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Tagged > Spiral galaxy
THREAD AstronomyAstronomy Picture Of The Day
216 Posts • 69739 Views
Science & Technology Forum
8 September 2012 Cosmic Rays at Voyager 1 Credit: Voyager Project, NASA Launched on a grand tour of the outer planets in 1977, by good fortune the twin Voyager spacecraft were also headed in the...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyComparison: Universe>Cell
5 Posts • 2453 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Yes thanks for the good clip dawn! I actually saw 30 seconds of it and decided to watch the entire movie instead, as well as a few other interesting imax vids that were there. And also thanks for...
THREAD PoetryDutch Harbor, Alaska
1 Posts • 1745 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
DUTCH HARBOR, ALASKA A poem by Wolf Larsen You watch as thousands of ceiling people begin cutting your body up into dinner pieces (like the thunderstorm inside your living room)? So you write disi...
THREAD Having Kids
49 Posts • 17846 Views
Philosophy Forum
I suppose, as the father of 11 (youngest will be 1-yr on 6/9), I should stay out of this discussion, but I can't. God didn't create a field full of flowers so that every single blossom would...
THREAD GodQuestioning God's Existence
98 Posts • 19705 Views
Philosophy Forum
Is there a god? What i exspect is yes... why? Well I know for a fact there are Spirits , playing the Quija board and living in a haunted house proves that fact to me personally. what that means...
THREAD AstronomyExcerp: Stars
1 Posts • 2014 Views
Science & Technology Forum
The stars are always there, even in the daytime when they are blotted out by the sun. That is something we do not understand as children. As the earth revolves in its yearly orbit, different parts of...
THREAD Religion & HumanityHow come the transition for polytheism to monotheism?
16 Posts • 8154 Views
Religion Forum
DazedNconfused. I think that when LittleJohn and I spoke of primitive man, we are not thinking the Aztecs. I was thinking more like 20,000 or 30,000 years earlier. Bare foot hunter. The Aztecs were a...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyLunacy & Science
17 Posts • 5964 Views
Science & Technology Forum
In dazes of olde when knights were bold & even those who raised themselves to lofty thoughts believed earth to be the center axis upon the heavens did roll. So could an explanation be for the sun,...
THREAD FuturologyProgression of Humanity
16 Posts • 7656 Views
Philosophy Forum
Some great points in here. FIrst, Jacker, I admire and share you revelation that I've had too about the shame of not properly affecting change. Second, I thought baby's point about how far...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyBlack Holes
25 Posts • 8118 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Allright folks are you ready for the low down on Black holes- because I am going to lay it down for you. This is a whacked out crazy theory of mine concerning the formation of black holes and the seem...
THREAD AstronomyAstronomy Picture Of The Day
216 Posts • 69739 Views
Science & Technology Forum
2 November 2012 The Black Hole in the Milky Way Image Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, NuSTAR project At the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, a mere 27,000 light-years away, lies a black hole with 4 mi...
THREAD God in ReligionIf there's a god, why is there evil?
222 Posts • 47015 Views
Religion Forum
"Somethings aren't meant to be complicated. The big bang isn't likely; it is possible. It's pretty ridiculous to believe something magically appeared out of nothing." SOMETHI...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyWhat does it mean there are Four Dimensions?
57 Posts • 23478 Views
Science & Technology Forum
One of the classical test examined the Newtonian Theoritical Values relating to precession in the orbit of Mercury *roll* SelfPacedUnits/Unit57.html . The three classi...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyExcerp: Cosmology
5 Posts • 2096 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Primordial energy and matter flew in all directions. It cooled. Gas clouds condensed into galaxies. Galaxies are aggregates of stars, the building blocks of the universe. Perhaps a minor consideration...
THREAD A very good night
6 Posts • 2295 Views
Talk Talk
>.>; I remember DMT well. very well actually. Except mine was much more intense length wise. I had been taken by other beings who were interested in my thought patterns while on this drug...
THREAD God in ReligionMe, myself and God
11 Posts • 2735 Views
Religion Forum
Okcitykid; yes I agree that most religions essentially preach the same thing; or rather that the proponents of the major religions probably had the same insighst but had different ways of communicatin...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsTime, existence, and reality
25 Posts • 6750 Views
Philosophy Forum
Theory, we are going to give dazedNconfused another headache. Is time infinite? The intuitive answer if of course yes. But the answer could be counter intuitive. Or the question could be nonsensical....
THREAD LawEvolution vs Creationism
19 Posts • 4828 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
"I don't know much about it, but I watched a documentary where they were talking about certain cells or components of cells or something where there are five different parts of the machine t...
THREAD Life & DeathMy Theory on Life
8 Posts • 2720 Views
Philosophy Forum
before you read, their is more that I did not put in here. A lot more. If I didn't explain some parts clearly, its mainly the wording. Play with the theories in your own mind. it r...
THREAD Stargate SG1 and Atlantis
3 Posts • 1598 Views
Talk Talk
uhhm? Interesting If the ori and the wraith fight one another that would be a bit the irresistable force meeting the imovable object. The wraith have shere staying and will keep attacking through she...
THREAD Science vs ReligionEVOLUTION
226 Posts • 51340 Views
Religion Forum
"Today I was looking at all the hair on my arms and wondering - "where did all that hair come from?" Evolution is very possible, and that's not really what I'm questioning. Le...
THREAD DreamsThe Mind Portal...An Un-Researched New Discovery
37 Posts • 18732 Views
Psychology Forum
Regarding foreign substances and other warnings, I wrote about this in the first book I wrote about the Mind Portal. I suppose I can dig up what I wrote and place it here: Note: Caution is strongly...
THREAD PoetryThe poems that we read
17 Posts • 12822 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Allen Ginsberg - Plutonian Ode I What new element before us unborn in nature? Is there a new thing under the Sun? At last inquisitive Whitman a modern epic, detonative, Scientific theme Fi...
THREAD Who needs friends when you can write bad poetry?
17 Posts • 7645 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
We had to describe a type of person with objects in junior year English. I chose intraverts and used the Nazca lines to represent them. The relation between the two may be total BS, but it was still s...
THREAD Life & DeathLife, Already Planned?
62 Posts • 20658 Views
Philosophy Forum
Well, suess, by infinite i did not mean eternal.Infinite means never ending. It is thought that the Universe is infinite, but withougth edges or boundaries, like the earth for instanse, you can keep o...
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