Remember, remember, the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot - Hugo Weaving as "V"
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Tagged > Sodium hydrogen carbonate
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsWhy do we exist?
83 Posts • 50642 Views
Philosophy Forum
Existence..Why question it? Is that not the answer within the question.. Non existence would not ask itself "why do i not existence" hence existence would equate to questioning/pondering suc...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyWhere does the material from black holes go?
17 Posts • 6770 Views
Science & Technology Forum
A spectulation but if these black holes leading to other parts of the universe; then could they be similar to the chemical bonds of our compositon? http://www.captai cosm...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyPhilosophical Science questions of the sci -fi kin
4 Posts • 2987 Views
Science & Technology Forum
What creates heat? It takes two elements to make water, how could the big bang [theory or possibility or fact] happen without heat, maybe a reaction of gaseous elements, is it possible that two elemen...
THREAD The Great Global Warming Swindle
12 Posts • 2239 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Well, temperature does lag CO2 in the past, but only occasionally. And its not really very easy to understand either; when volcanoes erupt they do emit CO2, and admittedly other gases too, they block...
THREAD Energy?
9 Posts • 1972 Views
Philosophy Forum
PHOTON EMISSION??? As in the photo electric effect. OR Resonance??? Every element has a particular frequency so if you use say Hydrogen lamp, as measure it's photon emission spectrum....
THREAD AstronomySuns Boiling, and Black Holes Freezing…
23 Posts • 4151 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Please correct me if I'm wrong… I think it is interesting to note that although Suns boil matter, and the effect is often that you would separate substances until you have purer substances (in El...
THREAD InventionWhat happened to solar powered cars?
8 Posts • 2509 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Efficient is a major factor or key to alternate energy especially with respect to transportation. General public won't buy into alternate power sources unless they can provide the abilities of ga...
THREAD SpiritualityI'm think I'm losing faith in God.
48 Posts • 11890 Views
Religion Forum
I think Ironwood wins the argument with this point. quote: ---------------------------- ------------------------------ ---------------------- Do you know, as fact, that the biblically describ...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyBlack Holes
25 Posts • 7235 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Did anyone see the pictures that were recently taken of the star being sucked into a black hole. *lol* *lol* *lol* *clown* Hey that is rich, like your sense of humor! A black hole allows no light t...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyQuantum Physics Double Slit Experiment
50 Posts • 12227 Views
Science & Technology Forum
One basic principle behind the double slit experiment is that particles are in fact waves. This would define all matter as waves. Energy is already defined as being in waveform. Therefore, everythin...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsGUILT - is it a correct emotion?
9 Posts • 3487 Views
Psychology Forum
This is going to be fun. So I finally looked at your link about the water. Did you read the whole thing? Hahaha... If you did, your bias blinded you from what it had to say, for only getting what y...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyWhat does it mean there are Four Dimensions?
57 Posts • 21371 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Having promoted an alternative model (perception, understanding, abstraction, etc.), Einstein's Theory of Relativity, I thought I should go over the precepts that arise relating them to the gener...
THREAD From Where did it Come
1 Posts • 1511 Views
Philosophy Forum
Prior to there being anything, any matter, any height, depth, width, or time for reference, its pretty much impossible to imagine what was there. But something was. Even if that something was nothing...
THREAD War & TerrorismIraq War Alternatives
12 Posts • 2980 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
"westernizing" Iraq with our technology and allowing the oppressed people to see the better system we employ so they will rise up and their current political powers will lose their power....
THREAD Physics & CosmologyQuantum Physics Double Slit Experiment
50 Posts • 12227 Views
Science & Technology Forum
atomic structure Internal structure of an =>atom, 1) the nucleus: The core of the atom is the nucleus, a dense body only one ten-thousandth the diameter of the atom itself. The simplest nucl...
THREAD GovernmentInterventionism: Suicide for the American Republic
5 Posts • 2679 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Maybe I should tell you short story of my grandfather's. In the end of WW2 he was a small boy liiving in small village nearby the city you have never heard of. He remembers American soldiers givi...
THREAD AstronomyExcerp: The Solar System
1 Posts • 1629 Views
Science & Technology Forum
The solar system began as a cloud of dust and gas. The cloud began to spin and contract. It contracted into a disc with the sun at the center. Planets formed from the disk. Gravity caused rocky, terre...
THREAD Ailments & DiseaseBeautyBum
3 Posts • 4209 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
A few months ago I went down to the gym in my building and I was surprised to see this really really hot person there with her friend (both females). The hottie was wearing a very tiny and shiny bikin...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyQuantum Physics Double Slit Experiment
50 Posts • 12227 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Ah, but 'Therefore, everything is waves' does having waves mean they are waves? You have made a valid statements, 'electrons have both inertial mass & charge'. Then we could state they are matter?...
THREAD Conservative Today VS Liberal Today
31 Posts • 4812 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Wow that was long... Look short term vs Long term. Short term is more the now. Lots of money, power and effort can fix a problem now. Having a military is now power, Shooting a criminal on the spo...
THREAD AstronomyExcerp: Stars
1 Posts • 1503 Views
Science & Technology Forum
The stars are always there, even in the daytime when they are blotted out by the sun. That is something we do not understand as children. As the earth revolves in its yearly orbit, different parts of...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyReality in the melting pot
11 Posts • 8669 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Thought I may add this article. Just a bit of food for thought for anyone interested in multiverse. Scientific American on Parallel Universes By Max Tegmark (2003). Not just a staple of scien...
THREAD an actually interesting idea.
1 Posts • 1403 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
The last question was asked for the first time, half in jest, on May 21, 2061, at a time when humanity first stepped into the light. The question came about as a result of a five-dollar bet over highb...
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