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Tagged > How do volcanoes work
THREAD War & TerrorismAl Qaida is US puppet
24 Posts • 6477 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Quantanamo detainees (1/27/09) Quote, "The Defense Department has said as many as 61 former Guantanamo detainees -- about 11 percent of 520 detainees transferred from the detention center and...
THREAD PhotographyPhotoArt Appreciation
48 Posts • 11559 Views
Art Forum
Re: Question on enlargers in relationship to normal lens? Thank you for your insight so far & I would ask you to bear with me a few moments longer 1) Ran search & found one thread that dealt...
THREAD Gender PsychologyTeen girls dressing like Hookers
0 Posts • 5234 Views
Psychology Forum
amen to this thread! parents most of the time allow their children to dress the way that they want to try and get closer to their distanced teen. you know how you discover a really good thing and afte...
THREAD Society & SociologyRacism on SNL
0 Posts • 14665 Views
Psychology Forum
Ok, hear me out, then tell me if I am wrong. All my life I have heard the "Golden Rule." You know, do onto others as you would want done to yourself. Well, for some reason I took the sayi...
THREAD God in Religionproof of the existence of God, maybe...
14 Posts • 3271 Views
Religion Forum
This is all just supposition, but... The smallest indivisible parts of matter (also for us) are elementary particles... The smallest indivisible part of space is a point... It may be possible to...
THREAD Societyutopian society
10 Posts • 8698 Views
Philosophy Forum
I'm pretty sure the story your talking about is The Giver. The boy is Jonas and as soon as he becomes 12, they give the children different tasks to do, and he was selected as the new Receiver. Th...
THREAD ChristianityBlessed Are The Peace Makers
48 Posts • 11175 Views
Religion Forum
I would actually make an intelligent post, but you are too stupid, fanatical and ignorant (500k conversions, my ass). Therefore I will just mock you and pray you and your children will be purged from...
THREAD God in ReligionIf there's a god, why is there evil?
222 Posts • 51659 Views
Religion Forum
Mr. Humble - "But what about the people who contributed to the 911 attack fund for the families? And what about the millions of people who were saved due to disease research? See there is a prett...
THREAD Rehab & AddictionAddiction Rehab
0 Posts • 484 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
in truth addiction do not exist, but unfortunately evil free wills out of others freedom rights abuse ways exist the problem appear from where self freedom dont seem to want a particular existence...
THREAD LSD- exprierences, opinions, questions.
6 Posts • 2082 Views
Talk Talk
I personally enjoy LSD very much... but... only maybe once a year, if that. For me, the last time I did take it which was just before thanksgiving last year, It felt like my mind was aging faster than...
THREAD Society & SociologyWhat makes a person bad?
35 Posts • 8027 Views
Psychology Forum
Its just that they are the last people someone would hire because they are not sanitary, lack of skills etcetera That's true. I've seen the effects of a homeless person actually get a job...
THREAD RelationshipsHow can someone make you so depressed?
3 Posts • 7650 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
Hello, I realized you posted this a while back but I figured I would add my input on getting past my first love since this just recently happened to me. My ex-girlfriend left me for another guy i...
THREAD GovernmentI Was Right - Bush Just Wants Black People To Die
7 Posts • 3158 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
In an email message to John McCain posted earlier on on /article/41611/view?viewtype --------------- ----------------- New Orleans was a disaster. It&...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsWhy do we exist?
83 Posts • 57666 Views
Philosophy Forum
I ask myself that alot, and haven't even come close to an answer. I also wonder why people go about there business, whatever it may be and don't seem to even be curious as to why. Most peopl...
THREAD A real question from my son...
1 Posts • 2580 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
A Black and White World My six-year-old son David asked me the other day, 'Papá, when you were little was it black and white'? I quickly changed the subject because I didn't want to shoot-off some...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsA Love With Out Love
5 Posts • 2342 Views
Psychology Forum
Love is the basic building block of existance. It could be the best term to define the energy that all potential and actualized matter is made of. It is source, or god, or whatever term you like for...
THREAD SocietyMarx or Darwin: Science Chooses...
1 Posts • 2898 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Marx, Darwin and the Scientific Ideology by John Thornton Bannerman WHEN IN 1867 Karl Marx had completed the first volume of his major work, Das Kapital, he offered to dedicate it to the great b...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyDimensions
14 Posts • 4227 Views
Science & Technology Forum
the 4th dimension is basically the same thing as time and is known as hyperspace, the same thing they used in star trek for faster than light travel. wormholes in space are basically sections of hyper...
THREAD Age and time
7 Posts • 2479 Views
Psychology Forum
I've certainly felt that time moves faster as I age. And I have talked to allot of people my age and over about this phenomenon, and they too agree. In fact, its been almost a year since I saw...
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionCan you choose to be happy?
12 Posts • 15780 Views
Philosophy Forum
Vigil is right about it being due to your perception. If you break people's perceptions down into the fundamentals, there is pessimism on one side and optimism on the other, with realism someplac...
THREAD The "Void"
66 Posts • 16870 Views
Philosophy Forum
Not to disagree but I think that there is an unexplored aspect of this phenomena. Women come to a point of feeling of crisis as they reach the age when they may no longer can reproduce, this is especi...
THREAD War & TerrorismTo The SwiftBoat Vets For Truth
97 Posts • 20033 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Yes we know that he got an honorable discharge because he's a Senator. I could find the proof - Chaney sent everyone to the site by accident. I always wondered if it really was an accident. But a...
THREAD GovernmentWhat has the US become?
47 Posts • 13894 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
"They did not have authorization for military or intelligence personnel, just humanitarian relief for their missing citizen....they lied to the Brazilians about the military portion...or just fai...
THREAD God in ReligionIf there's a god, why is there evil?
222 Posts • 51659 Views
Religion Forum
"I wonder if we are all thinking about this way too much. What do you guys think? Is this that important that we spend so much time on it? Just curious." Well I'm really bored ATM so I...
THREAD The Human Race
5 Posts • 3722 Views
Philosophy Forum
Consider what you said and its opposite, and then take both assumptions with lightheartedness, then unlearn both ideas so they are not fixed attitudes, I mean animal human mammal all just names for th...
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