ones accepting evolution, w...
THREAD Shrooms
11 Posts • 5444 Views
Philosophy Forum
Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley I think not sure of the exact spelling. But, in it he talks about the benifits of mescaline usage and the effects on people. But my experience with drugs is intere...
THREAD Life & DeathRules Of Life??????
18 Posts • 7261 Views
Philosophy Forum
I think these rules of life can not be explained. I actually think this is the meaning of life, to find these rules and to understand why some things are just wrong. Life is where we forget everything...
THREAD Science vs ReligionMiracles
9 Posts • 3502 Views
Religion Forum
Wayback you're right, but if and only if you think life is a miracle: My logic: If a miracle occurs then its an accident Life is not a miracle (amazing, yes, but not a miracle). Why?...
THREAD Free Will
33 Posts • 9263 Views
Philosophy Forum
Well, free will insinuates that we are all independent of our environment which in all probability is false. Although I believe free will does not exist, I do not find it displeasing in the least. Our...
THREAD Religion & HumanityGeneral meaning of life
24 Posts • 10521 Views
Religion Forum
In the beginning, there was no God (for arguments sake, not to start any MORE debates) Thus, there was no meaning of life. Man created God for life to have a meaning. That is how God can be the mea...
 38yrs • F
live your life
 38yrs • M
Life is fake
 42yrs • F
It's your life do what you want
 44yrs • M
have a nice life
 28yrs • M
no haters
 32yrs • F
i h8 predujice people
 39yrs • M
Life is like a box of chocolates.
 63yrs • M
Life is Good
 44yrs • M
 33yrs • F
music is life
 52yrs • F
Live Life!
 41yrs • M
love and life is gr8 thanks god
 34yrs • F
You've only got one life, so make the best of it
 54yrs • M
Live Life To The Max
 36yrs • M
You Only live life once
 53yrs • F
life-u only have 1 dont waste it
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