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Tagged > Girlfreind
THREAD Freinds With Benefits, I Think Not
16 Posts • 5603 Views
Talk Talk
This is what I call a freind. A real freind. Not one of those fake freinds. A freind is a companion. Someone who makes you feel not alone. Someone you enjoy being around. Someone you enjoy making...
THREAD Freinds With Benefits, I Think Not
16 Posts • 5603 Views
Talk Talk
I didn't say wife, I said girlfreind. And that isn't me nitpicking, its something completely different.
THREAD Relationships & LoveBetrayal
4 Posts • 1938 Views
Psychology Forum
I don't know why, but I have this urge to betray one of my freinds. I have never experienced being a bad person. And I think thats why, but im not sure. See, I'm his best freind, and I ha...
THREAD Relationships & LoveNeed Of Companionship
6 Posts • 3211 Views
Psychology Forum
I got a new girlfreind and we've been together for a few months. We usually spend at least4 hours together whenever we see each other, and, in light of the revalations I experenced while going th...
THREAD What's Worth Dying For?
54 Posts • 11025 Views
Talk Talk
No it isn't. We are finding out why you would not die for something. The logic behind your statement. We are still very much on topic. To say that nothing we do is innocent you assume that eve...
THREAD sex shop escapades
3 Posts • 1950 Views
Talk Talk
It sounds like you find his girlfreind an eaqaul freind as him. Otherwise you would have taken the hit and treated her differently for the sake of not pissing your roommate off. I think its kinda m...
THREAD PoetryEchoes
258 Posts • 56876 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
One Day 'Till Three Month is about my three month anaversy with my girlfreind. THe beggining talks about me ex and how sometimes I regret what happend with her, Its also about my freinds and how...
124 Posts • 28440 Views
Talk Talk
Why can't people just not be bitchy. I'm surrounded by bitchy people. People who are constantly compensating for insecureity. Its like the whole god damn world is a pissing contest. Am I the...
THREAD Relationships & LoveMy friend has dreams of being raped by me
5 Posts • 3307 Views
Psychology Forum
English is not my mother tongue, I apologize for my grammer mistakes. I meet a girl about six month ago and I really liked her from then. During these six months I always tried to become a boy frei...
THREAD Human Nature & Emotionis love enough?
16 Posts • 5860 Views
Philosophy Forum
Well, that depends on ur defination and perception of love... @ gilbert, regarding the questions I wz talkin bout, I meant dat throu questions we may perhaps be able to c the path of love. nywayz,...
THREAD God in ReligionThe God Thread
158 Posts • 36217 Views
Religion Forum
first of all, EVERY SINGLE person on this planet has bad times. when bad things occur, i call them "tests" its sort of like, "how are you going to handle this?" it's not God t...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyAwakendwraith's Pain
13 Posts • 4635 Views
Psychology Forum
This is my story. This is my pain. These are my thoughts... I don't understand them. Part of the reason I am doing this is so that others can see what I have been through and what I am. Partly...
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